Interview with Kerry Glover, Columbia

ed note: introduces Kerry Glover, head coach at Columbia HS. Coach Glover gives us some excellent information on his program and thoughts on HS Hoops- LL style. Enjoy.

1)      Can you give our followers your background in hoops?

 I'm from York and grew up there playing ball. Played for William Penn but then transferred to York Vo-Tech after my freshman year, and played my Varsity years there. I began coaching in 2000, my junior year of High school. I then started coaching AAU with the York Raiders in 2003. I was the Jr High Coach for William Penn from 2011-2013. I resurrected the York Raiders AAU program in 2013. Last year I was the JV Boys Head Coach at Red Land High School. This year I was blessed to become the Varsity Coach here at Columbia, and I have recently become the Boys basketball academy director at Spooky Nook.


2)      Recently, there has been a lot of turnover at Columbia. What are your plans to stabilize the program?


My plans are simple, build healthy relationships and teach them how to become better athletes and young men from the youth level on up. I'm heavy on skill development, and that will show. I will also show them the type of love that will make them run through a brick wall for me, because they'll know I will do the same in return. We are going to make each moment count!


3)      Can you tell us about your staff?


My Varsity assistant is a guy named Rondale King. He has been my right hand from youth travel league, to AAU. We are coworkers at Goodridge Academy in York. He was known for defense as a Varsity player at William Penn, and brings that to our program. We have been friends since elementary school and have the same wave -length. Devon Bennett is the JV Head coach. He's a PIAA referee and a former assistant at Hanover. He gives us another watchful eye and can help as in what the refs see during game play. Last but not least, my final assistant is Jerren Harris. He's a McCaskey graduate and Varsity standout. He brings another level of competitive edge to the the program. As a former college & semi pro player, he will jump right in and mix it up with the team.


4) What are your thoughts on the new LL alignment/playoffs?


I like it. It provides a play in game and with the way the playoffs will rotate it gives balance. Each team will still control their destiny, so I won't complain lol!


5) What have been your biggest surprises so far at Columbia?

The commitment from the guys has been good. I threw out everything I was told about them and gave everyone a fresh start with no bias. The results have amazing. The support from the community has motivating as well. My mother is a Tide Alumni and I have a large family there with the Moore's and Poindexter's, to hear the excitement in their voices means everything to me. One person who also was very helpful is former Tide Coach Matt Johns. Great guy and genuine people are rare these days so I appreciate it.


Bonus: What is Columbia's PIAA classification and what are your thoughts about the new 6 class system for the PIAA?


We are 3A now. Personally, I am not a huge fan of it. We have 14 teams in our class and only top 6 make it. It's an uphill battle. But the competitive side of me loves it. I guess that's the AAU in me lol!



~Dell Jackson

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