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Column- Feb. 4, 2018

This is it..
Final LL regular season games this week. All teams play Tuesday and TWP/Lebanon play on Wed.

Feb. 6
LL games
CV @ Penn Manor
Hempfield @ McCaskey
Warwick @ TWP

Sec 2
Cocalico @ LS
Ephrata @ M .Central
Garden Spot @ Solanco

Lebanon Cath @ AC
Columbia @ Pequea Valley
N Lebanon  @ ELCO 
LMHS  @ Lanc. Cath.

Feb. 7
LL games
 TWP @ Lebanon

Most of the LL boys bracket is filled in – the exception being Section 2. There cold be a major mess after Tuesday with the possibility of a 4 way tie. However, it seems more likely that the third slot will be determined by games involving Etown and Spot.

Etown travels to Donegal. If Etown wins, they will be the third place finisher- assuming Spot wins as well. This will be based on Etown defeated Spot 2 times.

If Etown losses and Spot wins, then the Spartans would claim the 3rd slot out right.

If both Spot and Etown lose, then Cocalico and MCentral could enter the picture. The Eagles play LS and MCentral has Ephrata. Losses by Etown and Spot and a W by either MC or Cocalico would take us to the mini bracket scenario. As there are a lot of combo’s to be looked at, we will wait until Tuesday evening to interpret the results.

Some would say Section 3 third place is to be determined. Lancaster Mennonite plays at Lancaster Catholic Tuesday. Catholic beat LMHS by a slim margin earlier. Northern Lebanon travels to Lebanon County foe, ELCO. ELCO’s young gun-slingers are on a roll and are scratching and clawing their way to a District 3 berth. LMHS is one game up on NL.

IF LMHS loses, and NL wins, then we would go to tie-breakers. Head to head= split. Wins vs section champ= none, power points? –well, LMHS has a large lead going into the games Tuesday. We won’t know till the results of Tuesdays games are posted on the D3 website, but the lead currently is very large statistically. Either way, both teams have qualified for the LL’s.

LL brackets
Top half:
Hempfield (1-1) vs PROBABLY Northern Lebanon (3-3)
LS (2-1) vs PROBABLY Lancaster Mennonite (3-2)

Bottom half
Lancaster Cath. (3-1) vs Winner of playin’ TWP (1-3) vs Section 2 third TBD
Crest (1-2) vs. Ephrata (2-2)


Congrats 1000 points:

Manheim TWP’s Tyler Crespo- 5’10” Jn Guard

AC’s Noah Myers- 6’5″ Sn center

D3 info…
Posted on main page- number of teams, dates of the rounds, PIAA berths.

For some teams, districts start this week. All championship games are played at Giant Center in Hershey. Due to a conflict with Hershey entertainment (concert), most semis will be played at neutral sites. In the future, we might be headed for ALL rounds played at the higher seeds except for finals. First and some second round games are like that now.

District games will begin, for most classes, Feb. 19. All game this week count towards power points. We were told that any playoff games would NOT count- LL playin game. Interesting that power points are a tiebreaker but the final points wont be out till next week…but if there is a gap, it should be not be a problem. The problem would occur if 2 teams are very close and their opponents are playing AFTER the playin date.

Last call for Eagle picts by our followers this weekend. If you send us a pict. of Eagle garb or food spreads, we will post in a photo gallery. We’ll even post Patriots stuff…eeeech.

LLhoops site info.
Last week, llhoops past the 100k mark for page views. Usually as playoffs hit, we get more folks from outside the LL/Berks hit the site. Twitter followers continue to grow for all our staff- Andy, Bruce, Jon, Mark and Kirk.

Last week at each game I attended, I had at least one or 2 fans talk with me about the site -always positive. AT LMHS I had a parent complain about lack of coverage by media. I gave him my card and said “check it out tonight”- photo gallery and wrap.

John Gillespie- LMHS

Last week, I saw 5 games, Andy covered 2 games and Bruce was out to 3 games in Berks Co….and Jon k? = several 🙂 Please remember that wraps are archived so you can just type in the name of the team and see what we have on the site. Our content is being updated constantly. If someone wants a photo of Dell’s galleries, please email.

