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ed note: Something new for our viewers: LLhoops will be bringing to you some of the media/followers and basic fans of LL hoops. He/she gets the 5 question interview that our LL coaches get- media style. Enjoy!

 John Buffone,, @JDBuffone


1) Can you give us a brief background of your career with hoops and reporting?


I played high school basketball at a small WPIAL school named West Shamokin until my sophomore year when injuries (knees, ankles, concussions) sidelined my athletic career. Once I graduated high school, I knew that my playing days were over so if I wanted to stay connected to sports, I'd have to learn to talk and write about them. After graduating from Clarion University with a degree in broadcasting in 2010, I covered WPIAL high school sports and the Arena Football League in addition to hosting a weekly radio and cable television show in the greater Pittsburgh area. During my three years out of college, I was also an elementary basketball coach and high school football strength coach. Being around the kids every day is the thing I miss the most.


2) We know you are "from out of the area". Can you describe differences from the game here and "back home"?


In western Pennsylvania, some schools are identified solely on how their football teams perform. It's nice to see some school in the L-L have a tradition based on basketball success. Also, I must give the edge to the L-L when it comes to student section cleverness.



3) In your short time covering the LL, what have been special moments for you? By the way, we love the LL reporting on leagues, your insights and even the LL bracket- which LLhoops finished way low.


I love the L-L Tournament (in all sports). It gives smaller schools in the league a chance to test themselves against bigger schools. It seems to carry with it more bragging rights than other tournaments since most of the kids know each other so well.



4) We know you are a big Twitter user. What type of changes has twitter made in reporting HS sports?..and what changes to do you think will happen in the future?


Twitter has transformed the way people are informed. The days of waiting for the newspaper to arrive to receive stats and scores are essentially over. Anyone with a twitter account can basically be a correspondent and as reporters, we have even more pressure put on us to have accurate information out instantly.  


As an online journalist, I can already see some of the future changes happening. Using instant video applications like Tout, which we use at, students and journalists are not only tweeting about live action but they are uploading video as its happening. The written word will always have a place in sports media but instant internet video is really starting to hit its stride.



5) Seeing the D3 tournament this year, would there be anything you would change if you could?


I've loved the tournament and my only wish is that the times were a bit different. I know that scheduling times for the Giant Center is tough but it's unfortunate that some games are happening while parents, family and friends are still at work. People are missing some spectacular basketball. However, that's where we video journalists come in to hopefully bridge the gap and make people feel like they were there.


Bonus: Open forum..IS there anything you would like to share with our fans about your thoughts? HS, NCAA, Pros?  Nobody asked me but....


Coming from Pittsburgh, everyone automatically assumes that I am a Steelers fan. While I am a Pirates and Penguins fan, my football allegiance is strong with the Chicago Bears. My uncle (Doug Buffone) played for the Bears from 1968-1980 so the Chicago lineage has trickled down to me. I'm also a huge University of Louisville basketball fan but my NBA loyalty is something I'm still trying to figure out. There is no pro team in Pittsburgh so I have always just enjoyed pro ball without any rooting interest. After moving to Lancaster, I was hoping the 76ers would woo me but it's looking like I might have to wait a little while for that.







~Dell Jackson



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