Title Game





Hershey Giant Center
March 25, 2006

Philadelphia Prep Charter 82 Beaver Falls 51

All year long we had hailed the Prep Charter Huskies as one of the top teams
in the state and they were proving us right up until mid-February where they
had troubles winning in the Public League playoffs. Then it kept up through
the early rounds of the state playoffs with close hard fought wins over the
likes of Reading Central Catholic and York Catholic. There were two sides to
the story of those games. Some felt and rightfully so that those two forced
PC to play a style they didn't like, but more important was the fact that
their coach Dan Brinkley held them back for fear of getting in to much foul
trouble. What ever you choose to believe is up to the individual person, but
anyway as they said if they reached the final he would let them loose and
the rest is history.Four year starter and 2,000 point scorer Lance Jeter scored 9 of Beaver
Falls first quarter points and the period ended in an 11-11 tie. LaSalle
bound Rodney Green pumped in 7 for PC.


The second quarter went back and
forth and Beaver Falls went to the locker room leading 29-27. Jeter kept up
his pace by scoring 9 more points, but his sidekick Jack Anderson hit two
treys and scored 8pts as Jeter and Anderson had all but three of Beaver
Falls first half points. Green did not score at all for PC but guard Doug
Davis and 6-8 Marcus Morris each scored 6 apiece in the quarter.

At halftime Brinkley saw that Jeter and Anderson were scoring machines and
PC opened the second half with a three-quarter zone press and the Tigers had
all kinds of trouble getting into their offense. Jeter and Anderson just had
to work to hard to get the ball up that they seemed to not have much left
when they got in their offense. Meanwhile PC started to push the ball down
the floor before Beaver Falls could get into a defense and this resulted in
many easy baskets including four dunks from 6-9 Markeiff Morris and 16pts
from Doug Davis and 18 more from Green. Jeter and Anderson were held to five
points apiece in the second half as Prep Charter outscored Beaver Falls
55-22 for the big win.

High scorers:
Prep Charter:Rodney Green 25
Doug Davis 25Beaver Falls:Lance Jeter 23pts - 2,243 career
Jack Anderson 13

Prep Charter 47 - Markeiff Morris 10, Marcus Morris 9
Beaver Falls 33 - Kenny Cottman 7

Prep Charter - 10 in 1st half, 2 in 2nd half = 12
Beaver Falls - 4 in 1st half, 10 in 2nd half = 14


~Jerry Shenk



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