Dell’s column: Jan 31, 2021

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Dell’s column: Jan 31

McCaskey’s Hassan Williams- POG

Another week….The LL is chugging along. We had several postponements last week, but there were still games each and every night. There are games scheduled this week every day. So, the next issue that the AD’s will be dealing with is the weather. As always, we will have to wait until things develop or not, before the games go on as scheduled. The biggest obstacle facing the teams/schools is that many games have already been pushed back and re-scheduled. Stay tuned.

POG Luke Rumbaugh, CV

After the buzzer..interesting weekly podcast via Gordie Jones and Mike Gross. Dell is the special guest for the past week for some LL  talk. The dynamic duo touches on the issues of the past week and get some very interesting guests (Jared Odrick for one). Here is the link

LLhoops Youtube…some interviews and past live stream can be found here. New subscribers always welcome:)

LL play-offs….Well, the news is that the LL is going to try to move forward with their playoffs in a limited fashion. The League posted very limited info on their web site. Our understanding is that the Section champs only will be included in the tournament, with the first round game being between, probably Section 4 and 5 champs. The semis will take place on Thursday, Feb. at the higher seeded team’s court, and the finals will be on Saturday, Feb. 27th at TWP with very limited seating. ..the good news is that LLhoops has secured the rights to cover the finals via live stream and re-play, and of course, our other media as well. Since the game will be free to all, we could use some sponsorship for the games. ( Also, we will be covering the girl’s finals that day as well!

From the LL  ..some info regarding scheduling
     *  Crossover games will NOT count towards a team’s Section/League record.
         Section games only will impact standings and determine champions.
         Ties will be determined by criteria (Head to Head, D3 Power Ranking)

  • All Section games must be played by Monday February 22, 2021
    *District 3 Power Rating Deadline is Saturday February 27, 2021.
    *Schools may not add games to schedule after February 13, 2021.
    *Schools may reschedule games as needed (including after the freeze date) as long as they were scheduled prior to February 13,  2021.
Information regarding the L-L League Basketball Championships will be released in the near future.


Live stream
…It’s always an interesting to cover a game for llhoops. Our biggest issue is getting a strong wifi signal to get the games out to YouTube. This week we covered games at Octorara and CV. The AD’s (Dina Henry/CV and Angie Gaido/Octotara at both schools helped us out with wifi. Both games went out as scheduled. We have been starting the stream a bit early so we can test the system. On the website, we will try to post the starting times of the game so you can fast forward to the start of the game. Warren Goodling and Eric Thomas provide the audio for our games – no need to prop these guys as they are experienced at bringing you excellent insights to the game. This week we are heading to McCaskey Feb 6th for the game with Reading HS. The IT crew at McCaskey will be providing us with an ethernet hook up so we will not have the stress of getting the wifi connection. Special thanks to the AD’s/Schools that are allowing us in the gyms to bring the games to our followers. Check out all our live stream games

The week that was…
Garden Spot/Cocalico

Manheim Central/LS and NL/Lancaster Catholic
Lancaster Cath./Octorara (livestream)
Etown/Conestoga Valley (livestream)

Lee Vivian- photo gallery

NEast Beat
A bunch 🙂

Looking ahead…Here are some key match-ups this week…depending on weather/covid issues.
Mon. Lancaster Catholic @ Columbia
Thurs. Cocalico @ LS
Fri. Warwick @ Lebanon

Press Break..sponsored by Spooky Nook Basketball
Andy and Dell talk about past games and future games, current topics, and usually a guest coach. We usually post on Sunday evening. Jan 31 edition- featuring Spot’s Coach Muss.
For past editions click here.



Hanging in…Let’s give some love to Ephrata. The Mounts broke into the win this past week with a hard earned W vs. Twin Valley, 51-47. The Mounts are coached by first year boss, Scott Gaffey. We had the chance to talk with coach earlier in the year. He knew that the job would take some time and patience to improve on its very recent results. Keeping the players focused is pretty easy when you are winning a lot, but it’s much much more difficult when you are losing.

Aside here: Dell went thru this as a coach one season. I talked to others that had rough seasons. The advice was to keep things positive, try your best to have some fun in practice, and know that talent sometimes goes in cycles. …not that I have any advice to Coach Gaffey. He is a good guy and coach. Congrats on getting the first W.

Here’s to hoping for a good week in the LL!

~Dell Jackson


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