Freddy Ramos- JP McCaskey interview

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LLhoops touched base with Coach Ramos earlier this summer. He shares some of his thoughts as he enters the first year at McCaskey (the third head coach since the LL started in 1973). Enjoy!

1) Can you give followers your hoops background?
I’ve been a basketball coach and administrator for 22 years.  During that time, I have coached at every level from Middle School through High School.  I was an Athletic Director for several years with 10 teams at the school.  I also spent 4 years as a League Commissioner/President with 7 member schools (each with multiple teams).  I have worked for a recruiting service where I coached athletes during evaluation events and connected players with college coaches.  Most recently, I was a high school Varsity assistant coach and JV head coach.  I spent quite a bit of time on skill development, scouting and communicating with my players. I find it important to connect with student-athletes year round and to make sure that the connection is life-based, not sports-based.

2) What are the biggest challenges facing you/Mccaskey at this point in time?
Every coach has a unique approach to different situations around the sport.  As you experience a change in leadership, this becomes more visible.  Change is any situation can be challenging, but especially with high school student-athletes.  There are philosophies and expectations that I will place upon the program which build upon our rich tradition.  My challenge is to implement change where necessary and adapt to status quo where appropriate.  This is not new to me; not only do I embrace change, but I am well versed at implementing change.  My focus at the moment is to build sound relationships with our players, our alumni and our community.  The good thing is that I have already begun this process and am having positive experiences through these connections.  I am excited to continue to grow and build on these relationships.  It is truly humbling to be part of such a great community in the district that I live in.

3) What style can we expect from the tornado this next season?
We will focus on a “defense first” mindset.  We will be rewarded with great opportunities by committing to playing aggressive defense at all times. You can expect to see a team that plays fast and aggressively while supporting one another through every moment. 

4) Is your staff set? If so can you give us who is coaching with you?
I am currently completing evaluation of my potential staff.  This was not be a quick process for me.  I will surround myself with a staff that can relate to our student-athletes.  I will also ensure that the staff is experienced.  As far as timing, I am focused on fit, rather than timing.  As I find the right fit, the time is right.

5) Your short term and long term goals for the Year?
My short-term goal is to develop a strong mind-set amongst our student-athletes of consistency in our approach towards everything that we do (school, home, relationships, athletics, etc.).  We strive for good citizenship and values.  On the court, we want to be cohesive in all that we do.  We want to be positive leaders while holding ourselves accountable for our efforts/actions.  Lastly, we are going to love to play defense.

Bonus: How much Red and Black for you have in your wardrobe? 🙂
I’ve always kept Red and Black in my rotation.  What’s amazing is how much more I have now.  Father’s Day was different for me this year.  I didn’t receive any tools or gift cards; everything that I received from my family was red, black or both.  I’m outfitted in Red Tornado gear for several weeks before laundry needs done……McCaskey Proud!



~Dell Jackson

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