Neast Beat – Holiday Tourneys (updated scores)




Lynett 67th Memorial Tournament

(Lackawanna College Student Union on 12-27 and 12-29)

  • Dunmore 55, Holy Cross 50
  • Scranton Prep 64, Scranton 43
  • Scranton Prep 70, Dunmore 46 (Championship)
  • Scranton 59, Holy Cross 58 (Consolation)


Robert McGrane 52nd Tourney

(Wyoming Valley CYC on 12-26 and 12-28)

  • Holy Redeemer 75, Pittston Area 57
  • Crestwood 58, Hanover Area 44
  • Holy Redeemer 44, Crestwood 41 (Championship)
  • Hanover Area 60, Pittston Area 43 (Consolation)


Forest City 46th Rotary Tourney

(Forest City HS on 12-23 and 12-26)

  • Mountain View 49, Western Wayne 46
  • Wyalusing Valley 58, Forest City 52
  • Wyalusing Valley 58, Mountain View 50, OT (Championship)
  • Western Wayne 64, Forest City 46 (Consolation)


Pete Turonis 46th (NBT) Holiday Tourney

(Carbondale HS on 12-27 and 12-29)

  • Lakeland 54, Mid Valley 52 (OT)
  • Valley View 51, Carbondale 34
  • Valley View 57, Lakeland 46 (Championship)
  • Carbondale 51, Mid Valley 40 (Consolation)


Honesdale 58th Jaycees Tourney

(Honesdale on 12-26 and 12-28)

  • East Stroudsburg South 58, Wallenpaupack 21
  • Honesdale 70, Lake-Lehman 36
  • East Stroudsburg South 69, Honesdale 48 (Championship)
  • Wallenpaupack 56, Lake-Lehman 25 (Consolation)


James M. Akens Tournament

(North Pocono HS on 12-27 and 12-29)

  • Pocono Mountain East 81, Wyoming Valley West 61
  • North Pocono 60, Old Forge 34
  • Pocono Mountain East 55, North Pocono 49 (Championship)
  • Wyoming Valley West 68, Old Forge 65 (Consolation)


Taylor Lions 32nd Holiday Event

(Riverside HS on 12-27)

  • West Scranton 45, Riverside 22   


Matamoras Rotary 41st Tournament

(Delaware Valley HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Valley Central (NY) 54, Notre Dame East Stroudsburg 44
  • Delaware Valley 60, Minisink Valley 39
  • Delaware Valley 42, Valley Central (NY) 29 (Championship)
  • Minisink Valley 69, Notre Dame-East Stroudsburg 51 (Consolation)


Susquehanna County Tournament

(Blue Ridge HS on 12-27 and 12-28)

  • Susquehanna 50, Montrose 44
  • Elk Lake 53, Blue Ridge 46
  • Elk Lake 56, Susquehanna 54 (Championship)
  • Montrose 55, Blue Ridge 37 (Consolation)


Williamsport Christmas Tournament

(Williamsport HS on 12-26 and 12-27)

  • Glasgow (Delaware) defeated National Collegiate Prep
  • Williamsport 89, Prep Charter 75
  • Williamsport 64, Glasgow (Delaware) 60 (Championship)
  • National Collegiate Prep vs. Prep Charter (Consolation) no score


William Allen Holiday Tourney

(Allentown William Allen HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Emmaus 67, Springfield Delco 50
  • William Allen 67, Wilkes-Barre GAR 53
  • William Allen 62, Emmaus 52 (Championship)
  • Wilkes-Barre GAR 59, Springfield-Delco 55 (Consolation)


Freedom Holiday Shootout

(Bethlehem Freedom HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Bethlehem Freedom 66, Bethlehem Liberty 62
  • W. T. Woodson (Va.) 52, Dallas 49
  • W. T. Woodson (Va.) 50, Bethlehem Freedom 48 (Championship)
  • Dallas 81, Bethlehem Liberty 66 (Consolation)


Berks Catholic Holiday Play-by-Play Classic

(Berks Catholic HS on 12-27)

