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Ed note: This list was compiled the Jerry Shenk. Jerry compiles our top teams lists for PIAA teams and for District 3 for He was the founder of the Middle Atlantic Sports Newsletter. His ranking have been cited by major news outlets in the US. Jerry is working on writing a book for Lancaster County hoops which will be relased sometime soon. Thanks to Jerry for keeping us informs on the past and the present! Enjoy.


1920 to 1972


These players were basically picked by the author, since there were not that many people I could talk to about them. In the early years it just took a lot of searching through microfilm almost daily during the season. There were really no all-star teams in the newspapers before 1955. But there was usually a list of top scorers for league games, although not during the war years of the 1940’s. I did get to talk to a couple of old timers, but most players picked before the 1950’s were outstanding players on outstanding teams. After that we would go with players who either led their teams to great success or had big careers for two or three years. No one made the list based on one great year alone after the real early years. No Lancaster High or Lancaster Catholic players were named on the list although we did use two Boys’ High coaches on the coach’s list.


1920 – 1930

Johnny Fassnacht, Lititz

Irvin Kenner, Rothsville

Homer Hackman, Lititz

Arthur Herr, Millersville

Jack Wilson, Columbia

Warren Gockley, Ephrata

Wilmer Conrad, Rothsville

Amos Funk, Manor Township

Paul Shiffer, Elizabethtown


1931 – 1940


Lloyd Witmer, West Lampeter

Bernard “Yock” McPeak, Columbia

Raymond Mellinger, Rothsville

Donald Hampton, Quarryville

Wilbur Wagaman, Lititz

Clarence Aungst, New Holland

Leon Stewart, Marietta

Herbert Wagaman, Lititz

Lester Schriener, Lititz

Jay Weber, New Holland

David Walters, East Donegal


1941 – 1950


Lou Libhart, Marietta

Jack Acker, Paradise

Elmer Kreiser, Columbia

Jim Snavely, East Hempfield

Ed Mersky, New Holland

Walt Longenecker, East Hempfield

Don Haverstick, East Hempfield

Les Hawthorne, East Donegal

Casey Kraus, Marietta

Abert Goodling, Elizabethtown

Dick Sweigart, New Holland

Warren Piersol, New Holland


1951 – 1960


George McCue, Mount Joy

Gerald “Joey” Wilson, Mount Joy

Frank Chambers, East Lampeter

Aaron Denlinger, Paradise

Bob Wentzel – Manheim Township

Don Parmer, Upper Leacock

Don Esbenshade, East Lampeter

Bruce Wohnsiedler, East Lampeter

Jay Metzler, Mount Joy/Donegal

Charlie Ashenfelter, Mount Joy/Donegal

Ted Carey, Columbia

Lamar “Morrie” Kauffman, Columbia

Sonny Warfel, Manheim Township

Barry Ferick, Lampeter-Strasburg

Jerry Raifsnider, Columbia

John Betrone, Columbia

Sam Wenger, Paradise/Pequea Valley

Ed Harnly, Warwick Township (Rothsville)/Warwick

Hi Fitzgerald, Columbia

Marlin Wenger, Paradise/Pequea Valley

Joe “Buddy” Keemer, Lampeter-Strasburg

Dick Rineer, Lampeter-Strasburg

Cy Young, Columbia

John Diebert, Penn Manor

Danny Monk, Columbia

Ken Haverstick, Columbia

Chris Lefever, Lampeter-Strasburg

Herb Witmer, Lampeter-Strasburg


1961 – 1972


Jack Lynch, Columbia

Tim Wisler, Hempfield

Joe Carl, Warwick

Chip Beaston, Columbia

Ray Wenger, Conestoga Valley

Jack Rice, Donegal

Jerome Ellis, Columbia

Ron Smith, Columbia

Bob Rivard, Hempfield

Chuck Wolf, Conestoga Valley

Albert Ellis, Columbia

Dick Beppler, Penn Manor

Dick Allen, Conestoga Valley

Tom Hollinger, Manheim Township

Jay Bucher, Ephrata

Dick Mulligan, Warwick

Bob McCowin, Donegal

Denny Diehm, Lampeter-Strasburg

Terry Parks, Elizabethtown

Jim Flores, Ephrata

Lennie Stachitas, Penn Manor

Wally Walker, Penn Manor

Randy Good, Lampeter-Strasburg –



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