Flex Clinic by Coach Bob Schlosser- Sept 22

Written by: on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Ed note: Dell coached with Bob Schlosser for 3 yrs. Coach Schlosser is an excellent teacher and will answer any and all questions. He is known as the “flex” guru. Coach Schlosser was very successful using the flex at both the HS and College level using the flex. Even if coaches do not like the flex, coach will give you many ideas on quick hitters, drills, and concepts vs. zones and man.

Coach Schlosser, ex Etown College Head Coach, is putting on a flex clinic at Etown College.

The clinic will include Flex basics, breakdown drills, fast break options, and various quick hitters.

All proceeds from this clinic go to ex- Blue Jay player, Kyle Conrad, to help with his battle with cancer.

Register by contacting Coach Schlosser via email: schlosra@etown.edu


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