Look for LL playin game update Wed,

Comments: remember that the staff gets to preview ALL comments. We will seldom comment on “why is this team ranked? “. We have received a few comments that help us produce a better product and appreciate them greatly. We will not get into “hater” tweets – refs, teams, fan bases etc.


Photos: remember when Dell shoots, its amateur hour. When our pros (Kirk and Mark) shoot, its GREAT 🙂

Wraps/soundcloud/videos…mixed reviews here: Some say they never listen to audio..other say its great. ..same for the written word… the thought with the staff is keeping trying out things and see the results.

Video’s on periscope. Some turn out great and others very pixeled. Video of Tyler Crespo’s 1000 point was over 3k hits the last we checked. Video on the phone cam and then posted to twitter turns out much better for quality. I try to get some game shots in during the game I’m covering.

Coaches…sometimes I get to chat with LL coaches before and after games. The coaches have been sooooo good to us. I can’t thank them enough for input and sharing of their time. All of the coaches work hard – regardless of the W/L record. I know that we get some scores directly form coaches/scorekeepers.

     Coaches Rocky and Sigman

Players…for some of our players, this will be the last time they put on a uniform. Few will remember their stats and W/L records as time passes (even LLhoops does not keep that) but playing the game and being on a team, will be memories that last and can be related to in their lives as the grow older – heck one might even be media for LLhoops in the future!

Advertisers—can’t say enough about the folks who help us out. If you are in the market for new uniforms for teams, please check out H&L sports. “O” is a great guy. I’ve been a customer of his business for over 30 yrs. The quality and service is outstanding. He makes great staff shirts too 🙂  I also have a few passes left for Iron Valley Tubing!

LL girls….we are still looking for a writer to help us with the LL girls side of things. Email us at webmaster@llhoops.com. The pay ain’t great, but you might get a cool llhoops staff shirt 🙂

            LLhoops Staff shirts by H & L

Coverage..should be more concentrated during the playoffs. Andy and I will be out and about. Bruce B will have his video magic going on the Berks Co. playoffs. We are hoping to have some picts, videos, and wraps of games in the future- some double and perhaps triple teams of games.

Happy Super Bowl weekend!

Enjoy the last week of regular season games and the beginning of the playoff season.

~Dell Jackson










Facebook Video: Jan 31 LL Misc,#Eaglesllhoops

Facebook Video- You must have facebook account to access.

Dell talks on 1000 pts, LLplayoffs, LLhoops site, D3 and #Eaglesllhoops !


JAn 31st LL misc #Eaglesllhoops

Dell Jan 31: LL misc: #Eaglesllhoops

Posted by LLHoops on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

LL playoff picture as of Jan 31, 2018: Crest/Hemp recap: misc

LL playoffs:

Section 1
Hempfield can clinch the Section title with a win in either of their last 2 games or a Crest loss.
Crest can clinch a slot win a win in either of their last 2 games or a TWP loss.
TWP can clinch a slot with 2 wins in any of their last 3 games or a Lebanon loss.

Section 2
LS is Section 2 champ- congrats to the Pioneers (LLhoops picked LS early )
Curently Ephrata is in 2nd place – one game front of MCentral
Manhiem Central plays Solanco Wed. MC is one game in front of Spot, Cocalico, Etown.

* Ephrata has 2 tough games with LS and at MCentral. Both of these games will be key for the Mounts and the rest of Section 2.

Here is the schedule the rest of the way for section 2.
Jan 31
 M .Central @ Solanco

Feb 2
Cocalico @ Etown
Solanco @ Donegal
LS @ Ephrata
 M .Central @ Garden Spot

Feb 6
Cocalico @ LS
Ephrata @ M .Central
Garden Spot @ Solanco

If we have a tie for 3rd– quite possible, then the tie breakers will come into play. Head to head is the first tiebreaker. IF multiple teams are tied then teams are placed into a mini bracket. So, if 3 way tie, then records vs. all those teams count. If there is still a tie- say all teams win at home- then games vs section champ. As of now, Etown is the only team that has a W vs LS. But they would have to be tied at the top of a mini bracket to earn this tiebreaker. Power points are the last tie breaker.

