2018-19 Boys LL Section Realignment

LL Boys alignment for 2018-19

Section 1
Cedar Crest
Manheim TWP
Penn Manor

Section 2
Conestoga Valley

Section 3
Garden Spot
Manheim Central

Section 4
Lancaster Catholic
Northern Lebanon

Section 5
Lancaster Country Day
Lancaster Mennonite
Lebanon Catholic
Pequea Valley


LMHS Names Seth Buckwalter as Boys Head Coach

Lancaster Mennonite main campus would like to introduce you to our new Boys and Girls Varsity basketball coaches.   
Mr. Seth Buckwalter:
He is currently a teacher in the science department at LMS main campus and has been under Coach Groff’s tutelage as the JV coach for over a decade now. Seth is ready to take the reins of the varsity team. We welcome Seth to his new role and wish the best to Coach Groff. After over two and a half decades and over 400 wins Coach Groff is ready to close this chapter on LMS boys basketball program.

Delaware top Jn – Boys

Delaware Boys High School Basketball

Top 50 Juniors     Class of 2019

2017-2018 Season (Updated)

Curtis Watkins (Editor)


1 Nah’Shon Hyland 6’4″ St. George’s Tech
2 Kvonn Cramer 6’6″ Mount Pleasant
3 Jaymeir Garnett 6’5″ Smyrna
4 Shaft Clark 6’7″ Caesar Rodney
5 Fah’Mir Ali 5’11” Mount Pleasant
6 Jordan Brown 5’9″ St. Elizabeth
7 Mark Bradshaw 6’0″ Glasgow
8 Absalom Bowling 6’5″ William Penn
9 Jamier Felton 6’4″ Indian River
10 Mike McCants 6’6″ St. George’s Tech
11 Nalik Veasley-Johnson 6’6″ Smyrna
12 Timothy Farley 6’3″ Wilmington Friends
13 Jamon Kane 6’2″ Woodbridge
14 Jack Brown 6’6″ Salesianum
15 Justin Money 6’1″ St. Elizabeth
16 Darnell Vaughan 6’3″ Salesianum
17 Rhylee Matthews 6’2″ Sussex Central
18 Joseph Hodges 6’1″ Newark
19 Perren Gyan 6’1″ Newark Charter
20 Kenin Burns 6’2″ Appoquinimink
21 Jaimhy Evans 5’11” Glasgow
22 Ryan McKeon 6’6″ Sanford
23 Jakir Hampton 6’6″ Smyrna
24 Kimoni Biuwovwi 6’3″ Delcastle
25 Jyair Fields 6’1″ McKean
26 Eric Ludman 6’2″ St. Mark’s
27 Charles Russell 6’4″ Mount Pleasant
28 Trevon Alderman 5’9″ William Penn
29 Brandon Sengphachanh 6’1″ Caravel
30 Jordon Magee 6’4″ Dover
31 Luis Brujan 6’4″ Christiana
32 Ryan Davis 6’5″ Newark Charter
33 Kysair Hall-Murphy 6’0″ Early College
34 Jaheem Ewell 6’4″ Dickinson
35 Kyle Motley 6’2″ Tower Hill
36 Eric Neal 5’11” Concord
37 Johnny Ewell 5’7″ Howard
38 Wayne Jefferson 6’2″ Howard
39 Vince Correa 6’1″ Seaford
40 Armon Miller 6’1″ Brandywine
41 Brandon Troyer 6’6″ Sussex Tech
42 Kylie Walker 5’9″ Conrad
43 Jamere Crawford 6’1″ Brandywine
44 Ahmad Taylor 6’6″ St. George’s Tech
45 Luke Harrington 6’5″ St. Mark’s
46 Davide DePina 6’1″ First State Military
47 Keyshon Davis 6’0″ McKean
48 Desmond Bagley 5’10” William Penn
49 Jamir Dantley 6’0″ A. I. DuPont
50 Voshon Wharton 6’6″ St. George’s Tech


Coach Ed Berryman LS- Interview

Coach Berryman was recently named LLhoops.com coach of the year in section 2. He shares with us some thoughts about his program, the year that was and looking ahead.Enjoy!

1) Congrats on a great season and being named LLhoops Section 2 Coach of the Year. Was there a time when you thought this team was going to be special or was the thought process – lets get better each game?

I think we first recognized that this team had great potential during our team camp at Albright College. We won all of our games and that included teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and DC. What I saw was a group who was unselfish and did not care who scored. They all accepted their role and rarely did they try and do things they weren’t capable of doing. Everyone played tough defense! We also knew that we had great leadership from our senior class.

