Top Scorers LL by Section: Updated Jan. 7, 2018

Top scorers by Section by average. Compiled with info from LNP and There is no exact cut-off for each section. We rounded to the nearest whole number.. We used average for all games. Enjoy!

As of Jan. 7, 2018

Section 1

Section 1    
Ryan MoffattHemp196'5"12
Logan MonroeCV186'3"12
Luis Aqujino-RiosLeb.176'12
Tyler CrespoTWP165'9"11
Cole LaneyCrest156'5"12
Blake ThomsonCrest146'1"12
Austin MonroeCV146'1"12
Brendan MellotTWP126'1"11
Sincere ScottLeb126'3"11
Kevin RoldanPM125'9"11
David Martin-RobisonHemp116'4"12


Section 2

Section 2    
Ryan SmithLS236'10"12
Connor HostettlerMC186'2"12
Avery WalkerDon186'12
Jordan ShewbridgeSpot166'12
Aaron ConsteinSol166'1"11
Larry LockerET156'5"11
Aiden TrynoskyCoc146'1"12
Xavain RodriguezEph146'11
Michael LyonsDon146'3"12
Isaac BeersLS136'1"12
Ryan PariseET125'9"10
Brad DaBellaEph126'4"12


Section 3

Section 3    
Alex YeagerNL175'11"12
Noah MyersAC176'5"12
Caleb LightNL165'11"12
Jaden NealCol156'1"12
John GilliespieLMHS136'1"12
Malachi GlickPV136'1"12
Kyle KauffmanLeb Cath136'2"12
Jeff LorahECLO135'11"12
Devon ColyerPV125'10"9
Meleik CrenshawCol126'2"12
Johnny Besecker Lanc Cath115'11"11
Carter HurstLMHS115'10"12
Don FridayAC116'12
Ryan MathewsAC116'12

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