LL tie-breakers

LL brackets

A few games to be played. LLhoops will address this again next week..or perhaps this weekend.

Aside: LLhoops has always thought a W vs top team should have more weight..and then just go to power points.

Section 3
Lancaster Cath. clinched a playoff berth. They will clinch a title with a W in either of their last 2 games.

NL has clinched an LL berth. The Vikes could wind up in a tie with LMHS. NL plays at LMHS and at ELCO

LMHS has clinched an LL berth. The Blazers could wind up in a tie with NL. LMHS plays NL at home and then travels to Lanc Cath.

Crest/Hempfield recap. 72-55

In a battle of LL/District 3 heavy weights, the Knights took out Crest. Hempfield hit a bunch of threes and twos on their home floor to post a W.

In the first quarter, Hempfield jumped out to an early 9-2 lead, just as Crest had in the first game played at Crest. The Falcons called an early timeout and settled a bit. In fact Crest took a 17-15 lead on a Melendez jumper towards the end of the first. The Knights answered on a half court shot by Ryan Moffatt (could have been the turning point for the game) 18-17 Kinghts after 1.

Hempfield would score the next 4 points to stretch a lead. Crest would answer at 22-19. …and then the fires were lit as Hempfield went on a 12-0 run fueledc by Anthony Alston 8 pts (2 three balls and a layup). Blake Thompsons drive stopped the onslaught at 34-21 only to have the Knights stretch the lead to 41-23 at the half.

Crest would cut it to 13 at 41-28 but the Knights would rip off another run (13-0) to put the game on ice. 58-32 after 3.

Both teams subbed a bit down the stretch. The seniors at Hempfield enjoyed a special day as they coasted home with a 72-55 win.

Hempfield Ryan Moffatt 23, Anthony Alston 16, Eli Washington 10 Donovan Green 10
|Crest : Blake Thompson 12, Cole Laney 11, Jaiden Melendez 10

Sidelines: A slew of media reporters were noticed at the game. Check out the LDN (@phuggsports) and LNP for write-up, videos, and quotes. @JWalkLNP caught the halfcourt shot on video. We got a chance to talk with Mike Bullock (thebulip_n) of City of Basketball web site on his state rankings on a podcast= great info. Thanks to Jeff Falk (@JeffFalk1) for sharing some of his insights. He covers Lebanon Sports – both boys and girls on his site – http://lebanonsportsbuzz.com/ Here is Jeff’s take on the game https://lebanonsportsbuzz.com/cedar-crest-boys-basketball/

Cedar Crest alum, Mike Gross (@MikeGrossLNP) was court-side as well as “kaboom” is on its way to his twitter site as he warms up his patented saying. Mike also does some radio work.

Channel 66 – Comcast was at the game. Coach Warren Goodling and Dell got a chance to talk on air.

Click here for photo gallery.
Click here for Coach Walck’s thoughts after the game.
Mike Bullocks interview

Looking ahead…
We will include LL brackets on the main page for the next 3 weeks.

Also District 3 power points/rankings come into play. We have a link to the D3site under links. The scores are updated daily. IF you are really really into numbers, this is how the power points are calculated. Thanks to Ron Kennedy AD Donegal:

“This season, District III has added four new columns to the Fan Page rankings to provide schools, coaches and fans with more information.  These columns are labeled as such:

TWPW:  A team’s own cumulative weighted win points

OWPW:  A team’s opponents’ cumulative weighted win points

TWPL:  A team’s own cumulative weighted loss points

OWPL:  A team’s opponents’ cumulative weighted loss points

These totals provide a school’s TWP (team weighted winning percentage) and OWP (opponents weighted winning percentage.

To calculate TWP, add the TWPW total and the TWPL total for a team total (not shown on the Fan Page). Divide the TWPW total by the team total to calculate the TWP number shown under the TWP column on the Fan Page.

