Pottsville 56 LS 51 wrap

Written by: on Friday, March 8th, 2019


Pottsville 56 Lampeter-Strasburg 51
March 8, 2019 @ Blue Mountain HS

When teams arrive at the PIAA tournament, it’s winner advances, and loser goes home. There are no playbacks, second chances or re-do’s. Tonight- Pottsville Tide advances, and LS ends its season. The game was played in Pottsville’s backyard as they earned a District crown. The gym was rockin’ with the Tide fans doing a great impression of Penn State students standing for the entire game.

LS started the first quarter using a variety of zone defenses (2-3, 1-3-1, matching up at times). The Pioneers ripped off a 12-0 run, led by point guard extraordinary, Seth Beers (9 pts in the run). LS’ height seemed to bother the smaller Tide, but a three ball late by #14 pulled Pottsville off the edge of a huge deficit (14-6 at the end of 1).

Neither team could gather much momentum in the 2nd. In fact, LS led 20-11 at the 3:20 mark off a three-ball from Beers. Enter the dynamic duo of Trevor Sherakas, 5’11” senior and Mason Barnes, 6’1” jn. Layup by Barnes, followed by a three ball by Shereakas and a drive, Barnes drive, and a killer three ball by Sherakas to end the half 23-22 Pottsville. LS helped the cause by having a few turnovers late in the half.

LS tied the score at 25 compliments of an old fashioned 3 by Nevin Book, 6’ sn. The game went back and forth pretty much for the rest of the quarter. Pottsville would nail 3 triples in the period, and LS punched out 2 triples. However, it seemed like Pottsville was gaining the mo. The gym got loud on a sweet reverse by Barnes. The Tide started getting to the basket and kicking for wide-open threes. For the third time in three quarters, Pottsville would nail another three ball (Sherakas) to take a 38-34 lead into the final quarter.

Pottsville stretched the lead to 10 at 46-36 by another triple (Sherakas again). LS called timeout and had one last push. A three ball by Zack Kingsley, 6’ sn, a layup by Adam Stoltzfus, 6’3” sn would bring LS to within 5 points with 3:32 to go. So, Pottsville would answer with…. another 3 ball. LS was forced to foul down the stretch. The Tide would make more than enough of its foul shots to basically coast home with a 56-51 margin.

Unofficial Stats:
Rebounds: Pottsville 18 LS 20
Turnovers: Pottsville 5 LS 11
Blocks: Pottsville 5 LS 1

Trevor Sherakas 25
Mason Barnes 21

Seth Beers 20

Misc. thoughts….Blue Mnt. Had a very nice gym (and a saved seating for press). I talked with Blue Mnt official- told me that the gym was 19 yrs old and that they play in Pottsville’s league…The crowd was about 90-10 in favor of Pottsville, but basically well behaved…officiated was consistent…Both coaches took some time to talk with me after the game…Ed Berryman’s sound cloud interview is here….Dave Mulaney of Pottsville reminded me of The Celtics boss, Brad Stevens- not wild on the bench, very patient with his team both uop and down on the evening….Besides the hot shooting of the Tide, their man defense was outstanding the entire evening.

LS ends its season at 23-5 with a Section 3 crown in its back pocket


~Dell Jackson


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