llhoops.com 2017-18 Section 1 Preseason Watchlist

DISCLAIMER: This list is based upon rosters submitted last season and information gathered in the offseason. These lists do not account for ALL unknown transfers, injuries, incoming freshmen, or those who are no longer playing hoops this upcoming season

Logan Horn: Cedar Crest

Jaiden Melendez: Cedar Crest

Blake Thomson: Cedar Crest

Cole Laney: Cedar Crest

Logan Monroe: Conestoga Valley

Austin Monroe: Conestoga Valley

Ryan Moffatt: Hempfield

David Martin-Robinson: Hempfield

Luis Aquino-Rios: Lebanon

Brendan Mellott: Manheim Township

Tyler Crespo: Manheim Township

Zach Oldac: Manheim Township

Isiah Speller: McCaskey

Ray Godwin: McCaskey

Drew Greenawalt: Penn Manor

Bryan Rottkamp: Warwick

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