To calculate OWP, add the OWPW total and the OWPL total for a team total (not shown on the Fan Page). Divide the OWPW total by the team total to calculate the OWP number shown under the OWP column on the Fan Page.

To calculate the final power ranking, multiply the TWP number by .55.  Multiply the OWP number by .45.  ADD those two numbers: that is the power ranking figure.”


As always, games going down the stretch give us a lot to write/talk about.

~dell jackson




Preview Crest at Hempfield Jan 30

Jan. 30 preview

Crest @ Hempfield 

District 3 rankings: (6A)
Hempfield   2     Crest 3

LL standings: Section1
Hempfield   1      Crest 2

Hempfield is 10-1   overall 16-2
Losses to Crest, Dallastown
Top scorers:
Ryan Moffatt 18, David Martin-Robinson 11, Elijah Washington 10, Anthony Alston 10
Team avg: 57 ppg and giving up 45 ppg

Crest is 9-2 overall 16-3
Losses to TWP, McCaskey, York
Top Scorers:
Blake Thompson 16 ppg, Cole Laney 16 ppg Logan Horn 9 Jaiden Melendez 9
Team Avg. 61 ppg and giving up 49 ppg.

Last game: Crest 41   Hempfield 39 : Jan 5th
Crest up early; Hempfield comeback and short lead; Crest steal and basket by Logan Horn: Hempfield last shot. Dylan Miller, Crest was LLhoops star of the game= scoring and defense.
Dell’s recap / podcast from last game.

Points- last game:
Hempfield :Moffatt 17, Robinson 11
Crest: Dylan Miller 12, Laney 12, Thompson 11

What to look for:
Crest likes to get it up and down. Hempfield seems to be comfortable playing fast or slow, but their tempo vs. top teams tends to be more controlled. That said (written), the Knights lit it up at home vs. TWP on a big early season game. I believe a faster tempo will favor the Falcons.

Crest got out to an early lead in the last game. This forced Hempfield to go to their ½ court trap, which bothered the Falcons. Look for Hempfield to hold back the trap until they need it or not at all if in the lead.

Both teams defensively played man most of the time, using the arc as the pickup line. The idea is to make teams hit from the perimeter. The thinking here is that the team that hits the most 3 balls will win. Crests’ top 3-ball shooter is Cole Laney. Hempfield counters with Anthony Alston and Ryan Moffatt. Hempfield played some zone the last game. With both teams packing it in the paint and talking away the middle, the game will probably be a low scoring affair.

Both teams are physically strong. The battle of the boards should be a push, but if one team gets more offensive boards than the other, it could tip the game.

Foul me: Sometimes a Section 1 game will come down to the foul line. Crest has a bit of the edge there as they are shooting 69% as a team. The Knights come in around 65%. Top foul shooters in this game are Thompson, Crest and Alston, Hempfield.

Top teams…both of these teams have seen their share of big games the last few years. Hempfield had a great run in the PIAA last season. Crest had a three year stretch before last year that was the best run in school’s history (LL, District 3, and PIAA berths). There should be no jitters here. Both coaches veterans of the LL wars.

Media magnet…big game = media galore. Channel 66 comcast will be tape delaying the game (Warren Goodling and John Graham providing the call); LNP’s John Walk (@JWalkLNP) will be there (we assume a great photographer too), Lebanon Daily’s Pat Huggins (@phuggsports)..and of course LLhoops (@llhoops) will be there. Basically, fans will get video, picts, tweets and write-ups…and perhaps a podcast from LLhoops:)

~Dell Jackson





Dell’s column: Jan 25, 2017

Column Jan 25

LL standings
With 4-5 games to go, most sections are shaping up for slotting in the LL playoffs.

The playin date has been set for Feb 8 or 9th– depending on weather and make-ups. This year the teams playing on the boys’ side will be Sec 1 third place vs. Sec 2 third place. Its difficult to predict who will be there for either section, although Section 1 third place could come down to Crest/TWP. Section 2 is a royal mess. (M Central, Spot, and Ephrata appear to be battling for 2 slots: Donegal and Cocalico need to put together a string of W’s in their last games to push into the conversation.)