At the beginning of the year, as we do every year, we set our goal to win the section. Winning the section will lead us to post season opportunities. This year though, we added the LL League Championship to our goals. There has been an empty space on the Boys Basketball Banner hanging in the gym under League Champion. We felt that this was the year to fill in that space!

2) LS wins its first ever LL title. Can you take us thru some hi-lights of the LL tournament?

By winning the section we were able to play the first round at home. We played LMH who we had played and beaten earlier in the year in a tough game. We knew they were better than they were the first time we played. Anytime LS plays LMH, you know that it is going to be a high intensity game. We trailed after each of the first three quarters. John Gillespie was shooting the lights out and Carter Hurst was also on fire. We kept competing and leaned on our big man Ryan Smith. He played with a determination that I hadn’t seen before. He was dominant and led us that night with 39 points.

In the semifinals we played Hempfield. We started strong and led 19-2 after the first quarter with Isaac Beers scoring 15 of his game high 22 points. I remember telling the team that this game was far from over and I reminded them that Hempfield had scored 35 points in one quarter this past season. As expected, they came back and had us on our heels. We did not handle their half court 1-2-2 trap very well and the game was tight. Zack Kingsley made a huge 3 point shot and then later penetrated the baseline to make a nice pass to Ryan. There was a definite sigh of relief when the final buzzer sounded.

In the championship game against Catholic, we started slow and fell behind early in the first quarter. Like our first game against LMH, we had already played Catholic as it was our first game of the year. Again, we knew it was going to be a tough game as they always get better as the season progresses. Isaac had a great game and scored the ball inside and outside. As happened most of the season, we were led by Ryan and Isaac and everyone else made key contributions. Another highlight in the game was listening to the LS and LC student sections going back and forth. As expected, they both did it with class! It felt great as a coach to put those Gold Medals around the neck of each player. We dreamt big and we were able to realize that dream!

3) Where do you go from here? Program plans, adjustments, etc?

As we continue to grow our program, I have to mention our youth program. We have great parents/coaches who love the game and volunteer their time to teach the fundamentals of the game. In fact, John Achille started the in house program in 2004-2005 and I was the sixth grade coach with my son playing. My assistant, Bob Sweger, has been instrumental in the growth of our youth program. We feel good about our program and feel that next season can be another successful campaign. We had 14 players on the varsity roster last year. That will leave us with 8 players returning and half of them being key contributors this past season. The JV team had a strong year and ended their season 16-3. Obviously when you graduate 6 significant seniors you will need to make adjustments. The core of our program does not change, we will continue to play hard, play together, and have fun. I always enjoy the challenge of understanding each player’s strengths, and putting them in the best positions so that we can all be successful as a group.

4) What are your thoughts on the new LL format next season?

I really don’t have much to say about the new 5 section format. We will see how it plays out next year. I just know that we will be setting our goal to win section 3

5) What were/are key components of the success you have had at LS the last 2 seasons as head coach?

One of the key components of our success the last two years is the fact that we have had good players. A lot of the guys are playing basketball all year round. They are focused and have an individual determination to get better.

We preach team consistently. We look to move the ball on offense so that we as a team can get the best shot. We will play tough team defense by being in proper help position and communicating well.

I have a dedicated group of coaches. Bob Sweger, my assistant, and Pete Kingsley, the freshman coach, are always keeping the boys playing in the off season. We also have consistency in our middle school program with Bob Rosensteel who has been a fixture at LS for over 30 years.

We have a consistent message, which is PLAY HARD, PLAY TOGETHER, and HAVE FUN!






2017-2018 All-District 2 Boys’ and Girls’ Teams




Jay Bittner (Dallas, 6-0, Senior, G, 11.5 ppg)

Jawane Buckner (W-B Meyers, 5-9, Senior, G, 18.7 ppg)

Jackson Danzig (Abington Heights, 6-6, Senior, G, 17.3 ppg)

Mason Deakin (Susquehanna, 6-0, Junior, G, 14.8 ppg)

Anthony DeGori (Honesdale, 6-2, Senior, G, 13.8 ppg)

Tyler Faux (Tunkhannock, 5-11, Junior, G, 17.5 ppg)

Pat Galvin (Holy Cross, 5-10, Senior, G, 13.7 ppg)

Blake Gearhart (Delaware Valley, 6-0, Junior, G, 14.2 ppg)

