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ed note: We have gotten a lot of responses from some of our “older” players about guys we left off the first time we posted…so, I asked Jerry Shenk, ratings guru, to break the players down by decades. As always, then list is not totally complete, but it makes for some good conversation and brings back great memories of great LL players. If a player split a decade, then we put him in the most recent time slot. Also our recent memories and records are better than those in the 70’s:) 1st Team 1973 to 1979

Sam Bowie, Lebanon
Kevin Crouse, Cocalico
Carl Unruh, Cocalico
Bruce DeBord, McCaskey
Phil Fasnacht, Cocalico
Steve Kuhn, Cedar Crest
Mike Matto, Ephrata
Wes McFadden, McCaskey


Very Honorable Mention

Tom Herr Hempfield
John Kleinfelter Lebanon
Brian Brewer Warwick
Mickey Lopez McCaskey,
Brian Crouse Cocalico
Johnny Knier Warwick
Tom Blefko Lancaster Catholic
Cliff Batz Northern Lebanon,
Mike Mitten, Lancaster Catholic


1st Team 1980 to 1989

Jack Hurd, Warwick
Will Lasky, Annville-Cleona
Mike Wissler, Columbia
Aaron Dread, Penn Manor
Brian Johnson, Warwick
Gary Kline, Lebanon
Gary Ressel, McCaskey
Mike Sarbaugh Donegal
Steve Swope, Donegal
Bobby Young, Hempfield


Very Honorable Mention

Rob Bard Manheim Township
Tom Bennitch Lancaster Catholic
James Brown McCaskey,
Bobby Dean McCaskey,
Ed Plackans Manheim Township
Chris Erb Conestoga Valley
Rich Dyer Hempfield
Dave Knaub Solanco
Tim Eberly Warwick
Aaron Fitzgerald McCaskey
Mark Tacelosky Solanco
Mike Beard Lebanon
Nate Webber Cocalico
Terry Parks Manheim Central
Jim Yohn Warwick
Jim Kirchner Lancaster Catholic
Will Patton Columbia
Kurt Axe Ephrata
Art Mann McCaskey
Brad Myers McCaskey
Dennis Cabry Manheim Township
Travis Ludwig Northern Lebanon
GJ Lower Penn Manor
Kenny Wright McCaskey
Adrian White- Donegal
Troy Krall – Lebanon


The best player who never played in the LL : Wally Walker Penn Manor

The best player who only played for one year in the LL: Jeff Hawkins McCaskey, a senior the first yr. of the LL

The best player who played three sports in the LL: Tom Herr Hempfield

LLHoops all time LL coaches: Pete Horn McCaskey (Most LL championships, PIAA berths, unbeaten regular season, numerous Section titles, most LL career wins) & Dave Althouse Warwick (District Championship, PIAA berths, number one seeded team – AAAA, Numerous Section titles, numerous coach of the year awards)

Ed McIlmoyle – Cocalico : 1977 PIAA Championship, numerous Section Titles, state championship as a player for Haverford HS 1st Team ALL 1990 to 1999

Kurt Axe, Ephrata
Mike Bechtold, Lebanon
Pat Daley, Lebanon
Seth Buckwalter, Lancaster Mennonite
Chad Burkhart, Ephrata
Ryan Butt, Hempfield
Tony Jefferson, Lancaster
Adrian Jones, Conestoga Valley
Mark Linebaugh, Annville-Cleona
Johnny Miller, Solanco
Justin Stewart, Hempfield
Ryan Butt, Hempfield
Daron Pressley, Hempfield

2nd team – if there is something like that with these guys!

Matt Becker, Warwick
Bob Brandt, Manheim Township
Jay DeShields, Donegal
Kevin Handy, Lancaster
Terry Howse, Hempfield
Kris Kelliher, Lebanon
Jason Coletti, Lebanon
Nate Scott, Penn Manor
Travis Wealand, Ephrata

Very Honorable Mention:

Matt Boyd, Lampeter Strasburg
Ross Unruh, Cocalico
Steve Lehman, Lancaster Mennonite
Robert Hostetter, Lancaster Mennonite
AJ Beamer, Garden Spot
Derek Melleby, Donegal
Aaron Swinton, Lancaster McCaskey
Jay Butt, Hempfield
Dale Reed, Lancaster McCaskey
Brian Gleason, Hempfield
Jason Saurbaugh, Hempfield
Matt Brown, Manheim Township
Bryan Boyd, Lampeter-Strasburg
Ty Ballard, Lancaster McCaskey
John Wilson, Hempfield
Charlie Detz, Columbia
Billy Davidson, Annville-Cleona
Jon Bowman, Anville-Cleona
Vet Gray, Lancaster McCaskey
Abe Morant, Lancaster McCaskey
Brad Fruchtl. Hempfield
Kris Wilson, Lancaster McCaskey
Ian Daecher, Warwick
Scott Carson, Penn Manor
Brian Musser, Ephrata
Andy Swingler, Columbia
Matt Leddy, Columbia
Eddie Neal Columbia,
John Brandt, Lebanon Catholic
Bibby Kamara. Hempfield
Micheal Means, Cocalico
Don Mann, Lancaster McCaskey
Matt Hartzel, Lancaster Mennonite
Kevin McHugh, Manheim Township
Ryan McHugh Manheim Township
Tom LeGath, Manheim Township
Dan Miller, Conestoga Valley

Best 3 Sport Athlete of the 90’s : John Wilson Hempfield & Vet Gray McCaskey

Decade of the Big Guys: Adrian Jones, Ty Ballard, Ryan Butt, Nate Scott, Chad Burkhart, Bob Brandt, Seth Buckwalter, Charlie Detz, Kevin Handy, Tony Jefferson

All Football/ Basketball team: Kris Wilson McCaskey, JB Benson Lebanon, Bob Brandt TWP, Dale Reed McCaskey, Curtis Waltman Spot, John Wilson Hempfield, Terry Howse Hempfield, Ian Daecher Warwick, Ethan Weidle Leb. Cath., Joe Shay Leb. Cath., Todd Wiker Lebanon

Coach of the 90’s:

Warren Goodling Hempfield (250 plus wins, never had a losing season in the 90’s, 3 LL titles, 3 PIAA qualifiers, Unbeaten regular season. John Barnhart Lebanon (3 LL titles in a row, unbeaten regular season, most appearances in LL title game in the 90’s, no losing seasons) 1st

Team ALL L-L 2000 to 2009

Curtis Waltman, Garden Spot
Jerry Johnson, McCaskey
Greg Testa, Lancaster Catholic
Perry Patterson, McCaskey
Alex Rakow, Lebanon Catholic
Dustin Salisberry, McCaskey
Ryan Finger, Lampeter-Strasburg
Mike Shatzmann, Pequea Valley
Clay Scovill, TWP
Zach Hoover, Lebanon Cathoilc


Very Honorable Mention:

Jared Yoder, Lancaster Mennonite
Billy Orr, Lebanon Catholic
Luke Gilbert, Columbia
Brad Okanak, Lebanon
Chris Heisey, Donegal
Roger Castlegrande, Cedar Crest
Aaron Boyd, Lampeter-Strasburg
Zac Kulp, Elco
Justin Moyer, Hempfield
Franklyn Minaya, Lebanon
Ryan Purvis, Lancaster Catholic
Zach Shedleski, Lancaster Catholic


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