LLhoops.com 2017-18 Section 2 Preseason Watchlist

Written by: on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


DISCLAIMER: This list is based upon rosters submitted last season and information gathered in the offseason. These lists do not account for ALL unknown transfers, injuries, incoming freshmen, or those who are no longer playing hoops this upcoming season

Aidan Trynosky: Cocalico

Avery Walker: Donegal

Michael Lyons: Donegal

Elijah Swanigan: Donegal

Ryan Parise: E-Town

Cade Robinson: E-Town

Larry Locker: E-Town

Bradley DaBella: Ephrata

Dilyn Becker: Ephrata

Xavian Rodriguez: Ephrata

Kellito Westmoreland: Garden Spot

Jordan Shewbridge: Garden Spot

Keontae Nunn: Garden Spot

Ryan Smith: L-S

Isaac Beers: L-S

Connor Hostetter: Manheim Central

Evan Simon: Manheim Central

Jake Novak: Manheim Central

Dawson Kreider: Solanco

Aaron Constein: Solanco

Zed Baker: Solanco

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