All LLhoops Team 2004-05 all stars for 2004-05

Section One

First Team

Clay Scovill–MT 6’2″ Sn–Scored what per game?? 25 per game-when was the

last time a player in Section One scored that many per game? He is really

a great high school player..Will take his game to college level and be



Tim Reicker–MT 6’2″ Sn–What was their league record with him in the

line-up…Correct–undefeated….Very very skilled player that fit

into Township’s system.


Chris Fairbanks –Warwick- 6’2″ Sn-3 year starter who played the best ball of

his career in Warwick’s late season run. Can score many different



Dan Abele–Warwick 6’2″ Sn–4 year varsity player who expanded his game from a

“Shooter” to an all around scorer and a much improved defensive

player. Played his best ball of his career in Warwick’s late season run..


Kyle Enoch–Hempfield 6’Sn—Led the Section in three point field goals and led the

Black Knights in scoring and assists while second on the team in



Leander Toney–McCaskey- 6’4″ JN–On a deep talented team Toney stood out

because he could finished inside on offense and keep you from

finishing inside on defense. Not only a shot blocker, but a good rebounder and

a good defensive player footwork wise…


2nd Team

Jordan Gibbs—Penn Manor 6’6″ Soph–Best true post man in the Section…Can

shoot from the perimeter and score on post moves inside….Great

future ahead….


Bobby Tang–MT, 5’10” Sn-–Came up big is some key Section games. Very good

defender and a clutch outside shooter..


Miles Gallager-McCaskey 6’3″ Sn–Great outside shooter that could also

penetrate and find an assist.


Jamel Campbell–McCaskey, 6’1″ Sn—Often over looked but could play the point,

hit a shot, and often guarded the opponent’s best player..


Kyle McConnell–Cedar Crest, 5’9″ Frosh—Started and played big time minutes as a

freshman….Did not play like a freshman. Very crafty penetrator.


 Section 2

First Team

Seth Zimmerman – Ephrata, 5’11” JN – Can score in a variety of ways – always a threat from 3, but can slash as well


James Wilson – Ephrata, 6’1″ Sn – Big body who can play on the perimeter – very difficult to defend.


Zac Bauermaster – Solanco , 6’3″ Sn– night in and night out the most consistent player in the section. Carried his team throughout the year.


Brian Barry- Lebanon, 6’5″ Soph – good post player who also displayed mid-range shot – very physical]


Jeff Hillen- CV, 6’3″ Sn – All everything for the Bucks – leader in virtually every statistical category


2nd Team

C.J. Jewell – E-town, 5’11” Jn. – great shooter -particulary off the dribble

Will Badie – Ephrata, 6’2″ Sn – athletic forward who could beat you in a verity of ways.

Jay Torres- Lebanon, 5’11” Sn – good shooter and leader for young Cedar team

Bruce Crabb – Garden Spot , 6′ Jn– lefty could hit the three, but also liked to post against smaller guards

Stephan Smalls -CV, 6’2″ Sn.– great in the open court and difficult to defend in 1/2 court as well.


Section 3

1st team

Tom Kenneff- MC.. 6’2″ JN.1000+ point scorer. Can score from anywhere on the court. Lead MC to district and LL berth

Nate Windham- Cocalico, 5’10” JN..The force behind the Eagles run to its title. Nate could score by penetrating or hitting the threes. An excellent defender.

Jamie Yoder- LMHS 6’1″ Jn…A good athelete. Was always on the opposing teams top scorer…Driver and emotional leader for the blazers.

Wes Bridgette- LS., 6’2″ Sn..The top scorer for LS this season. Could hit a three or drive to the hoop.

Shane Woodman- Donegal., 5’10” Jn...Point for the Indians. Shane lead the indians in 3’s and foul shooting % in section play.


2nd team

Nate Conway, 5’11” Jn – Cocalico..Great floor leader.

Ben Gainer – Donegal, 6’3″ Sn..Overall player–3’s, 2’s , drives.

Ezra Cassel – Cocalico, 6’2″ Jn..Tough inside guy for the Eagles.

Eric Hollinger.- MC, 6’4″ Sn.Mr. Inside/outside for MC. Could hit the three.

Brenton Nolt- ELCO., 6’2″ Soph...Scored from all over the floor. Lead Raiders in most off. categories.



Section 4

1st team

Zach Hoover., 5’11” JN..Leading scorer in section 4. Improved his ability to go the the basket. 1000+ pt scorer Big time range.

Devon Mowday PV, 6’2″ Jn…Great shooter. Keeps the tradition of big scoring guards going for the Braves.

Kyle Purvis- Lanc Cath, 6’3″ Jn..A force on def. and on off. Drives, and threes.

Phil Stoltzfus. Lanc Cath., 6’3″ Sn.Leading scorer for the Crusaders. Lead the Crusaders with overall play.

Travis Proctor- Columbia 6′ Sn...Excellent overall player. Fast and great anticipation on the def end. Leading Tide scorer.


 2nd team

Andrew Strickler, 6’3″ Sn…Overall player. Post, outside , rebound. Did a little bit of everything for the Tide.

Randy Pierre, 5’10” JN..A point/2 guard. Great playoffs in districts.

Tim Mower PV, 5’9″ Sn..underrated point for PV. A very solid player.

Beua Moyer NL, 6′ JN..NLeb. Lead Vikings in scoring. Could shot three or drive…

Matt Beard AC, 6′ JN player for the Dutchmen






April 5
LL Boys Senior All Star game
127-115  🙂



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