ALL LLhoops Teams 2003-04 All Section players 2003-04

Section 1  

Zac Bauermaster–Solanco 6’2′ JN.. 14 ppg, 20 threes, 70%…”your whole game plan was on stopping him…he scaredyou as much as anyone in Section…” A good all around player. could shot drive and dish. Led Mules to District 3 berth.
Kyle Enoch-Hempfield 6’3″ jn ..16 ppg, 34 threes, 94%…..Some nights he was really really good….did not take a lot of shots but made them count.. A pure shooter. 94% from the line? Unreal. Led Hempfield to Section 1 title.
Pat Mendez- Hempfield 6’0″ jn…14 ppg….Pat did a little bit of everything for the Knights. Rebound, drive, jumpers, defend. A soild player who caused matchup headaches for the other teams.
Clay Scovill – Manheim TWP  

 6’2″ Jn 23 ppg,, 79% from the line …”scored a lot of different ways…..very good.” Led Streaks to tie for fisrt in Section 1 and led Section 1 in scoring. ….Scored in many, many different ways.



 Jarred Texter – Penn Manor

6′ Sn. 11pg, 32 threes 72% from the line… … the only returning All LL Section 1 member. Jarred led the Comets to the first back to back district appearance for the Comets in over 10 yrs. …”when he moved to point they started winning and he still scored …but his unselfishness to move to point helped the team”


2nd Team

Trevor Lam–Solanco 6’2′ JN.. 13 ppg–“Very very close for first team…winner.”
Derrick Hines–Township 6’6″ sn ..11ppg ….put team goals over individual.. effort every night”
Kurt Livering – Cedar Crest 6’6″ Sn…15 ppg..Best pure post man in section
Derek Dubbs – Ephrata 6’2″ sn 14 ppg….kept the Mounts in games. Derek could score from anywhere on the floor.
Adam Blevins – Solanco  

6′ Sn. 10 ppg…Best combo point guard-leader in the section

Coach(es) of the Year

Jim Kreider -TWP….Led Streaks to tie for Section 1 title.

Warren Goodling – Hempfield…Guided the Knights to Section 1 crown one yr. after not qualifying for LL playoffs in 2003.




 Section 2

Pete Bennett – CV 6’5″ Sn….13pts/game A very consistent player. Ran the floor extremely well. 1000 pt career scorer. Gave the Bucks an inside presence. Good shot from the 15′ range. Help lead CV to the section 2 title.
Nate Bridgette – LS 6’4″ Sn. .. 15 ppg , 72% from the line…one of the most improved players in the section. He was near impossible to defend in the low post. Very strong and good footwork. He also ran the floor well. Keyed LS’s third place finish in section 2.
Franklin Minaya – Lebanon 6’4″ Sn… 16 ppg..relentless on the offensive and defensive boards. Besides being a threat to score every time he touched the ball, he also was an excellent passer who set his teammates up for many points. Had excellent performances during LL and District. Hit huge 3 at the end of regulation vs Muhlenberg to put Cedars into semis.
Humberto Miranda – Lebanon 6’3″ Sn… 13 ppg 72% from the line..Many coaches felt that he was key to the Cedars success. He did whatever was necessary in that game for them to win. Could shoot the 3 or drive and dish. A good defender.
Joel Pranckun – CV 6’0 Sn. …13.6 pts/game. 35% from 3 – 89% foul shooter. Always a threat on the outside, but could also get to the basket. Was absolute money on the foul line at end of games. The third 1000 pt scorer for CV.
Jordan Steffy- CV 6’2″ Sn…Avg. 17pts/game. He had the ability to change a game offensively or defensively. Almost unguardable in the section. An excellent post season performance that propelled him to All League staus in coaching votes. D1 football (Maryland) recruit.

 2nd Team.

Nate Windam – Cocalico 5’10” Soph…11ppg, 25 threes….went from a standstill three-point shooter to a complete player this year. Still a threat at 3, but can take it to the basket and hit pull-up.
Tom Kenneff – Manheim Central 6’2″ Soph .20 ppg 31 threes….Another scorer who has all the tools. Makes those around him better as well. When he is hot – he is lights out.
Niko Traykov – Lebanon 6’5″ Sn…13 ppg 21 threes.. Beautiful jumper, but he also went to the boards aggressively. could take over games with his scoring ability and shot blocking.
Jamie Yoder – LMHS A quiet scorer – not flashy, but you would look in the book after the game and see that he had 15. Has a chance to be better than brother.

Coach(es) of the Year

Bob Borden – CV … Coach Borden led the Blazers to a Section 2 crown. The Buck had to battle Lebanon to earn the title. Also, a number top seed in district play.

Paul Blackburn – Lebanon…The Cedars finished second in section 2 after lsing a classic 4 OT title game to the Buckskins. The Cedars then qualified for the PIAA tournament by finishing 3rd in the 3A district tournament.



Section 3



Jacob Good – ELCO


6′ 3″ Sn. ..15 ppg….Jake was the leading scorer for the Raiders. He could score from distance or inside. Had career high of 37 earlier in section game.
Zach Hoover – Leb Cath. 5’10” Soph. .17 ppg 49 threes….The Beavers leading scorer. A deep threat, very deep…. Led the Beavers to PIAA berth and District 3 berths.
Ryan Purvis – Lancaster Cath. 6’4″ Sn.. 17 ppg..Ryan is repeat all performer. A dominant player from the post both on off and def. Led the Crusaders to section 3 title for 4th year in a row. D1 football recruit (Boston College).
Mike Shatzman – Pequea Valley 6’2″ Sn… 25 ppg…Scoring machine. Set all time scoring record for PV. Led Braves to LL playoff slot and district 3 tournanmnet. 1000 pt scorer. Mike did it all for the Braves- passed, scored, and rebounded.
Zac Shedleski- Lancaster Cath. 6’1″ Sn…15 ppg…. A 1000 point career scorer. Zac was the perimeter threat that the Crusaders needed. His game improved from last year as he developed the ability to, drive to the basket. Many times he would gurad the other pteams best player.


 2nd Team.

Jason Earnst – Columbia 5’10” sn .16 ppg 22 threes…Jason had an injury late in the season which hurt his chances at all section. A great defender. Jason “played hard” all the time.
Andrew Strickler – Columbia 6’3″ jn.. 15 ppg.. Andrew stepped up his game as the season progressed. A nice 15 ft j and a good rebounder.
Beau Moyer – N. Lebanon 5’10” Soph.. 12 ppg , 15 threes..As Beau went so did the Vikings. The Vikings got a duoble digit win season and qualified for the disritct 3 tournament. Beau was the glue for this team.
Jon Stanley – PV 6’4″ Sn…15 ppg…. A 1000 point career scorer. Zac was the perimeter threat that the Crusaders needed. His game improved from last year as he developed the ability to, drive to the basket. Many times he would gurad the other pteams best player.
Craig Synder -Donegal 6′ 0″ Sn. .12 ppg 78%..Craig led the Indians to thier first over .500 record in over 7 yrs. A “thief” as he avgeraged over 5 steals per game. Led the Indians in avg, foul %, steals and assists.

Coach of the Year

Bill Southward – Lancaster Cath. ..Led Crusaders to 4th straight section title and 4th straight LL title game. Finished 4th in District 3 3A.

Mike Shatzman Sn.- PV…Led the Braves to 2nd place finish is section 3. Snapped Lancaster Cath . wins streak with win at PV.








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