  • Parkland 55, Carlisle 52
  • Abington Heights 66, Harrisburg 63
  • Girard College 52, Berks Catholic 48


Milton Tournament

(Milton HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Warrior Run 83, South Williamsport 60
  • Northwest Area 62, Milton 39
  • Warrior Run 59, Northwest Area 41 (Championship)
  • South Williamsport vs. Milton (Consolation) no score


Trinity Shamrock Showcase

(Trinity HS on 12-29 and 12-30)

  • Berks Catholic 57, Wilkes-Barre Meyers 46
  • Trinity 45, Wilkes-Barre Meyers 42 (OT)








Lynett 15th Memorial Tournament

(Lackawanna College Student Union on 12-27 and 12-29)

  • Abington Heights 36, Scranton Prep 34
  • Dunmore 53, Scranton 30
  • Dunmore 45, Abington Heights 29 (Championship)
  • Scranton Prep 48, Scranton 38 (Consolation)


Punxsutawney Carl Truance Classic

(Punxsutawney HS on 12-27 and 12-28)

  • Punxsutawney 53, Moniteau 30
  • Hazleton Area 56, Marion Center 47
  • Hazleton Area 46, Punxsutawney 42 (OT) (Championship)
  • Marion Center 47, Moniteau 42 (Consolation)      


Lou Camoni 12th Tournament

(Valley View HS on 12-26 and 12-28)

  • Mid Valley 56, Lakeland 17
  • Valley View 49, Carbondale 31
  • Mid Valley 29, Valley View 28 (Championship)
  • Carbondale 50, Lakeland 24 (Consolation)


James M. Akens Tournament

(North Pocono HS on 12-27 and 12-29)

  • Holy Cross 61, Pocono Mountain East 29
  • Wyoming Valley West 56, North Pocono 50
  • Holy Cross 40, Wyoming Valley West 32 (Championship)
  • North Pocono 31, Pocono Mountain East 25 (Consolation)


Honesdale 32nd Jaycees Tourney

(Honesdale on 12-26 and 12-28)

  • Wallenpaupack 68, Forest City 38
  • Honesdale 62, Western Wayne 48
  • Wallenpaupack 72, Honesdale 52 (Championship)
  • Western Wayne 33, Forest City 30 (Consolation)


Taylor Lions 32nd Tournament

(Riverside HS on 12-26 and 12-28)

  • Nanticoke Area 62, West Scranton 40
  • Riverside 64, Mountain View 39
  • Nanticoke Area 58, Riverside 42 (Championship)
  • West Scranton 60, Mountain View 29 (Consolation)


Milford/Matamoras Rotary Tournament

(Delaware Valley HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Kittatinny Regional defeated East Stroudsburg North
  • Delaware Valley 58, East Stroudsburg Notre Dame 28
  • Kittatinny Regional 51, Delaware Valley 34 (Championship)
  • East Stroudsburg North 42, ES-Notre Dame 26 (Consolation)


Judy Knorr Holiday Tourney

(Berwick HS on 12-28 and 12-29)

  • Mifflin County 50, Notre Dame Green Pond 44
  • Crestwood 50, Berwick 46
  • Mifflin County 53, Berwick 40 (Championship)
  • Notre Dame Green Pond 71, Elk Lake 24 (Consolation)


Denise Reddon Susquehanna County Tourney

(Blue Ridge HS on 12-27 and 12-28)

  • Susquehanna Community 45, Elk Lake 34
  • Montrose 36, Blue Ridge 24
  • Susquehanna 41, Montrose 22 (Championship)
  • Elk Lake 43, Blue Ridge 35 (Consolation)


Mountain View Christmas Tournament

(Mountain View HS on 12-23 and 12-30)

  • Wyalusing Valley 44, MMI Prep 22
  • Mountain View 48, Northeast Bradford 34
  • Mountain View 52, Wyalusing Valley 23 (Championship)
  • MMI Prep vs. Northeast Bradford (Consolation) no score


Senator Rhoades Classic

(Mahanoy Area HS on 12-27 and 12-28)

  • Old Forge 36, Shenandoah Valley 33
  • Mahanoy Area 66, Panther Valley 25
  • Shenandoah Valley 41, Panther Valley 36
  • Mahanoy Area 66, Old Forge 45



Scores/Schedule Dec 27-30: In progress

Tentative schedule for the holidays. Check newspapers for starting times.


