AC 54 Palmyra 46 Game Wrap via Soundcloud

Written by: on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020


Some clips and a soundcloud wrap by Dell—and some flashbacks by Dell:)



Sidelines:…First trip to the “new” AC gym for this 75 alum….Things have changed for sure but still the same intense effort on a AC/Palmyra rivalry game….Spent some time with AC’s Principal, Dr. Krista Antonis….It was fun getting some info on the ‘new’ AC….Half-court shots resulted in 3 winners for some special subway grub!…It’s always good to interview the winning coach. Coach Coletti has been very helpful to LLhoops in posting his scores on the twitter accounts…. .Check out his interview.


Books….check out the AC book- second quarter 🙂

Palmyra book


Flashback for Dell–

I played for the Little Dutchmen in 74 and 75….My Coach was Adam Barnhart (RIP), until he got in an auto accident. He later became an assistant at Hershey….My good friend, Joe Getz, took me to the Turkey Hill for my first slushy….Another bud, Bruce Dohner, would cart me back and forth from Millersville to Annville – I mean we had an ice cream place where LGH health campus is now located….The Little Dutchmen beat Palmyra in a double OT game at Palmyra on a basket by Rick Schools (RIP) in my senior year…I sat on the bench as an assistant to Palmyra’s Ron Berman for 3 yrs in the early 80’s- and gave him a call tonight :)..I can remember when we played Cocalico in 1974, and there was line outside when we arrived at the gym- ALL Cocalico fans:) …One of AC’s  ex-coaches – Jim Kreider- had a senior picture of me guarding him when he played at Cocalico..Jim would later have his Dutchmen play at the old Spectrum vs. Dell’s Penn Manor team- very cool experience….Speaking (writing of Cocalico ’74) I remember losing to the Eagles something like 95-40, and I back-doored Carl Unruh in the 4th quarter -his coach blistered him- a proud moment for Dell for sure;)…Our Neast writer, Jon K , reminded me of the 2 trips to the PIAA finals for the Dutchmen–one W and one L…Great history here.

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