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Written by: on Sunday, January 26th, 2020


The week that was:

Donegal @ W. York
Man. Central @ N. Lebanon

Lebanon @ Spot
Coach Tim Speraw – interview

Carlisle @ Crest
Ileri Ayo-Faleye (Crest) – interview

Coach Tom Smith (Crest) – interview


Bruce: Berks/LL livestream
Berks link                        LL link

Northeast- Jon K and Phillp T
Various games, scores, updates


LLhoops site info…
We are still tweaking our new look site. The standings are now updated using the top menu link “standings”.  A very special thanks goes to our designer:  Circle W Sports. We are trying to get scores updated on the evening of the games after all the games are posted in our side section of the main page and our ‘scores/schedule’ page (one of the top destinations for our followers). Speaking of followers, we had over 80,000 page views last month- this includes all of our pages. Each type of media/area we produce adds to the total – wraps, interviews, scores, standings, NE rankings, Sunbury Daily Item rankings, soundcloud and livestream. The twitter accounts do not count as far as folks following those items, but page clicks are linked back to our main page. The Youtube counts are a bit different as each game is tabulated and does not count on our page views unless you start on the page that is linked to the broadcast. Dell kept track of live views during the Octorara/Lancaster Cath. game. We had a range of 16-45 live views during the game. Within 2 days the count was about 600-meaning that folks are checking us out after the game. There is a place for live comments – we might try that at our next game. The linking to LLhoops facebook has helped our counts. Remember you can always use the search button on the side to find older posts- Dell used the search to find LL tie breakers this week. Our followers are checking us out via the cell phone more than any other method- over 75%. Followers on twitter have been instrumental in helping us get the scores up quickly. We are starting to use some video clips in our warps. It’s amazing what a ‘dunk’ shot gathers for hits- Ileri dunk a few weeks ago is up to 1,900 views. ..and its doubly amazing how much info we are producing via the twitter accounts. Check out @andybrackets, @llhoops and @BadgleyBruce and scroll back. for videos, picts, and commentary. Bottom line is we keep trying to provide our fans with relevant/current content during the week.


LLhoops livestream updates..
Last week we produced 2 games: Etown @ Warwick and Octorara @ Lancaster Catholic. Both games were close and had several key calls in the game. The clip of James Taylor’s half-court shot is featured on the site- announcers Chris Sherwood and Eric Thomas both went crazy on the call :)..check it out.

Keith Lambert, Octorara- Player of the Game

Our “click” totals are about double what they were last season. So far, the highest rated game is Columbia @ LCDay with over 900 views. Thanks to all the schools that have helped us in bringing the game to you. Our last scheduled game is this Friday featuring McCaskey at Cedar Crest. We are scheduled to broadcast the LL finals- both girls and boys game on Feb 13 and 14 at TWP. LLhoops might be calling an audio only game in the first round or two—stayed tuned for updates there. We cannot bring these games to you without support from our sponsors – please make sure to thank them if you are using their services.

Please contact us if anyone is interested in sponsoring some games in the future.

Clinch me…
With 2-3 LL games to go (depending on the schedule), the following teams have clinched  or are in the mix to clinch a playoff berth in the LL:

Section 1:.. Crest and McCaskey have clinched spots. The Tornado is one game back and they play each other this Friday at Crest. If the teams tie for first there will be a one game playoff game.

Section 2..No team has clinched. Warwick is one game up with 2 ‘W’s vs. Etown. Etown is one game back of Wariwck and the Lebanon Cedars are one game back of Etown. Lebanon plays both Warwick and Etown this week. The Cedars will probably need to win both to remain in the mix.

Section 3..LS has clinched a spot and will get the Section 3 crown with one more W in the next 2 weeks. Cocalico needs one win to clinch the second slot. Three wins by the Eagles and a total melt down by LS could result in a tie—could.

Section 4…Lancaster Catholic is one game up on ELCO. The scheduling gods provide us with the last game of the LL for both on Feb. 4th at LCHS. ELCO has road games with N. Lebanon, Spot, and then LCHS. The Crusaders travel to LS and Donegal before the big showdown on the 4th of Feb. Both of these teams will be in the LL tournament.

Section 5…Columbia and Lancaster Mennonite have both clinched spots in the LL tournament. Both have only 2 LL games left. Columbia is one game up. The Tide travels to Pequea Valley this Friday and ends their schedule with a showdown game at home vs. LMHS on Feb 4th. The Blazers travel to AC before finishing up with Columbia.

It looks like we will not have any of the 3 way ties for 2nd resulting in mini-bracket tie-breakers. The LL plays off ALL ties for first regardless of head to head or any other tie-breakers that are used for 2nd place.

Here are the LL tie-breakers for a tie for the second slot.

District 3…
Here is the link to the power rankings for the boys.
Here is the link to the power rankings for the girls.

As we get closer to the end of the season, many teams are playing for District 3 slots.
Here are the LL rankings as of Jan 26th

1A…10 slots…LCDay is currently 9th

3A…8 slots….Columbia (3), Lancaster Mennonite (5)..AC in the 9th slot.

4A…10 slots…Lancaster Catholic (2), ELCO (3), Octorara (10)

5A….16 slots…Etown (10), LS (11), Cocalico (15)….Man. Central 18th

6A…12 slots….Crest (4), McCaskey (8), Warwick (10)…TWP 15th, Lebanon 16th and Penn Manor 18th.

There are a few calculations that go into the rankings- W’s, opponents record, opponents class, etc…bottom line is  that teams need to keep winning especially those on the edge.

Shop me…LLhoops will have 3 styles of t’s to add to your t-shirt collection this season. We have to classic LLhoops logo- Logo on white…Our new 20th design- white on black…and we will be featuring a LL tournament t-shirt to be released during the LL playoffs. We have been giving out t’s to our livestream player of the game- always a hit. We will be setting up a new shop on the site soon. In the meantime, if you would like a t, contact either Dell or Andy with color and size (adult men’s only)- if we are covering a game, we will bring the shirt to you without the dreaded shipping cost. Black and white T’s are going for $10 or $15 with shipping. Our LL tournament t’s are 2-sided print. We will be selling them at the games for $15 or $20 with shipping. We won’t have the final tournament t’s until after the tournament teams are set –hint on the design 🙂


Conor Adams, Warwick- Player of Game


Looking ahead…Next to last week in the LL regular season. The schedule for the week is here.

Lebanon has a big week with 2 road games at Etown and Warwick.

McCaskey @ Crest on Friday will have major implications for the Section 1 crown…
Did I mention llhoops will be livestreaming this game? ???  🙂

~dell jackson






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