Dec. 30th

Donegal 57 E Penn 55 @ East Penn Tourn.
Cedar Cliff vs Greencastle A  @ East Penn Tourn.

Lebanon Catholic  60 Linville Hill  55 @ Mount Calvary Tourn.


Dec. 29th

Faith Christian (WV) 60 Lebanon Catholic 55 @ Mount Calvary Tourn.

Camp Hill 61 York Country Day 59 @ Crest Tourny
Cedar Crest 50 Lebanon 38 @ Crest Tourny

Garden Spot 64 Warwick 59 @ Warwick Tourn.
Lancaster Catholic 57 Conrad Weiser 38. @ Warwick Tourn.

West York 54 Central Dauphin 49 @ Etown tourn.
McDevitt 50 Etown 42 @ Etown tourn.

G-A 63 Donegal 45 @ East Penn Tourn.
Cedar Cliff 65 E Pennsboro 57 @ East Penn Tourn.



Dec. 27th

PV 36 Upper Perk   73 @ Fleetwood Tourn.
Brandywine Heights 52 Fleetwood  77 @ Fleetwood Tourn.

CV 49 Exeter 45 @  Wyomissing Tourn.
Muhlenberg 72 Wyomissing 47 @  Wyomissing Tourn.

Wilson 50 Central York 42 @ Hempfield Tourn.
 Hempfield 73 West Philadelphia 37 @ Hempfield Tourn.

John Bartram 67 McCaskey 59 @ McCaskey Tourn.
York 42 Oxen Hill (DC school)  57 @ McCaskey Tourn.

Penn Manor 55  Schuykill Valley  43 @ N. Leb. Tourn.
N. Lebanon 66 D Boone 55 @ NL Tourn.

Lanc. Mennonite 54 Twin Valley  48 @ Mechanicsburg Tourn.
Boiling Springs 51 Mechanicsburg 49 @ Mechanicsburg Tourn.

Palmyra 52 ELCO  57@ Ephrata Tourn.
Olley Valley 36  Ephrata  60 Ephrata Tourn.

LS 69 Northern 53 @ Middletown Tourn.
Sus-nock vs Middletown W@ Middletown Tourn.

Solanco 55 Gettysburg 54 @ Gettysburg Tourn.
Chambersburg W S. Western @ Gettysburg Tourn.

Tulpy 52 Columbia  77 @ Columbia Tourn.
K-Dale 59 Hanover 47 @ Columbia Tourn.

Dec. 28th
PV 52 Brandywine Heights 57 @ Fleetwood Tourn.
Upper Perk vs Fleetwood 7:30 @ Fleetwood Tourn.

West Philadelphia vs. Central York W @ Hempfield Tourn.
Hempfield 57 Wilson 31 @ Hempfield Tourn.

Wyomissing 49 vs Exeter 50 @ Wyomissing Tourn.
Muhlenberg 52 CV  58 @ Wyomissing Tourn.

York 79 vs McCaskey 62 @ McCaskey Tourn.
John Bartram 51vs Oxen Hill 52 (3 OTs) (DC school) @ McCaskey Tourn.

D Boone 51 vs Schuykill Valley 49 @ N. Leb. Tourn.
Penn Manor 54 vs N. Lebanon 51 @ NL Tourn.

Mechanicsburg 58 vs Twin Valley 51 @ Mechanicsburg Tourn.
Lanc. Mennonite 68 vs Boiling Springs 62 @ Mechanicsburg Tourn.

Palmyra 67 vs  Olley Valley 28 @ Ephrata Tourn.
ELCO 36 vs Ephrata 57 @ Ephrata Tourn.

Sus-nock vs Northern @ Middletown Tourn.
LS 75 vs Middletown 51 @ Middletown Tourn.

