Press Break- LL pre-season

November 25, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: LLhoops will feature a new column this season- “Press Break”. We will be doing a weekly wrap of the past games and perhaps a guest on our show as well. Ex- Etown head coach, Rocky Parise, Andy Herr and Dell will take turns with their observations on all LL things.   Press Break […]

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Coach Tim Speraw of Lebanon High- via Zoom

August 11, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Coach Tim Speraw joins Dell for a chat about Lebanon High. Coach is a homegrown product thru and thru. He shares his background, how the Cedars are communicating during the summer, some memorable games and players, some Red Sox background….and a brief look at this coming year. FYI Coach Speraw has been the […]

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Coach Matt Johns- TWP via zoom

July 7, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Coach Johns joins the llhoops crew for a chat about his team and safety of his players and school. Andy joins us from the beach- sea gulls and all. “Winning tonight’s game” mantra. Enjoy!   Coach Johns interview        

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Coach Jim Shipper- Etown College asst/Spooky Nook Basketball Director

June 23, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Coach Jim Shipper joins us to share his experiences with coaching and running the Nook boys basketball program. Coach Ship has touched a lot of folks in a lot of different areas, even clinic on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean..Spooky Nook’s work to keep the players safe during this summer. Although […]

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Coach Nate Musselman-Garden Spot via Zoom

June 3, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: We got thru some thunderstorms to get Coach “Muss”. All of us had a fun time, with the highlight being Andy hitting coach with a tough question about his starting 5 LL coaches for a five on 5 game:)     Interview via zoom/youtube

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Coach Chris Christensen- Warwick via Zoom

May 26, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Coach Chris Christensen shares some of his thoughts on mutli-sport atheletes, Section 1/2, and goals for the next season. Andy takes the lead tonight…Dell wanted to know about pay for view 🙂 Coach Christensen interview   Livestream Replay LL Boys Finals-– Warwick/Cedar Crest Feb 14

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Coach Tommy Smith- Cedar Crest via Zoom

May 13, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Coach Smith has taken Crest to new heights. Coming off an LL title, he talks about his journey, the Lebanon County chip, and some dance moves (no kidding). Here is a guy who is home grown, knows the culture and creates his own culture within the school. Andy (with Crest gear on) and […]

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Coach Jon Treese, Ephrata interview via zoom

May 6, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed Note: Coach Treese joins Andy Herr and Dell for some hoops talk: program, LL and Berks Leagues , the ups and downs of being a head coach. Program and identity are the keys for Ephrata’s future. Sometimes media focuses on the top team/players, but everyone works at the game and life lessons.  Enjoy!   […]

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Coach Matt Coldren, Wilson HS- 6A Coach of the Year via zoom

May 5, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Bruce and Dell talk with Coach Coldren about his season, his thoughts about his program, and his relationships with other Berks Co. coaches. With over 300 wins and 19 yrs in coaching, Coach has a great perspective on what’s important to building a program and a team. Enjoy!       Wilson/Reading 6A […]

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5A Boys Coach of the Year: Tyrone Nesby, Muhlenberg – via zoom

May 1, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed note: Bruce Badgley of LLhoops Berksbeat covered the run of Muhlenberg HS this season. He suggested we get Coach Ty Nesby on the LLhoops zoom. …so Coach sent out invites all over the place, and we had some interesting conversations “everybody has the green light“. …Lots of love to go around for sure- some […]

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Coach Jonathon Shultz- Lanc. Country Day interview via Zoom

April 29, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed Note: Coach Jonathan Shultz gives LLhoops some insights into his program within the LL as a 1A team – the only one left in the LL for boys hoops. …and kicks us during LL trivia- great stuff!        

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Coach Chris George- Northern Lebanon: Interview via Zoom

April 22, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed Note: Coach Chris George gives us some thoughts on his program, Section 4, shot clock, boys/girls programs and his staff. Have to love his background as well! Enjoy!    

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Coach Seth Sigman, Cocalico—-via zoom

April 15, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed Note: Andy and Dell take some turns talking with Cocalico’s head man. We find out about “Hogs” and “a day in the life”. It’s about 30 minutes. We used zoom for the video and posted it on LLhoops.com Utube page. Enjoy!    

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Andy/Dell LL review: Surprises, Top games, All LLhoops, A look ahead

April 8, 2020 Dell Jackson

Ed Note: Andy Herr and Dell discuss this and that around the LL. Last year, top games, All-llhoops.com Teams, PA writers process, etc…via zoom (at the bottom of the page)—-and some clips and picts!  Enjoy!         ALL LLhoops.com teams 2019-20   LLhoops.com lives-streamed games     LLhoops.com Shop- Ts for sale!   […]

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Coach Joe Klazas- Lancaster Catholic after W vs McCaskey

February 10, 2020 Dell Jackson

Coach Joe Klazas give us some post game thoughts.

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