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Welcome to the new and improved LLhoops.com

The LL league has been in existence since 1972. Dell Jackson has been part of the league as a player, coach, a college recruiter, and operator of LLhoops.com. Jackson has been a trial blazer in the digital world as he created and implemented LLhoops.com in 1999. LLhoops has come a long way since carrying a little digital camera and being removed from the sidelines of a game to being recognized as a legitimate media outlet (LL league, District 3, and the PIAA).

We strive to improve our coverage of the LL. Many followers of PA high school hoops have stated to us: “We wish we had a site dedicated to our league”. Pretty cool…. can we say pretty accurate? Can we?… Perhaps.

Let’s check out where we’ve been and where we are right now.

LLhoops has gone thru many mini-changes over the years: new buttons, new sections, many additions (and subtractions), new beats, twitter feeds, digital picts, “hot” buttons, and many others changes/upgrades.

The first total redesign is now up and running. Our core staff (Andy Herr, Kirk Neidermyer and Dell) has been discussing redesign for the last 2 yrs. After many bumps, starts, stops and a lot of dedicated time, you/we are now here! A very special thank you goes out to Kirk N for his relentless determination to “get the job done”.


top drop down menus on ALL the page

Searchable tab for entire site is on the right tab on all pages- try it 🙂

The most recent posts are now on the main page- no more checking for updates.

New welcome logo—thanks to Tom Constanzo-Afire Creative Group

Rotating ads on each page (we really appreciate support)

Contact us: webmaster@llhoops.com (Kirk Neidermyer and Dell will monitor)

“Sortable” standings, schedules, and rosters (to be added soon)

“Archives” section on the right tab, where you can search for key words for ANYTHING on the site. Listing the last few months worth of material but will go back to any years posts.

“About Us”…who we are and where we came from.:)

“Beats” section: includes Dell’s, Andy Herr, N East PA, Jerry Shenk, Delaware Beat, and, we welcome the Berks Beat by Bruce Badgley.

“Archive” menu on the top will include “old LL history”


LLhoops has been around since 1999- 2000. I took the time to look at our selection for ALL Section 1 team (llhoops started out covering only Section 1 teams)

Check these names out:

Butter McFadden McCaskey, Jerry Johnson McCaskey, Ryan Butt Hempfield, Ian Daecher Warwick, Kevin and Ryan McHugh TWP (Yea we can do things others can’t such as naming 2 players instead of one J). Second team included Justin Moyer, Darron Pressley, Brandon Kirsch, Perry Patterson, and Eric Carpenter.


Since that year, LLhoops posted all section teams every year. We will slowing be posting the old teams under the menu Archive. It’s been a great ride as we watch players/teams/coaches/programs grow from year to year and decade to decade. We can’t mention all the players/teams we have seen, but it is fair to say that LLhoops.com tries to involve/cover all the teams of the LL.

Thanks to all who visit/support Llhoops.com. Check it out- we’re sure you will- and give us some feedback as we get around to covering the LL in 2017-18.

In the end, we are all fans of the players/teams in the LL—isn’t that why you are here? 🙂

~Dell Jackson


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  1. Joe Dumars says:

    Best place for LLHoops scores and news. Great interviews , love reading the coaches perspective from around the league.

  2. Dell Jackson says:

    Glad you like!…spread the word!


Jan 25
LL games
Solanco 41 Garden Spot 53
Man Central 70 @ L-S 74
Octorara 50 @ ELCO 45
N. Lebanon 64 @ Lancaster Catholic 76

York Country Day 36 @ Lancaster Country Day 53
C Weiser 49 @ Cocalico 36
LMHS 53 @ Trinity 66




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