S. Western vs Gettysburg @ Gettysburg Tourn.
Chambersburg 67 vs Solanco 37 @ Gettysburg Tourn.

Hanover 67 Tulpy 61 @ Columbia Tourn.
K-Dale 45 vs Columbia 53 @ Columbia Tourn.

Faith Christian (West Virginia) vs Lebanon Catholic 5:30 @ Mount Calvary Tourn.
Mount Calvary vs Linville Hill 7:00 @ Mount Calvary Tourn.

Camp Hill 49 vs Cedar Crest 70 @ Crest Tourny
Lebanon 58 York County Day  48 @ Crest Tourny

C Weiser 66 vs Warwick 60 @ Warwick Tourn.
Spot 56. Lanc. Cath. 58 @ Warwick Tourn.

CD 40 Etown 64 @ Etown tourn.
McDevitt W 75 W. York 46 @ Etown tourn.

AC Doubleheader- featuring AC
AC 76 Lancaster Christian 48 @ AC Noon
AC 47  Halifax  54 @ AC 6 pm

Dallastown 64 TWP 59  single game


Dallastown Holds Off Hard-Charging Manheim Township For Key Nonleague Road Victory

Without a doubt, the Manheim Township Blue Streaks have gotten off to a red-hot start this year. And like any good story, it’s appropriate to start at the very beginning.

After winning their season-opening tip-off tournament to start the campaign, the Streaks went on a streak. Literally. After Township sailed past Mid-Penn blueblood Central Dauphin 59-42, the Streaks dispatched fellow Section 1 foes Lebanon and Conestoga Valley by a combined total of 52 points to start 2-0 in section play and 5-0 overall. But last Wednesday night in Landisville is where the narrative took a bit of a turn.

Playing in front of a packed house on the home floor of their foremost rival last week, Hempfield had clearly arrived with bad intentions as Black Knights jumped on the Streaks early, en route to a 39-15 halftime lead, before going on to post a resounding 67-36 victory that sent shockwaves not only around the Lancaster Lebanon League, but District 3 as well in the immediate aftermath of the highly-anticipated matchup between two of the best teams this side of the Susquehanna.

And whether you consider it fair or foul, some may likely hold that Hempfield game over the Streaks’ collective heads like an ominous dark cloud hovering above for quite some time. But not a game does a season define. A lesson that Township proved to those very same skeptics just 48 hours later as the Streaks traveled north to Cedar Crest and came away with a momentous 77-71 triumph, knocking the Falcons off their unbeaten section perch, all in the face of arguably the toughest home-court atmospheres in the entire league, the vaunted “Cage” in Cornwall.

On Thursday night, Township returned home for the first time since last Monday looking to build upon their aforementioned late week momentum against a tenacious Dallastown team in a nonleague tester. A Wildcat squad that was already 1-0 against LL competition this year as Dallastown came away with a 71-62 road win at E-Town earlier in December. But for unfortunately for those who call Neffsville home, it would not be a happy homecoming.

It would take Dallastown all of 15 seconds to break the scoring seal on Thursday evening. On the game’s opening possession, Dallastown sophomore point guard Nike McGlynn knocked down a trifecta to put Wildcats up very early, sending a message in the process.

Defensively, Dallastown employed a 2-3 zone defensively to start things off and while it did stymie Township offensively at least at the beginning of the contest, back to back spot up jumpers by MT senior guard Reece Sachs over top of the Dallastown zone made things a stalemate once again with the score gridlocked at 6-6 with 3:30 left in the opening quarter.

Although forward Ben Ward would go on to have an immediate answer which put the visitors from Dallastown back in front, an old-fashioned three point play authored by Township’s Brendan Mellott gave the Streaks their first lead of the contest at 9-8.

Over the course of the next few minutes however, Dallastown would regain the lead and then some as a 7-0 Wildcat run which culminated in a Ben Writer jumper made it 15-9 Dallastown advantage with two minutes left in the opening stanza.

Fortunately for Township however, Tyler Crespo was there to stem the tide as the star junior guard popped a 3 ball to cut the Dallastown lead down to three at the conclusion of the opening period with Dallastown in front 15-12.

