All Section 1 1999-2000


his year’s version on the ALL team presented many problems. We got some input form some coaches, writers, and our own reporters. Just as we did last year, we will go by position, which makes our team a bit different than others. It also puts some who might have made it on the second team. You’ll see what we mean. We covered mostly the Section 1 games with the camera so that’s why those players have pictures.


Section 1


Point- Tyron MCFadden- McCaskey aka “Butter”. 5’9″ Senior . Butter led the Tornado to a District 3 AAAA title. His ability to read the defense and know when to push and not to push his team makes him our number one point. Tyron hit some big shots when needed and spearheaded the defensive intensity that the McCaskey Tornado needed to advance in the district and states. Butter avg. 7 points a game but led his team in assists. His leadership and presence will be difficult for the Tornado to replace.  



Shooting Guard – Jerry Johnson- McCaskey 5’11” Junior. JJ made our team last year as the top shooting guard. He had some challenge from Darron Pressley of Hempfield , but JJ holds the 2 spot down again. Jerry just keeps getting better and better. He eclipsed the 1,000 point mark as a junior and will be McCaskey’s all-time scoring champ. JJ took the ball to the hoop more this this year than last, but his range is dowtown! JJ made some NBA plus bombs in the final game vs. Hatboro H. Coach Powell stated that “he has the green light all the time” JJ avg over 21 points per game during LL play.





Center- Ryan Butt- Hempfield 6’8″ Senior. Ryan became the all-time scoring leader at Hempfield this year. We call him the Big Guy. The Big Guy was incredibily consistent this season. He would get his 20 points and grab his ten rebounds almost every game. In key match-ups with McCaskey, Ryan was his usual steady self, and we wondered why he wouldn’t get the press on a 29 points game. No flash, just a solid player. Ryan averaged over 20 points per game in LL play. He will continue his basketball career at Boston University next year. Coach Goodling referred to Ryan as a “special player”. Indeed.


Power forward- Ian Deacher- Warwick 6’4″ Senior. Ian is the glue of the Warriors. He rebounds, scores, passes and helps break the press. This was a tough call, but we figured he earned the slot during the regular season (post season pick would have been Perry Paterson). Although teams keyed on Ian, he battled every game this year. He avgeraged 14.4 in LL games. Ian is headed to Etown College next fall.  
Small Forward- Tie…The bothers McHugh- Kevin and Ryan. The only move they can do is the spin! That’s what we heard all the time in the stands. The borthers led TWP to another District 3 and LL play-off berth. When one was not on the other twin stepped it up. Both could take it to the hole and both would bomb away – sometimes driving Coach Kreider to wonder aloud, or rather mutter to himself. Kevin McHugh averaged 16 ppg, while Ryan clicked in with 12. We know Coach Kreider will be saying next year “where are we going to get our scoring from?”

2nd Team

Point – Justin Moyer Hempfield. Justin got better and better and will be a target player next year for Hempfield.

2 guard- Darron Pressley Hempfield. Darron stepped up when he needed to. Huge shot vs. McCaskey in LL finals.

Small Forward- Brandon Kirsch CCrest. A tough cookie. Rebounds , runs, plays def. A future star.

Power Forward- Perry Patterson McCaskey. He can do it all. Greatest improvement since beginning of the year.

Center- Eric Carpenter Cedar Crest. He hualed down the boards and scored in the post.


H. Mention.: Corey Martin PM, Jaren Hayes CC, Ryan Fulmer Sol, Jeremiah Bonano TWP, Steve Saunders TWP, Tyson McFadden McC, Travis Beard EP.


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