Remember that each Section gets 3 slots in the LL’s. There will be multiple tiebreakers to calculate non-section winners. IF there is a tie for first place, that/those games will be played. Check out the tiebreakers HERE.

Section 1
Hempfield continues to be the top team. The Knights have been living on the edge as they fall behind in many games; only to come back and eke out a W. Case in point was their game with TWP on Jan 23rd. The Knights were down by 12 in the last quarter and rallied for a 3-point win – scoring an unreal 35 points in the 4th quarter. LLhoops spoke with Coach Walck after the game for his thoughts. He usually has little voice left after a game, and this was no exception.

Crest lost a close game at home to McCaskey 55-54 Jan 18th. The Falcons are 1 game back of Hempfield and play the Knights on Jan 30th at Hempfield. Crest travels to TWP this Friday for a big game that will help determine placement for the LL’s.

TWP– heartbreak city for the Streaks vs. Hempfield earlier this week. Section 1 hoops will provide the Steaks another chance to improve their lot vs. Crest. This team has come back from tough losses before (after last Hempfield game they beat Crest at Crest). TWP has a tough 1 -2 punch with their guards – Tyler Crespo and Brendan Mellot.

LS is dominating this section. After a close loss to Etown on Dec. 18th, the Pioneers have ripped off 13 straight W’s. and, get this, by an average of 19 point spread per game. LS is taking care of business, while enjoying the other Section 2 teams smack each other around.

Next up? Manheim Central, Ephrata, and Spot. Basically, these teams are battling for 2 slots. LLhoops will cover this section race in the next few weeks.

Lancaster Catholic and the rest: The Crusaders survived a scare at LMHS, but otherwise have been handling every team they come up against. Lancaster Cath. racked up a nice win vs. Bishop McDevitt 61-49 on 1/22/18. I have seen LCHS a few times this year and really like their D.

Northern Lebanon continues to hold on to the second slot in this section. The Vikes feature the high scoring guard combo of Caleb Light (18 ppg) and Alex Yeager (16 ppg). NL plays Lanc. Cath. at home and travels to LMHS down the stretch. Probably not a surprise to NL fans/players/coaches, but the Vikings have to be considered the surprise team in the LL this season.

LLhoops got some quotes from Coach Chris George:

“Our slogan for the season is “United We Play”. The other night at Annville we had a season high 15 assists on 21 shots, 70+% is awesome…. That’s huge for us… our kids aren’t selfish, but they’ve grown so much in terms of seeing the floor and how to make each other better, and getting each other good looks. We aren’t winning a section title or making any noise in leagues or districts if we don’t play together.  

Things are going fairly well for us; it’s been a grind though for sure. This week is the first time we’ve have our whole team healthy all season together. Michigan Cam and Yeager have all missed many games due to injuries, so it’s been a struggle at times, even now, figuring out new roles. But the kids have really stepped up. Folmer, Trader, Bowers, and Hubbard have been unsung heroes for us, doing all the dirty work, of course Cam, Caleb, and Alex have been leaned on heavily to shoulder much of the scoring. It’s exciting for the kids to finally start hitting some of the goals we identified 2 years ago when I arrived here. It’s been an awesome process thus far, and it’s taken a lot of help from the kids, parents, community, and of course, my staff that does an awesome job, year round! “

Lancaster Mennonite has dropped 2 LL games: OT to Lanc Cath and a 1-point loss to NL. Coach Groff quietly has LMHS prepped for another D3 run. LMHS continues to improve. The Blazers are not real big as far as height goes, but get after it on the defensive end and love to run. They are led by John Gillespie (12 ppg) and Carter Hurst (12ppg).


District 3
The LL has a bunch of teams listed in the D3 power points page. We are very impressed with the site as scores are posted quickly. Here’s the site.

We will do more breakdown on the Districts in the next few weeks.

