3A Championship Game at Hershey 2/28/02


LS 45 Sus TWP 43


Just another close game for Coach Dave Baltzer and the the Pioneers. LS had been winning, barely, in the districts. The championship game would be no different. With a nice blend of senior leaders, good guard play and a young, big shot blocker, LS brought home the gold by beating the only seeded team left in the 3A brackets. East Penn - out, Eastern (a team who beat LS early in the season) out compliments of Lancaster Mennonite, and the .500 four time repeating champ Steel High - OUT!


Sus. TWP had to battle its way to get here too. They "drew" Steel High in the first round and took them out. They made enough foul shots to beat Lebanon and survived a close game (OT) from Conrad Weiser. The Indians were playing without their 6'8" center (reports of a shoulder injury among other rumors).


A slow paced first period ended with LS on a 6-0 run to take the lead 8-4 after one. Dan Herr did most of the damage as he collected 6 points. Sus. TWP opened in a zone as did LS. Both teams tried some full court pressure in the second period, but it did not favor either team. Sus. TWP had trouble scoring vs. the Pioneers assortment of zones. LS would charge out for a 7-9 point lead and Sus TWP would come back. The theme repeated all evening long. Dan Herr scored LS's last basket of the half to take a 25 -19 lead.


If it was possible, the third period was slower, as far as points scored, than the first 2. LS maintained a four point lead heading into quarter four. Aaron Boyd hit some jumpers to keep LS up.


Sus TWP cut the lead to 2 a few times but every time LS had an answer. Alex Burbaker hit a jumper, Herr hits fouls, Dave Pearson scores on a jumper, and finally Ryan Finger, who handled everything Sus TWP had to give, stepped to the line and made enough fouls to clinch it for the Pioneers.


Coach Baltzer..."We won by twice as many as we needed to...They were very active..It starts all over next week...This is new ground for us...I felt our close games boosted our confidence in the fourth quarter....This is a huge reward for all of the hard work we put in.


Whethter it was "fish power" or "Finger" power or "Welcome to the Jungle" power, LS rose to the top in 3A in 2002.


Congratulations to the 3A champs - LS


Question: Who was the last 3A Boys Champ out of the LL?

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