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The Post Season-The Lancaster Lebanon League Playoffs

Suddenly the post season is here and it’s time to determine a Lancaster Lebanon Champion.  Let’s focus on the Lancaster Lebanon Tournament.  Once again we have a new format as ten teams will participate in this years tournament.   For some teams(check the bracket) they would have to win 4 games to win this tournament.   The second place teams in all sections except Section One second place are in that situation.   Those four teams will start the tournament on Friday night with the winners entering the quarter finals on Monday.    

For coaches preparing for this tournament, believe me there will not be much sleep during the week if you get to the finals.   However, the energy created by the situation and the atmospheres will be enough to keep the coach and the team going.   It is very important that the coach finds a way to get the preparation in and yet not physically exhaust the team during the preparation practices.   Save the players for the game.  

The preparation part will duplicate the exact routine that the team used during the regular season with perhaps more of a focus on team foul shooting and special situations.   This is the week that everyone totally focuses on being the “best team in the gym tonight”.   Playoff games usually are possession by possession games as the defense is programmed to take away the opponent’s strength.  This is why winning ugly is awesome in playoff games.  

Any team that wins a championship will have a high degree of mental toughness.  Mental toughness is not just something you have on game day.  It is a habit of mind that becomes a part of a player’s pride and self image.   A player takes this mind set everywhere.  He plays these playoff games totally in the “motivational phase”.   There are a lot of things that can throw a player or team off their focus.   But a motivated mentally tough player does not need to worry about any of these things.   The motivated player will do their best quietly, methodically, and without regard to the many tiny distractions or adverse conditions.  The team needs a group of motivated players for the team to play to their potential.   So if a team really can play to their potential, they will have an opportunity to be a champion.  

Good luck to all the coaches and players in the Lancaster Lebanon Playoffs this week.  This is an exciting event that creates a lot of enthusiasm locally.  Enjoy the experience and play to your potential.  

~Warren Goodling

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