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LLhoops contacted the latest hire for the LL- Coach “Muss” of Garden Spot. Coach Muss has been a fixture on the Spot bench.He replaces Coach Trupe, who recently resigned . Enjoy!

1) What is your coaching/playing background? 
I have been on Coach Trupe’s staff for the past 9 years.  The past couple of years I have been VA and was in charge of calling our offenses/in bounds plays throughout our games.  I grew up playing basketball and played throughout my high school career. 

2) The position opened up late. Were you surprised that Coach Trupe resigned? 
Coach had spoke to his staff about the possibility of resigning due to his twin girls, he then came to us and said he made a decision.  We fully supported him and his family. 

3) You know the players and the program. What if any changes to you foresee? Style? Etc.
The one selling point I had going into the interview was I knew the program/offense/defenses/youth program/etc.  The plan was to keep the continuity for the players and program.  That is my intention.  

4) The LL is entering a new 5 Section set-up. What are your thoughts about the crossovers and new sections?
The LL changes constantly, I’m fine with whoever is on our schedule. 

5) How different will it be for you to be standing this season instead of sitting 🙂 
In the off-season programs we participated in Coach Trupe encouraged his staff to head coach our teams in each tournament.  I have been standing a lot in those games, so it will be nothing new.  However, I’m sure I’ll be extremely excited/nervous/ready to go for our first game with me standing.  I plan to rely heavily on my staff, Marsh Usner has been on staff with us for the past 9 years as well.  He brings a high level of comfort for me and our players.  

Bonus: What changes if any would you propose for LL playoffs, PIAA playoffs. Or rule changes?
I would love to eventually see a shot clock in high school.  For the playoffs, I like the idea of each team bringing their own ball to play with for a half, not forced to play with a certain brand of ball.  


~Dell Jackson

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