As of 1/25/18
1A: 1 Lancaster Country Day, 7 Conestoga Christian, 10 Lancaster Christian
3A: 5 LMHS
4A: 1 Lanc. Cath., 5 N Lebanon
5A: 1 LS, 11 Ephrata, 12 Spot, 14 Donegal, 15 Manhiem Central
6A: 2 Hempfield, 3 Crest, 6 TWP

LLhoops news:
We continue to do some post game interviews with coaches. We are averaging about 100 plays per interview on soundcloud.

Andy Herr completed the LL tour last week. He saw EVERY LL team play at least one time for the 4th season in a row. Congrats to him.

Bruce Badgley continues his berks beat videos. He is introducing replay locker at various games he attends. This is ground breaking technology that he used for football. Basically, fans at the game can use their phones for replays on his video shots.

Thanks to Mark22 for some GREAT game shots the last few weeks.

Jerry Shenk, PA guru for HS hoops, is producing his district 3 rankings every week. The newest listings appear, usually on Mondays.

Jon K is leading the pack as far as number of hits per week for LLhoops.com. He has a great following in the NEast.

Breaking records: Last week, llhoops set records for twitter impressions and hits on the website on the same day. Thanks to all our followers. I’m thinking come playoff time, we’ll being seeing more and more followers.

Advertisers: If anyone wants to join us, please email.

Our current list includes:
Scott Lucas: Horace Mann Insurance, John Lichty CPA services, Steve Lewis: Nationwide , SportyFox, PJ Whelihans, Iron Valley Tubing, Liberty Bell Drone

LL trivia
Last week: Trivia #4
Who is the all time leading scorer for the LL?
Mike Wisler, Columbia : 2837..and Columbia had a 100 year celebration this week!

Trivia #5
How many times has Northern Lebanon appeared in the LL playoffs since 2010?

Tweet of the week
“January is exhibiting a sort of bipolar behavior” @MUweather
Thinking LL AD’s would agree with that …🙂

This and that:
How neat is it to see a ex-District 3 player light it up on a national stage? Lonnie Walker IV had Dickie V’s attention Jan 24, 2018. The connection LLhoops.com made with Coach P of Reading led Andy and Dell to court-side of the PIAA finals last year.








Coach Perez: Reading, soon after PIAA championship


We have been having some fun handing out LLhoops lanyards to student section twitter handles. Always good meeting tomorrows leaders. …and getting some love as we give out some passes for Iron Valley Tubing.

Small world…I gave out a pass at TWP last week. The recipient was Steve Taylor, ex-PM star. ..that same night our friend at LNP, John Walk, snapped a pict. and posted it to his twitter handle – only to be repeated and replied to by an ex-student and current teacher, Alissa Bradfield: @Bradfield_Etown .

LNP’s John Walk is doing some video on game nights, post game and a weekly video with Jeff Rienhart on the LL. I enjoy his weekly features a LOT. The LL is lucky to still have a media outlet that is covering/posting/featuring hoops on their site. We use the site to check out standings/schedules/scores.

Tick tock…
That my friends is the playoff clock!

Enjoy some hoops the next few weeks!

~Dell Jackson






Dell’s Column Jan. 11, 2018

Column Jan 11

Catching up…

Section 1
Big week for Crest. The Falcons (11-2) beat Hempfield 41-39 in a classic battle.….and followed it up with a convincing win vs. Penn Manor. With these games sandwiched between a stressful 2OT win vs. Lower Dauphin. Crest is led by the dynamic duo of Cole Laney (15 ppg) and Blake Thompson (14 ppg)

Blake Thompson: Crest

TWP (9-2) is now tied for first with wins over Penn Manor and McCaskey…..The Streaks feature a 1- 2 scoring punch of guards Tyler Crespo (16 ppg) and Brandon Mellot (13ppg). The inside bigs are young and improving with each game.

Hempfield (11-1) split this week in LL play. A last second shot by Ryan Moffatt(19ppg) vs.Lebanon and a close loss on the road to Crest.

As earlier predicted by LLhoops, Section 1 will be a three-team race.

Section 2…
Manheim Central (5-4) and LS (11-1) are the top teams as of now.