Picking up right where he left off at the conclusion of the opening act, Crespo began the second quarter in style as well, dialing up another trifecta before a nice offense board and stick back by Township’s Cameron Mulcavage to put the Streaks back in the driver’s seat at 18-17 with 6:30 left to go in the half.

But once again however, Dallastown would promptly rip off another salvo to create some distance between themselves and their hosts. Ignited by a triple splashed home by Nike McGlynn that returned the lead back to Dallastown at 20-19, a nifty drive to the tin by senior guard Braden Caldwell saw the Wildcats suddenly balloon to 24-19. And aided by a late half drive to the rack plus the foul by Dallastown’s Brandon McGlynn, the Wildcats were able to head into the halftime dressing room with ownership of the 27-21 lead.

After a first half that largely went Dallastown’s way, it seemed only fitting that the Wildcats would open the second half with a bang as well. And thanks to Brandon McGlynn getting open after a sensationally conducted out of bounds play, the Wildcats were able to start the second half with a nine point cushion as McGlynn’s early triple put Dallastown up 30-21.

But Township was not about to go quietly into the bitterly cold night. After Brendan Mellott was able to get the hometown bounce off of the forgiving Township rims, the Streaks had come back to within five at 30-25 with still six minutes remaining in the third frame.

Just as they had done at the start of the contest, Dallastown returned to their 2-3 zone to open the second half as well. Only this time around, Township appeared to have the teacher’s answer sheet as Tyler Crespo and Brendan Mellott were not exactly timid, penetrating the D-Town zone and finding high percentage buckets from close range. Although Township would close the gap to four at 35-31 midway through the third quarter, a reverse finish at the cup by Dallastown’s Will Barton upped the Wildcat lead to 37-31, prompting a Manheim Township timeout with 3:20 left in the quarter.

From there, the Dallastown lead would grow to as large as seven following a pair of free throws knocked down by Brandon McGlynn, good for two of his 14 on the night, which made it a 39-32 Dallastown advantage. But Township would again respond. After a 3 ball was answered in the corner by junior guard Will Greiner, a hoop plus the harm was awarded to Brendan Mellott as Township once again found themselves within a handful, down just 44-39 before the margin would increase to six when the quarter expired with Dallastown in front 46-39.

With the game on the line, an immediate start to the final stanza was sure to do wonders for Township in their comeback efforts. Fortunately for them, they were able to find their man who would aid their cause as back to back buckets inside from senior forward Cameron Mulcavage got things started on a high note for the Blue Streaks at the onset of the final period. And shortly thereafter, Township found themselves trailing by the slimmest of margins at 49-48 following a sweet spin move en route to the hoop put home by Brendan Mellott. On the evening, both Mellot and Crespo would share in team-high scoring honors as the Blue Streak backcourt tandem accounted for 15 points apiece.

But just as they had all game long, Dallastown would refuse to flinch just when Township appeared to be making a final push to overtake the lead once and for all. Over the span of the next few minutes, the Wildcats marched off a crucial 4-0 run to go extend their lead before a badly-needed triple was nothing but string music for Township guard Will Greiner, trimming the Dallastown lead to 53-51 with 3:50 left to play.

And yet again, Township would cut the deficit down to four, but another backbreaking bucket, this one laid up and in by Dallastown senior forward Ben Ward following a steal, pushed the Wildcat lead out to six at 57-51, causing Township to burn a timeout with 2:50 left on the board.

Coming out of the timeout, Dallastown was able to work their version of “stall ball” like a charm, and after a minute had elapsed off the fourth quarter clock, Ben Ward found himself at line. With ice water in his veins the 6’5” Wildcat big man knocked down a pair of critical freebies from the charity stripe, upping Dallastown’s lead to 59-51 with 1:24 to go. From there, the Wildcat lead grew to a monumental ten points following a layup in transition by Braden Caldwell with just one minute left to play at 61-51. That’s also where the fun began.

