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ed note: Something new for our viewers: LLhoops will be bringing to you some of the media/followers and basic fans of LL hoops. He/she gets the 5 question interview that our LL coaches get- media style. Enjoy!

Warren Goodling, Ex-Hempfield Head Coach and color man for chanel 66 Comcast.

1) Tell our followers what you have been doing since you left Hempfield HS.
I have been working at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore MD. I work at a school for Socially and Emotionally Disturbed Students. I have enjoyed more time fly fishing, going to the Jersey Shore in the summer, playing in some basketball leagues, following some former Hempfield players that are playing college ball, and following former Hempfield assistants that are now head coaches. I have also had times to go to some selected high school and college basketball games as well as helping John Graham with Cable 66 TV games in the LL League.

2) LLhoops knows you are a HUGE Notre Dame fan. Can you tell us you connections there and how you follow the Golden Domers?
It all started when my best friend from high school Mark Brenneman played football for Ara Parseghian. He was the starting center for the 1973 National Championship team. My college buddies and I would travel from Lock Haven out to South Bend for some football games. Our best trip was the 1975 Orange Bowl vs Alabama which was Mark's and Ara's last game. In the spring of 1999 I was invited to work the Notre Dame Basketball Camp and I have been working two weeks every summer at the camp. Larry Bellew and Ken Gerber also work the camp with me and we have a lot of fun. At camp, you get to meet coaches from all over the country and well as interact with the Notre Dame staff. I try to follow every football and basketball game on TV or the internet and I try to get to some football games each year. Now I can actually make it to some basketball games since I am no longer coaching.

3) You had a ton of W's at Hempfield. Can you remember some special games you were involved with?
I appreciated every win at Hempfield because it is not easy some nights to get a W. We had so many important LL League games over the years. The atmospheres of a big game are special. The thing I remember most is the dedication of our players and our staff. Our players really cared and our assistant coaching staff was absolutely incredible. We tried to treat every game preparation the same. Respect our opponent but have confidence in our game. Some of the games that standout include our LL League Championship games, the wins over Chester and Jameer Nelson, Roman Catholic and Eddie Griffin at Lehigh University in 1999, and the 2000 win against New York City's Christ the King with Omar Cook and 3 other Division One players. We were excited to get to the AAAA District 3 finals three times. Unfortunately we came up short each time. The 2000 District 3 Championship Game was special because it was McCaskey and Hempfield. The 1999 game vs Harrisburg set the Hershey Park Arena attendance record of over 10,000. Our state tournament wins in 2010 vs Nazareth and Philly's LaSalle College HS were exciting games. We were proud that we played in the LL League.

4) What things do you think about while doing tv color? Next play, explaining what happened, predicting what will happen?
I try to do that job with an open mind. Sometimes it has a feel to it like you are watching a tape as if you are preparing a scouting report. You just try to explain what is happening on the court. I appreciate what the players and coaches are going through during the course of a game.

5) Which teams presented Hempifeld with the biggest challenges?
I can't speak for Coach Danny Walck but I think a team with size inside. The Black Knights really don't have that traditional size inside. Despite the lack of real size, they have done some really nice things this season. They have beaten teams like Cedar Crest and McCaskey and they played the District 3 No. 1 seed Central York very tough in December so I think they can play with anyone. I think they can do well in Districts because their fundamental sound style can cause problems for opponents.

Bonus: open there anything you would like to tell fans /players about? Things you see changing? The good the bad and the ugly?
I think the LL League has a great future because there are a lot of really good underclassmen in the league and a lot of outstanding coaches. The league will be very good in the coming years. Of course, I would like to see the LL go to the 3 man officiating crew. York County and Mid-Penn have it and I think Berks does too. Basketball just does that now everywhere. Last night I attended the York Area League Semi-Final doubleheader at Red Lion. (York, West York, Central York, and Red Lion). It was a really good atmosphere with a huge crowd on hand. Every basketball fan in York County was there. That would be neat in the LL League to have that double header instead of splitting into two sites. Do it at Manheim Township and have standing room only.
And the last thing is the schedule. How about rotating the schedule so it doesn't look like the same rotation each year? I think the coaches would like that. And I feel bad for the student/athletes when they have to play three or four games in a week. Sometimes there is no way around that but it is a hard situation.


~Dell Jackson



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