LS 86 CV 71: Wrap

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LS 86 Conestoga Valley 71
Dec 20, 2021

The great equalizer to combat height has been the three ball. ..and when you don’t have a lot of height, then the three ball becomes more important. As the NBA leads the way, see Stephen Curry and a bevy of others, the 3 ball is becoming the norm instead of the exception. Sometimes the norm get expanded…Well tonight was a ‘bombs away’ game not seen by many folks in the LL. Let’s put up a quick total- LS had 14 made triples and CV had 11. Major skill on display by both teams.

LS set the tone for this game in the first quarter. The Pioneers popped 5 triples – Berkely Wagner(1), Ben Wert (2), and Isaiah Parido (2). LS was up early 8-3. Neither team had more than a 4-0 run, but LS was hitting threes and CV was scoring 2 points at a time. DeMajh Salisbery led the Bucksins with 7 in the quarter. 23-14 LS after one.

CV cut the deficit to 4 on a mini run-  a drive by Salisbery, 2 foul shots by Griffin Rishell, and a three ball by Rishell. 28-24 early in the second. Enter Mr Burton. Ty did not score at all in the first period, rather he was the key in dishing out assists to his teammates. When needed, Burton can score many different ways. He netted 15 in the second- 3 balls, layups, back-doors, pull-ups. The Pio’s hit the mid century mark in the second period 50-39 at the break.

The third stanza was similar to the 1st in that neither team could string together more than a 4-0 run.
Cameron Swinton ended the scoring for the Bucks. 71-56 after three.

Would LS coast to an easy W? Well…maybe. CV using the three ball itself, hit 3 triples in a row ending at the 6:11 mark followed by hitting 2 fouls shots. 73-67 game on. Austin Wertz hit 2 fouls shots to bring the Bucks to within 5 under the 4 minute mark. In a wild scramble for the ball-multiple shots and rebounds and take-aways, the ball found Ty Burton’s hand. He hit a 6 foot follow to end the bleeding. Next possesion saw a Burton three- 81-71…and pretty much game over. LS spread the floor and ended the game on a 10-0 run.

LS: Ty Burton 28, Luka Vranich 14, Isaiah Parido 14, Berkeley Wagner 10, Ben Wert 10
CV: Cameron Swinton 20, DeMajh Salisbery 19, Austin Wertz 16

Quotables…Coach Berryman…”tomorrow we have Lancaster Catholic so not a lot of time to celebrate…We will work on our defense on our next practice”

Coach Berryman

LS ball movement




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