Pick and Roll: March 2- REPLAY: Jon Shultz, LCDay and Mike Gaffey, Bishop McDevitt

Written by: on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022


Ed Note: The show starts at 7 live stream and replays afterwards. We will be producing the show at Aroogas. Reserved seating if you join us live…Tshirt raffle as well. Bruce Badgley and Dell will host the District 3 talk show. Recaps of the previous week coverage of the LL and some information about District 3. For past shows click HERE.

REPLAY :    Click HERE or the banner


This week’s guests include:

Jon Shultz, Lancaster Country Day…BTW, they are playing Thursday 12:45 at Hershey for a District 3 title.


Mike Gaffey, Bishop McDevitt…Coach Gaffey has a long history of coaching HS hoops. A great story teller. He will give us insights into the District 3 tournament and the Big 60 showcases.

Mike Gaffey(Left) with father , Bill, and son, Scott



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