Press Break- LL pre-season

Written by: on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020


Ed note: LLhoops will feature a new column this season- “Press Break”. We will be doing a weekly wrap of the past games and perhaps a guest on our show as well. Ex- Etown head coach, Rocky Parise, Andy Herr and Dell will take turns with their observations on all LL things.


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LL preseason show- Nov 25th.

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2019-20 Year in Review- Dell/Andy recap

Llhoops masks for sale


LL 2020-21 preview

Sec 1 (9 min mark), Sec 2 (19 min mark), Sec 3 (30 min mark), Sec 4 (38:25 min mark), Sec 5 (47:50 min mark)

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April 5
LL Boys Senior All Star game
127-115  🙂



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