J.J. Glinsky (Mid Valley, 5-11, Senior, G, 14.1 ppg)

Ky’Ron Harbin (Scranton, 6-4, Senior, G, 17.8 ppg)

Will Johnson (W-B GAR, 5-11, Junior, G, 19.9 ppg)

Nate Kreitzer (Nanticoke Area, 5-9, Junior, G, 19.4 ppg)

Marc Kudrich (Valley View, 6-3, Junior, G, 15.0 ppg)

Jeff Planutis (Hazleton Area, 6-4, Senior, G, 15.7 ppg)

Rierdan Reyan (Elk Lake, 5-10, Senior, G, 18.9 ppg)

Collin Cook (Holy Redeemer, 6-3, Junior, F, 14.7 ppg)

Dimitri Gnall (Wyoming Seminary, 6-2, Junior, F, 17.1 ppg)

San Greenfield (Wyoming Area, 6-3 Senior, F, 19.5 ppg)

Joey Grula (Hazleton Area, 6-5, Senior, F, 13.0 ppg)

Leo O’Boyle (Scranton Prep, 6-8, Junior, F, 21.0 ppg)

Joey Parsons (Dallas, 6-4, Senior, F, 13.7 ppg)

Zach Rovinsky (Western Wayne, 6-6, Soph., F, 14.8 ppg)

Draig Ruff (Wyoming Valley West, 6-1, Senior, F, 25.9 ppg)

George Tinsley (Abington Heights, 6-5, Junior, F, 18.2 ppg)  

Josh Samec (Hazleton Area, 6-8, Senior, C, 15.2 ppg)





Boys Player of the Year – George Tinsley (Abington Heights)

Boys Freshman of the Year – Michael Rickert (Riverside)

Boys Coach of the Year – Ken Bianchi (Abington Heights)

Boys #1 Teams of the Year – Abington Hts. / Hazleton Area                          






Toni Amato (Wyoming Valley West, 5-3, Soph., G, 12.6 ppg)

Brenna Babcock (Northwest Area, 5-5, Junior, G, 16.8 ppg)

Gracie Guarino (Western Wayne, 5-5, Junior, G, 11.4 ppg)

Megan Guerrieri (Wallenpaupack, 5-7, Junior, G, 13.9 ppg)

MacKenzie Hartman (Forest City, 5-5, Senior, G, 13.2 ppg)

Sarah Holweg (Wyoming Area, 5-6, Senior, G, 16.0 ppg)

Sara Hopkins (Crestwood, 5-4, Senior, G, 12.3 ppg)

Taylor Huyck (Susquehanna, 5-10, Soph., G, 14.8 ppg)

Hannah Kowalski (Abington Heights, 5-8, Senior, G, 13.8 ppg)

Julia Makowski (Crestwood, 5-5, Senior, G, 18.1 ppg)

Reese Mensinger (Berwick, 5-6, Senior, G, 19.1 ppg)

Maddie Mrochko (Hazleton Area, 5-7, Senior, G, 15.4 ppg)

Alexa Noone (Pittston Area, 5-7, Senior, G, 18.7 ppg)

Kelly Quinn (Dunmore, 5-3, Senior, G, 11.1 ppg)

Lisa Radziak (Nanticoke Area, 5-2 Senior, G, 13.7 ppg)

Rachel Rose (Scranton Prep, 5-4, Fr., G, 15.4 ppg)

Lexi Walsh (Holy Cross, 5-7, Senior, G, 15.0 ppg)

Julia Andrejko (Holy Redeemer, 5-7, Junior, F, 12.1 ppg)

Victoria Benning (Hanover Area, 5-11, Senior, F, 12.1 ppg)

Shelby Funchess (Scranton, 6-0, Senior, F, 13.8 ppg)

Cassie Ksiazek (Abington Heights, 6-0, Senior, F, 11.1 ppg)

Lindsey Welsh (Old Forge, 5-8, Soph., F, 12.9 ppg)

Samantha Yencha (Holy Redeemer, 5-11, Soph., F, 13.4 ppg)

Colette Mulderig (Scranton, 6-2, Soph., C, 12.8 ppg)

Victoria Toomey (Dunmore, 6-1, Junior, C, 16.6 ppg)





Girls Player of the Year – Victoria Toomey (Dunmore)

Girls Freshman of the Year  –  Rachel Rose (Scranton Prep)

Girls Coach of the Year –  Bob Beviglia (Scranton Prep)

Girls #1 Team of the Year – Dunmore Lady Bucks