All stars were selected with the help of coaches and press. We started a new award this year with unsung heroes. I am sure we missed many deserving players in this category but this is what we came up with for this season. No nasty emails please :)

Congrats to these players. All-Stars for 2005-06


First Team

Section One

Leander Toney, 6'5" SN. McCaskey
Doug Meiling, 6'4" Sn. McCaskey

Jordon Gibbs, 6'7" , JN PM
Seth Cornell, 6'0" Sn PM
Bradnon Widener, 5'10" Jn.PM

Mike McDonnell, 5'10", Soph. Warwick

2nd Team

Kyle McConnell, 5'10" Soph.,Cedar Crest
Edwin Delgado, 5'8" Sn, McCaskey
Martinez Dennison, 5'10" McCaskey

Max Pugliese, 6'4" Sn., Man.TWP
Matt Leon, 6'1", Sn, Hempfield


Unsung Heroes

Matt Harris, 5'7", Sn, Warwick
Anthony Hunter , 5'8" Sn, McCaskey

Coach of the Year

Tie..Jeff Churchill , PM and Steve Powell , McCaskey


 Section 2

1st Team

Mike Church -6'3" Sn,Solanco
Seth Zimmerman -5'10" Sn., Ephrata
C.J. Jewell -5'10" Sn, E-town
Todd O'Brien -6'11" Sn.,Garden Spot

Adam Ranck -6'1" Sn., CV


2nd Team

Nate Etter - 5'11" Sn, E-town
Paul McHenry - 6'0" SN , Ephrata
Andrew Dunn -Sn Solanco
Anthony Trautman -6'0", Jn.Lebanon
Bruce Crabb -6'0", Sn. Garden Spot


Unsung Hero

Josh Fisher -6'2", Sn,Garden Spot
Jordan Marsh SN- Solanco
Taylor Gilmore -6'7" Sn, E-town
Terence Gochera -5'7", Sn. CV
Dayton Kreider -SN Solanco


Coach of the Year

Bill Moore -Solanco


Section 3

1st team

Tom Kenneff- MC.. 6'3" Sn.

Nate Windham- Cocalico, 5'10" Sn.

Jamie Yoder- LMHS 6'2" Sn

Shane Woodman- Donegal., 5'10" Sn...

Zac Shaeffer- LS, 5'9" Jn.


2nd team

Nate Conway, 5'11" Sn - Cocalico.

Ezra Cassel - Cocalico, 6'3" Sn..

Brenton Nolt- ELCO., 6'3" JN.

Andrew Risser, 6'1" Jn LS

Dan Patches, 6'4" Sn ELCO


Unsung Hero

Lance Peiffer 5'8" Jn MC

Ted Simmons 6'3" Sn LMHS

Scott Carvel, 6'4" Jn Cocalico


Coach of the Year

Ryan Axe, Cocalico



Section 4

1st team

Zach Hoover., 6'0" SN..Lebanon Cath.

Randy Pierre, 6'0", Sn, Lebanon Cath.

Kyle Purvis- Lanc Cath, 6'4" SN..

Nic Uylingco. Lanc Cath., 6'0" Sn

Mike Seibert - Columbia, 5'10" Soph.


 2nd team

Matt Balasavage, 6'4" Jn, Lanc Cath
Ben Guiles, 5'10" soph, Columbia
Beau Moyer, 6'0" Sn, Northern Lebanon
Joe Horvath, 6'2" Jn, PV
Brian Barry, 6'5" Jn, AC


Unsung Hero

BrianMadden, 6'1" Sn , AC

Travis Dresch, 5'8", Soph,NL

Justin Weaber, 5'8" Sn, Leb Cath.


Coach of the Year

Mark Wisler














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