For many teams, staring down the barrel of a double digit hole with just seconds to play could lead to an early raising of the white flag in terms of finishing things out. But not for Township and not tonight. After Dallastown failed to convert an easy bunny which would have more or less added late-game cosmetics, the Streaks saw a sliver of daylight behind the door with Tyler Crespo there to run right to it as the 5’9” point guard raced end to end for the lay in to close the gap down to six at 61-55 with 29.9 to go, forcing Dallastown to call time. After the timeout however, it was more bad news for the Wildcats as a steal by the Blue Streaks would follow with junior guard Hilton Ridley scoring the bucket plus the foul after the theft to make it a four point ballgame at 61-57.

From there, Braden Caldwell marched to the opposite end of the floor after being fouled on the ensuing inbounds, going 1-2 from the stripe. But Township was not done fighting yet as a strong drive to the cup by Brendan Mellott incredibly sliced the Dallastown lead down to just three at 62-59 with 9.6 to go.

But that would prove to be the end of the Township magic on this night as a 2-2 trip to the line from Brandon McGlynn would close things out, putting the closing argument on Dallastown’s gritty 64-59 road victory over a strong Manheim Township outfit.

NEXT UP: Dallastown will pick up with YAIAA action once again next week as the Wildcats prepare to do battle with the South Western Mustangs next Friday night before a quick turnaround as Dallastown will face their third LL opponent, Warwick, in the annual War of Roses series being contested at West York throughout the day next Saturday.

For Township, although the Blue Streaks did not close the 2017 calendar year in the way they would have hoped, there is still much promise with the bulk of their season left in front of them. The Streaks’ next opportunity to have a go at it will come next Friday night as Township entertains Penn Manor at home before turning right around and heading to West York as well on Saturday where the Blue Streaks will also compete in the War of Roses.


The great part about the Holiday Tournaments are the matchups.  Conestoga Valley advanced to the Wyomissing Holiday Tourney Championship game by defeating Exeter 49-45 on Wednesday.  Muhlenberg moved on by handling Wyomissing 72-47.  In the Championship game the Buckskins erased a five point halftime deficit to come away with a 58-52 victory over Muhlenberg.

Conestoga Valley was led in scoring by Logan Monroe’s 21 points.  Logan also ruled the paint on defense.  Tournament MVP Austin Monroe had 17.  Dre Kipp led the way with 16 for the Mules.

It was back and forth for the entire first quarter.  The Mules held a slim 11-10 lead after one.  Muhlenberg then jumped out to as much as a nine point lead in quarter two.  Dre Kipp and Trey Flynn got hot at just the same time.  The Buckskins regrouped and  by halftime had cut the Muhlenberg lead to 30-25.

Conestoga Valley came out quickly in quarter three.  Muhlenberg held a slim 32-31 lead at the 5:32 mark.  It was np and tuck the rest of the quarter.  The Mules up 43-42 heading into the fourth.  In the final quarter CV began to really be patient on offence  The Buckskins controlled tempo and worked for good shots.  CV held as much as a five point lead but the Mules tied it at 50 with 1:45 left.  Muhlenberg had some tough shooting luck  down the stretch.  The Buckskins played error free ball and were great at the charity stripe when it mattered most.  CV came away with the 58-52 win.

The now (5-5) Buckskins have some well deserved rest , Next up is Lebanon on January 5th. Muhlenberg is now (4-4) and face a tough task in Reading High on January 2nd.





The Reading High Red Knights and the Steel High Steam Rollers have a long history of battling it out on the basketball court .  Wednesday night in an opening round game of the Reading Holiday Basketball Tournament they faced off once again.  After a fairly close first half, Reading broke things wide open down the stretch.  The Red Knights pulled away from the Rollers 65-35.  Reading faces off in the Championship game on Thursday with nationally known Dunbar from Baltimore.  Dunbar defeated Downingtown East in a very entertaining early game 54-43.

The Butler did it for Reading High Wednesday night.  Wesley Butler that is. Wesley led Reading High with 18 points. All of Butler’s points came in the second half.  RJ  Dixon chipped in with a 15 point effort.  The Rollers has a tough shooting night especially from beyond the arc. Leading scorer for Steel High was Jelani Isom with 11.

