LL boys first round preview: Etown/ELCO & Cocalico/Lanc. Mennonite

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Both games will be played at Warwick HS Friday Feb 7th. Etown/ELCO will start at 5:30. Cocalico/LMHS game will follow.
LLhoops.com will be livestreaming both games: AUDIO only.

Etown (2-2) 16-6 vs ELCO (4-2) 18-4

Last Dance:
Etown lost to TWP in 2019 semis
ELCO lost in the first round to LS in 2019

Rankings in District 3
Etown 5A #6                                    ELCO 4A #3

Top Offensive players
Elijah Eberly 18 ppg
Ryan Parise 15 ppg
Luke Pierson 12


Braden Bohannon 19
Bryce Coletti 14
Asher Kemble 13

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By the Numbers:
Etown: Off avg = 66                        Def Avg= 57                        Threes= 101 ….4.5 pg
ELCO: Off Avg = 65                        Def Avg= 50                        Threes= 169….7.6 pg

Dell’s Thoughts…rarely do we have a first round match-up of very highly ranked teams in the first round of the LL’s. Both coaches have had experience in the playoffs. Both teams have top-notch offensive players – Eberly for the Bears and Bohannon for the Raiders. Etown is very athletic and have a bunch of players who pound the glass. ELCO features a dunking machine in Asher Kemble. The Raiders can pop threes with the best of them. Keys for this game will be ELCO’s perimeter shooting vs. Etown’s ability to control the boards with a multitude of players. The winner gets LS at LS on Feb. 10th.


Cocalico (3-2) 11-11 vs Lancaster Mennonite (5-2) 11-11

Last Dance
Cocalico lost to CV in 2015 in the quarters
LMHS lost in 2019 in the quarters to Warwick

Rankings in District 3
Cocalico 5A #17                                    LMHS 3A #6

Top offensive players
Carter Nuneville 13 ppg
Trey Griffen 10 ppg

Cole Fisher 21 ppg
Trenton Dorsing 8 ppg (avg double figures in last 3 games)

By the numbers:
Cocalico: Off avg. = 47                                    Def. Avg. = 48                        Threes = 109 , 4.9 ppg
LMHS:   Off Avg. = 58                                    Dev. Avg. = 58                        Threes= 121, 5.5 ppg

Dell’s thoughts…Both teams come in with identical records. Cocalico is probably out of the District 3 tournament so this is a do-or-die for the Eagles. Cocalico will be happy with a grind it out type of game; whereas, the Blazers like to get it up and down. Cole Fisher for LMHS can score in a variety of ways and is one of the top scorers in the LL. The Eagles can go inside/outside with Trey Griffin and Augie Gerhart. Key for this game will be the scoreboard- game in the 40’s will be Cocalico’s advantage..a high scoring game will favor LMHS. The Eagles are bigger and stronger on the inside. The winner gets Cedar Crest at Crest on Feb. 10th.


~Dell Jackson


Ed note: Information gathered from District 3, LNP, Andy Herr, and LLhoops

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