LS is pounding the ball into 6’10” sn, Ryan Smith (23 ppg). Smith’s scoring average jumped up 4 pts. per game in the last 2 weeks. LS uses a lot of cutting to basket as Smith gets doubled team, which results in a lot of layups for the Pioneer guards. LS also employs the 3 ball as most of the players can hit from the perimeter- including Smith.

MC features a multiple defense attack. Although not big, the Barons get after it on the defensive end. Caleb Hostettler (19ppg) is an all-around talent.

Section 3…
We have Lanc. Cath. (9-2) and Lanc. Mennonite (9-4) battling it out – no surprises there.

BUT….Northern Lebanon (8-2) has created a stir in this Section. The Vikings beat LMHS 63-62 earlier in the week. NL is led by the highest scoring tandem guards in the L ….they play Lanc Cath Jan 11th.. LLhoops plans on being at this game and doing a wrap/gallery.

LLhoops info..
We continue to increase viewers on our twitter platform and in the site itself. We have many return visitors, who are averaging 4-5 page views per visit (Checking out multiple pages)

Team pages will be updated at least once a week and usually 2 to 3 times a week.

Standings and scores are updated on most game days.

Check out Bruce Badgley’s Berks Beat. He is introducing some new technology on games he is shooting. We will try to get Andy and Bruce on a common game soon. Last week Bruce had a video that produced over 1800 views.

Periscope—new camera= better shots. The last phone camera was …well getting old (and after spending an hour or 2 submerged in the Susquehanna river it was time for new dry model. Welcome Pixel2. I gave it a try at an NCAA game and was amazed at the stopping of action (less blur). I gave it a trial run on TWP/McCaskey.

Galleries…they will remain up for short periods of time due to server space. Contact webmaster if you would like originals sent to you. We are finding out that you cannot just copy them… The new camera helps but I’m still in the learning stages…some blur is what we’ll get but folks are checking it out.

Comcast Channel 66

If you have Comcast, some of the games are taped and re-broadcast. Games are filmed by Frank Altdoerffer

“TWP/ McCaskey will be on Friday  on the 12th at 8:30PM and January 13th at 11:30 PM. The December game MT vs, Hempfield will be on again on January 13th at 10AM at also that night at 8:30PM.”

We are adding new links as we find them.
We found this link a few weeks ago for York County info

Our long-time friend and historian, Mike Bullock of COB updates his rankings weekly

Cancel me…
When the snow/ice and cold hits, we will try to update postponements as we get them. Thanks to AD’s use of twitter, we can usually find all we need to update.

MOST of the make-ups will be taken care of by the end of this weekend—until the next storm 🙂

LL brackets..
Can be found here

Looking ahead, this year’s play-in game is slated to be between Sec 1 third team vs. Section 2 third team. At this point there are way too many iterations to consider.

Getting around..

Petterson Event Center: Home of the Panthers

Andy and Dell took a trip to Pittsburgh to check out Duke vs Pitt. The Dukies rolled. Parking and travel in Pittsburgh is not an easy task , as there are several roads with no street signs, congestion all over the place, closed and one-way roads that are not marked on GPS. However, the people in the area were very helpful, kind, and proud of their city.

We took Uber rides to and from the game- the drivers were truly about their city. A 3-5 mile trip took us 30 minutes as traffic around the Petterson Event Center was grid locked.

As always, we heard from our UNC fans- who turned Pitt fans for the evening (@swave1966 and @Ridedogg23). We tried to find some Pitt hi-lights for these 2 flip flop fans but could only find this.:)

Bagley tip vs Pitt 1/10/18

Notice how “into” the game the Oakland fans are….but they have some neat looking t’s.

This weekend, Andy travels to Penn State to check out his Huskers in big Ten play. I’m sure he’ll comment on the level of play in the Big10.

Kirk N will take over posting scores Friday. Andy will back on the trail Sat. Dell will hit it hard next week.

LAST WEEKS Trivia #3… tied to the New Year 🙂
Which boys’ team has the most LL championships in the 2010 decade?
Answer = McCaskey with 3.

Trivia #4
Who is the all time leading scorer for the LL?

Enjoy some HS hoops this week!

~Dell Jackson