It was a very slow start to the contest.  Midway through quarter one only six points had been scored, and Reading only held a 10-8 advantage after one.  Neither team could get into an offensive flow in quarter two  Reading was up by as many as seven, but the Rollers came back to close the deficit to 22-17 at half.

Whether it was stellar D or cold shooting, the Red Knights gradually moved the lead to 38-26 after three.  In the fourth quarter Reading really turned on its patented 94 foot pressure D.  The Rollers were no match, and Reading ran off and hid in the final quarter to make the final a lopsided 65-35 triumph.

Reading faces Dunbar(Md.) tomorrow in the Championship game.  Steel High faces a very good Downingtown East on the consolation.


Upper Perkiomen Bests Pequea Valley For Opening Round Victory In Fleetwood Tiger Classic

It’s called the Christmas break. For many, the holiday season between Christmas and New Year’s offers a reprieve from either work or school. In the basketball world, the situation is no different. While some teams choose to remain idle for the entire week, others decide to take advantage of the situation that offers a respite from the nightly grind of seeing the same familiar faces, opting instead to line up against a team that you may not necessarily be all that familiar with, in hopes that you can find a spark that will ignite your squad heading into the new calendar year. That was precisely the case for the Pequea Valley Braves on Wednesday night as they made the trip north to Fleetwood to participate in the 54th annual Fleetwood Tiger Classic. And although Pequea Valley would be looking for that aforementioned spark entering the midweek with a 2-6 overall record after having already seen the likes of Lancaster Catholic, Lancaster Mennonite, and Northern Lebanon, their task on this night would not exactly be considered a walk in the park.

Their opponent, the Upper Perkiomen Indians, entered the Fleetwood holiday tournament on a roll to say the least. After coming up short in their opening game of the season against North Penn, the Indians went on a tear, winning their last six ballgames with visions of taking the Fleetwood tourney undoubtedly on their minds as well. As far as that goal is concerned, so far so good.

It may have been a sign of things to come. Literally right from the opening tap, Upper Perk senior co-captain Ryan Kendra showed why he would be a handful all night for the Pequea Valley defense as the 6’4” guard took the opening defection from the center circle and drew a roadmap to the tin, coming away with the first score of the evening, just seconds into the contest.

But Pequea Valley has an emerging star of their own and his name is Devon Colyer. Right on cue, the 5’10” freshman point guard showed why he is one of the most promising rising stars on the Lancaster-Lebanon League Boys Basketball scene as he too drove hard to the rack and was rewarded for his efforts coming away with a deuce for his squad, good for two of his team-high 18 points on the evening.

If Kendra wasn’t doing the damage for Upper Perk this evening, matchup nightmare Will Walker was more than happy to run with the baton. Or more accurately, dunk the baton which is precisely what the Indians’ 6’7” senior forward was able to do later on in the opening stanza, extending Upper Perk’s lead to 8-4 with 4:40 left to play in the opening quarter.

Undeterred, Pequea Valley stuck to the gameplan, patiently running their offense with Upper Perk threatening to take this one over by force early on. And slowly but surely after a Devon Colyer free throw a little more than a minute after the Walker jam, PV found themselves within one at 8-7 with three minutes left in the first quarter.

But from there on out, Upper Perk was able to keep Pequea Valley in the rearview mirror the rest of the night. Immediately after the Colyer freebie, the Indians roared back with a 6-0 run, the last four of which came from Ryan Kendra, putting Upper Perk up by a touchdown at 14-7 with two minutes left to go in quarter numero uno. The Indian lead only increased from there as a pair of Will Walker free throws allowed Upper Perk to double up Pequea Valley at 18-9 as the opening quarter came to a close.

Once the second quarter got underway, it was more of the same for Upper Perk. After a quick 4-0 run authored by the Indians forced Pequea Valley to call a timeout just 40 seconds into the second quarter, the 4-0 Indian run eventually became a 7-0 Indian run before a Devon Colyer three point play finally stopped the snowball from running downhill on Pequea Valley.

