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Friends Schools League power George (Newtown, PA) opened their season on Wednesday afternoon with a convincing win over visiting Vision Academy New York (Brooklyn, NY) 63-52. Vision Academy describes itself as “a sports specific preparatory school”. As is customary for entities of this sort, Vision Academy has multiple teams. Today, George faced Vision Academy’s second level high school team. Vision Academy players’ academic instruction is provided on-line by other entities.

George had a significant height advantage in this matchup, but smallish Vision Academy was quicker. It was an interesting contrast between the teams in the early going. Vision Academy crashed the offensive board and forced turnovers, while George attacked inside. In the first quarter, Vision Academy sharpshooters hit three 3s, the team forced five George turnovers, and the visitors grabbed five offensive rebounds. George’s offense relied on slashing power drives by 6′ 4″ sophomore Christian Bliss and scoring inside and out by 6′ 7″ senior Evan Effelfinger. These two players accounted for all of George’s first quarter points. The score was knotted at 13 at the end of the first quarter.

George largely concentrated on an inside attack in the second frame, and a hoop by Effelfinger followed by a three point play by Bliss gave them a 22-16 lead, which they never relinquished. Vision Academy continued to crash the offensive board and shoot a lot from outside. Late in the second quarter, it was clear that George had too much height for Vision Academy to overcome, and the score was 37-25 at halftime.

George led by as many as 15 points in the third quarter, and they did a better job of securing the ball and of defending against 3 point attempts. Effelfinger was a superb inside defender throughout the game and had several spectacular blocks. George cleared the bench in the fourth quarter, and the final score was consequently closer than the run of play would suggest.

Vision Academy did several things very well in this game. They were unselfish, and they moved the ball around quickly. For small players, they were terrific on the offensive board, primarily because they got to the ball quickly and had fast and active hands. I was surprised that they didn’t use much full court pressure. Vision Academy had only seven players dressed, and they did not keep a scorebook.

George was smart to get the ball inside against their undersized opponent, and Bliss and Effelfinger were particularly effective scorers. That said, they were out-rebounded by Vision Academy 39-38, and the visitors had 21 offensive rebounds. George had 14 turnovers, but five of them were made by bench players late in the game. Vision Academy turned over the ball 11 times. George was 14 of 22 from the stripe, while Vision Academy was 13 of 19. Vision Academy made seven 3 pointers in the game but only one in the second half. Four of the visiting players made at least one 3 pointer. For George, Bliss and Effelfinger had one 3 pointer each.

George’s sensational 6′ 8″ junior Kachi Nzeh did not play due to an injury.

George scoring: Christian Bliss 24, Evan Effelfinger 20, Dante Weise 11, Zach White 4, Gestin Liberis 2, Luke Meiniczak 1, and Kendell Gordon 1.

Vision Academy New York scoring: Reality Holmes 18, Semja Greer 10, Mekhi Toler 10, Jonte Wallace 10, Jarvis Crandall 2, and Miles Mancia 2.

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