Coach Jonathan Shultz- Lancaster Country: Interview

Written by: on Friday, July 20th, 2018

LLhoops caught up with the new head coach from Lancaster Country Da,y,  Jon Shutlz.
LCDay will enter the LL for its first season 2018-19 and play in the new section – 5. He shares some thoughts below.
1) What were the keys to applying for the LCDay job?
When the position opened up, I knew that this would be a great opportunity.  I attended a non-public high school and teach (and coached) in a public school setting, so I was familiar with the pros and cons of each.  I believe that athletics is an extension of the classroom and that dovetails nicely with the high academic standards which Lancaster Country Day holds.  The inclusion of LCDS in the LL League gives Country Day a much stronger footprint in the local athletic community, and I am fortunate to be able to lead them in this endeavor.  
2) You got in late for summer work, knows you are working hard with your group. 
How are things going for the summer?
We’ve had a very solid turnout this summer for open gyms and summer league games.  We were fortunate to get a few games in the Spooky Nook League even though the season had already started.  I told the kids at the start that I do not care what the scores of these games are, but what is important is that we are improving and working on the things we need to do to be successful during the season.  We are also taking a group of kids to Alvernia for team camp.  I threw a lot of basketball at these kids just as their summers were getting started, so I appreciate that they have made accommodations to make it out to as many events as possible. 
3) What style can we expect from Lancaster Country Day this upcoming year?
There will be a good amount of experience returning to the LCDS team this year.  We have a nice mix of size, speed, and athleticism so we want to get the right lineups out on the floor to maximize our skill sets.  We definitely plan to be an aggressive and opportunistic defensive team and a smart, disciplined offensive team.  In my brief time at LCDS I’ve been impressed with the senior leadership as well as the dedication of some of the younger players to improve their game so that they can crack the lineup.  So while these kids are competing for minutes, they also pull for each other.  I’m expecting to see more of that during the season.    
 4) What are your thoughts on the LL’s 5 section format?
I think the 5-section format is a great idea because it allows the smaller schools to have competitive games throughout the entire season.  I truly believe that top to bottom, Section 5 is going to be ultra-competitive and has the opportunity to create some fun rivalries for the future.  You are going to see different styles of basketball as everyone competes to hang that first “Section 5 Champions” banner.  It will be a lot of fun.  
5) What are the current and long term goals for the team?
In the present, our goal is to compete every game and see where we stand when the dust settles.  We have a lot of guys returning from a team that went to the District 3 finals and won a state game, so understandably their expectations are high.  However, we are going to have to work hard to meet those expectations because Country Day is not going to sneak up on anybody this year.  Between last year’s success and being new to the LL League, we need to get our guys prepared to see the best of everybody we play.  In the long term, our goal is to build a program and a basketball culture that permeates LCDS.  We are a small school, but our building houses students K-12.  We have some youth clinics planned for this summer and we want to incorporate more ways to have our varsity players work with the young students at LCDS and create a feeling of family and have these lower school students look forward to the day when they can wear the Cougar uniform. 
6) Is your staff set? If so, who will be helping you this season?
We are not fully staffed yet, but I can proudly say that Bob Porter is going to be the lead varsity assistant.  He is a Country Day alumnus and has been a coach in the program for many years.  The kids love Coach Porter and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our program.  I could not be happier to have him.
~Dell Jackson

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