However Upper Perk had one goal in mind on Wednesday night. Make it to the title game. After a pair of triples from Sean Boyle, the road to Thursday night’s final appeared to have a few less speedbumps on it as the Indians’ lead had morphed into a commanding 36-14 cushion with just two minutes left in the opening half.

To their credit however, PV was able to close the opening half with a bang as a triple knocked down by senior forward Nathan Kovalick, coupled with one just moments before the buzzer from Devon Colyer, made it a 38-20 Upper Perk lead at the intermission.

New half, same ole Upper Perk. After a pair of triples splashed home by senior guard Tyler Keyser, the Indian lead had swelled to 44-19 to start the second half. Shortly thereafter, Upper Perk continued to have some fun as a one-handed slam by Ryan Kendra, the Indians’ third dunk of the ballgame, made it a 49-22 score in their favor with 4:58 left to play in the third.

Upper Perk only continued to play relentlessly over the span of the next three minutes of game action as yet another Upper Perk blitz, this one to the tune of 5-0 forced Pequea Valley to burn another timeout, now down 53-22 with 2:02 left in the third.

And although Pequea Valley senior guard Malachi Glick was able to drive hard to the cup and come away with a bucket following the Brave timeout, another dizzying offensive display put on by Upper Perk would close the curtain on the third quarter of play as a beautiful dish from Ryan Kendra to Jon Brown underneath put the bow on a magnificent offensive set for Upper Perk, and the quarter to boot, with the Indians holding serve with the 55-24 advantage.

Pequea Valley would continue to show fight once the final quarter got underway as junior guard Dalton Temple went on his own personal 4-0 flurry to start the final eight minutes out with a bang for the Braves. But Upper Perk’s Brody Case would take it from there as the junior forward’s pullup jumper made it a 30 point Indian lead at 58-28 with just 6:10 left to play. Following suit, fellow junior forward Jake Plessl got in on the scoring party as his triple, coming on the heels of Case’s J, truly allowed Upper Perk to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Although Devon Colyer would have time for one last highlight on this night, a trifecta that made it a 65-33 Upper Perk lead with four minutes left to go, the Indians would be able to close this one out in style as a put back by freshman Riley Decker, piggybacked with a trifecta from Brody Case, put the exclamation mark on Upper Perk’s dominating opening round win over Pequea Valley by a 73-36 count.

UP NEXT: Upper Perkiomen will advance to the finals where the Indians will spar with either Brandywine Heights, a team that Upper Perk defeated by five just two weeks ago, or the host, Fleetwood. At the time of this upload, the final score from the nightcap had yet to appear across the Twitter wire.

Pequea Valley on the other hand will look to regroup 24 hours from now as the Braves will be tasked with putting tonight’s performance behind them as they will meet up with either Brandywine Heights or Fleetwood in the consolation round. After their two-day stay in Fleetwood this week, the Braves will have one more nonleague tester, and it’s a good one too, as the Braves will tangle with Kennard-Dale next Thursday night at home in Kinzers. Following that matchup, PV will jump back in Section 3 play with a roadtrip to ELCO next Friday night.

District 2 Upcoming (Non-Tourney) Games




TUESDAY, 12/26

Lackawanna Trail at Tunkhannock



Wilkes-Barre Coughlin at Hazleton Area (WVC)

Blue Mountain at Berwick



Benton at MMI Prep



Hazleton Area at Williamsport

Abington Heights at Methacton

Western Wayne at Wyoming Area

West Scranton at Montrose

MMI Prep at Panther Valley

Mountain View at Northeast Bradford







Northwest Area at Pittston Area

Lake-Lehman at Jim Thorpe

Shikellamy at Williamsport

Lackawanna Trail at Wilkes-Barre Meyers



MMI Prep at Salem Christian


FRIDAY, 12/29

Central Columbia at Wilkes-Barre Meyers

Williamsport at Hughesville



Wyoming Area at Wallenpaupack

Wyalusing Valley at Mountain View

Williamsport vs. Freire Charter (Pottstown Showcase)