View from the Bench- Warren Goodling


End of Season Thoughts- Warren Goodling

February 5, 2020 Dell Jackson

WOW!   HOW FAST DID THE 2019-2020 REGULAR SEASON GO? It seems like we were all sitting in a gym last June watching a summer league game anticipating the preparation for the upcoming 2019-2020 Basketball season.   And here we are in early February ending the regular season schedule and gearing up for the League and District […]

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The Team- Warren Goodling from ‘The Bench’

December 30, 2019 Dell Jackson

Coach Warren Goodling gives us his thoughts from “The Bench” The Team Former Michigan football coach, Bo Schembechler once made the famous statement, “ The team, the team, the team”, in an intense locker room pre-game speech.   For many programs, developing the “team culture” is the most important thing in developing a successful program.   Some […]

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Coach Warren Goodling: “The Master Plan”

December 1, 2019 Dell Jackson

Coach Warren Goodling provides us with some of his thoughts from a coaching view point heading into the hoops season. Coach Goodling earned over 400 wins in his high coaching career. He is also our color guy on most of our lives steam games this season. Enjoy! The Master Plan Another high school basketball season […]

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Coach Warren Goodling: End of season thoughts

April 5, 2019 Dell Jackson

ANOTHER GREAT SEASON IS BEHIND US Congratulations to all the coaches and players for their successes during the 2018-2019 basketball season.   Successes fall under a large range of accomplishments.   It might be as simple as making the team, or making the starting line-up or even just filling a role on the team.   But if you […]

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LL Playoffs: Warren Goodling

February 3, 2019 Dell Jackson

The Post Season-The Lancaster Lebanon League Playoffs Suddenly the post season is here and it’s time to determine a Lancaster Lebanon Champion.  Let’s focus on the Lancaster Lebanon Tournament.  Once again we have a new format as ten teams will participate in this years tournament.   For some teams(check the bracket) they would have to […]

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The Grind- Warren Goodling

January 14, 2019 Dell Jackson

“The Section Grind” It is on to the Section games and a part of the schedule known to coaches as “The Grind”. This is where the Section Champion is determined after a full league schedule is played. Winning the Section Championship has always been very important in the Lancaster Lebanon League. It is so important […]

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The First 10 Games: Warren Goodling

December 26, 2018 Dell Jackson

The First 10 Games Hard to believe but the season is close to being halfway over.   Getting off to a great start is important but not nearly as important as how you finish.   The first part of a team’s schedule is now complete and we have some feedback on how the team is doing.  The first and most […]

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Opening Night! – Coach Warren Goodling

December 4, 2018 Dell Jackson

Coach Goodling give us some insights on opening night. Opening Night Well here we go as another high school basketball season is here.   For the players, they were ready to play a game weeks ago.  For the coaches, they can’t believe how fast the days of preseason practice went.     The first game is really the team’s […]

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“WIN”- From Warren Goodling

November 23, 2018 Dell Jackson

We are very pleased to have Coach Warren Goodling (ex-Hempfield head coach with over 400 career wins) provide some insights to players , coaches fans. We will call his beat “A view from the bench”. Coach will update at various times throughout the season. Enjoy! W I N It’s that time of year again!For coaches, […]

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LL Boys Senior All Star game
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