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Ed Note: Solanco recently named it’s new boys basketball head coach. We caught up Coach Anthony Hall for a quick LLhoops
interview. Enjoy!


Give LLhoops followers your background for basketball- playing and coaching.
 I was a three-year member of the Men’s Basketball team at S.U.N.Y (State University of New York) College at Brockport, which is a D3 college in upstate NY and a member of the SUNYAC. While there, we made two NCAA D3 Tournament appearances, with a sweet 16 run in 1997. I got my college coaching start at Brockport after graduation as I became an assistant coach, and the head JV coach for one year. I left Brockport and became an assistant at Juniata College for 1 year, then moved on to Springfield College in MA. While there I was an assistant to the head coach and JV Head coach for two years while working on completing my master’s degree in athletic administration.  Once my grad work was completed, I moved on and served as an assistant coach for Slippery Rock University in Western, PA for two years.
After realizing that college recruiting and life on the road was not for me any longer, I became the Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach for Hanover High school which is a member of the YAIAA. After three seasons there, I left and took a position as the Director of Education for the Abraxas student academy in Harrisburg and the Head Coaching Position for Harrisburg Area Community College, main campus. I was there for three years, One year as a volunteer assistant and two as the head coach. I then left HACC and Abraxas, and accepted a position as the athletic director, dean of students and Head Boys basketball coach at New Hope Academy Charter School in York, PA. I was blessed to be the Boys coach for 4 years. Each season at New Hope we qualified for the district tournament, advancing to the championship game during the 2011-2012 season. Due to New Hope Closing down, I applied for the athletic director position here at Solanco and have been here for the past eight years. I have been volunteering for the boys and girls programs during this time, as well as coaching within the youth programs.
What are some of your long term and short term goals for the program?
 I am really focused on the short term right now. Our goal right now is to give the players in this program as many opportunities as possible to improve as an individual. I believe that is starts with fundamentals being taught and broken down so that young athletes can understand the skills needed to be competitive. Which leads into our second focus for the program, and that is to get back to being competitive. When the season rolls around, we want the boys believing that they can compete with there opponent and have confidence in themselves, and each other, when they take the floor. Solanco basketball has not been very successful for several years now and I believe that it can get back there, but we need to start with getting competitive again.
The Mules moving to Section 2 next year. What are your thoughts about the move and the new LL format?
I really haven’t thought about it, as it is what it is. Being the athletic director as well, I understand both sides of the section alignments and the process that goes into making the sections up. Whichever section Solanco is in will be a challenge as we start this process. We will have to focus on us and what we need to do to improve each night and compete. There is a lot of talent around the LL and each section is filled with its own challenges on a nightly basis. We must work to make sure we can also be a challenge for the teams we play and no longer accept losing. It is going to be a process.
What is the structure for youth and feeder programs at Solanco.
 The youth program is in very good hands and the people that we have running it have been doing a great job with it. We are going to meet this summer to change a couple of things to make sure that the teaching of the game’s fundamentals is the priority. We are also going to be looking at a few different ways that we can get our current players involved with the younger kids so that it all becomes one program. Our goal is to keep the younger kids playing basketball, all the way through the program.
How has being AD at Solanco help you with coaching the boys basketball team?
 Being the AD here for the past few years and volunteering with the boys’ and girls’ program has really given me the opportunity to reflect on my past experiences and have the time to get to know the student body. I have always felt that a successful educator is one that can develop relationships with the young people they engage with. I have been able to do that over the years and I feel having had that time, is going to help me with the boys trusting in what we are doing. They see the hours that I put in as the AD and they know that are going to get the same commitment from me as their head coach. They will have to decide if they are going to match that level of commitment and be an important part of the process. I am grateful that Mr. Long, our principal, has given me this opportunity and supports me being able to do both positions. A piece of our athletic department philosophy has also been to try to have the Head coaches in the building or district. We believe it is important for the athletes to have access to their coach throughout the day. It helps with the whole direction of the program. Being the AD always puts in in the building. We feel it is a piece this program has been missing for a couple of years now.
Bonus: What would you like changed in the HS game?
  This is a great question. I am not sure there is a lot I would like to see changed. I know the one thing that is being talked about is the HS shot clock. I am not in favor of it at the High school level, but that is just my feeling and opinion.

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