From the Bench- Warren Goodling “Win “


We are pleased to have Coach Warren Goodling (ex Hempfield head coach- over 400 career wins) provide us with some insights. His view from the Bench will be posted at various times throughout the season.  Enjoy



It’s that time of year again!For coaches, they throughly enjoy these first few weeks of the season because they can actually really teach the game of basketball to their players each and every practice. For the players, it is a time to dream of the upcoming contests in which many will be remembered for a lifetime.

The word “WIN”, is a term that applies not only now, but also throughout the coming season. I always felt that as a coaching staff and as a team, if we understood “WIN”, it would help us toward our goal of playing to our potential.

“WIN” means What’s Important Now! It is a pretty simple phrase that I think can help keep everyone stay focused on the task at hand.This time of year for the players some important things should be:

Making sure your academics are in good standing.

Making sure you focus on your skills, fitness and physical conditioning during early season practices.

Making sure you understand exactly what the coach is expecting from you.Both on and off the court.

Making sure you prepare yourself to be on the foul line in a tight game. Try to make at least 100 foul shots or more per week in practice.

For the coach:

Implementing your Master Plan for the season including end of quarter and end of game last shot situations both offensively and defensively.

Establishing your visions and attitudes that you would like to have on your team.

Understand the importance of one on one contact with players.

Don’t be preoccupied with winning but find teachable moments that will help during the season and during life.

There are so many more things to focus on now but that is the beauty of the game.No two coaches are the same and their style of play will reflect this.The players, well they want to play games now!Believe me, these first few weeks will fly by and all of sudden it will be game day!Have fun with this time of year. These practices go a long way in determining how the season will go.

~Warren Goodling

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