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Written by: on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020



It seems like we were all sitting in a gym last June watching a summer league game anticipating the preparation for the upcoming 2019-2020 Basketball season.   And here we are in early February ending the regular season schedule and gearing up for the League and District Playoffs.

First of all I would like to congratulate all of the players and coaches for their incredible effort and dedication to the basketball season.   The players had a chance to wear their school uniform and represent their school night in and night out this season.   The basketball experience is truly an educational experience that can help prepare the players for their future.   The lessons learned and the exposure to many different experiences is what makes the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics so rewarding.   This experience is true competition.   There were winners and losers on the scoreboard every night.   The players learned how to handle winning and how to bounce back from losing.   The coaches were the leaders that set the tone for developing a culture of success.     Everything they do affects the final product.     The many hours developing practice plans, scouting reports, game plans, and having those important one on one meeting with the players, add up to a coach’s life during the season.     It is such a full time job, but the reward of having the opportunity to work with the young student-athletes is very high.  

For the players that are ending their season this week, congratulations on participating and completing a season of hard work that was most likely filled with many up and downs.   By participating in this basketball season the players had to manage their feelings, work on developing teamwork, develop character, improve their listening and communication skills, and learn how to be a leader.   These are skills that can last a lifetime. These traits are important as these student-athletes move on in life.   I am sure that special relationships were created during this season with teammates and coaches.

For the players that are entering the post season, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity.   Not every player or team has this opportunity so prepare properly, develop the confidence that you need, and help your team become a tight nit group.   You will need a total team effort to advance in the play-offs.   Remember, the play becomes more intense so be ready to accept the challenge.  

We wish the best of luck to all of the coaches and players in the LL League who are participating in the LL League Tournament and District 3 Tournaments.   These tournaments are well run and very special.   You will remember these moments for a lifetime.   Enjoy the games! Good luck to everyone.  

~Coach Warren Goodling










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