The First 10 Games: Warren Goodling

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The First 10 Games

Hard to believe but the season is close to being halfway over.   Getting off to a great start is important but not nearly as important as how you finish.   The first part of a team’s schedule is now complete and we have some feedback on how the team is doing.  The first and most obvious indicator is a team’s won/loss record, along with the Section standings and various rankings of league, district, and state teams.    Beneath the won/loss record and rankings are questions such as:  

     What was the team’s competition like?

     Is the team playing to their potential and is there room for growth?

     Is the team’s leadership emerging?

     Have the roles of the players been determined?

     What strengths can we continue to play to?

     What changes in strategy or personal does the coaching staff have to make?

     How does the team react when dealing with adversity?

     And maybe the most important concept is “the best ability is dependability”.  This is the process for the players developing the traits that will help them be successful not only in basketball but life.   These traits include the players maintaining their academic standing, being on time for school and team activities and representing their families, their team, and their school is a positive way. 

There are many questions that a coaching staff faces as the team now moves into the bulk of the schedule.  No matter what the record is two things are certain.   First nobody is determined as a “Champion” in December and secondly the season’s schedule has to be played out.   One question that can always be presented to the team is “What are we going to do now?”    It is an interesting question that can help them look at the options and help them decide which option they want to move on with.   If the team is down 10 or up 10 at halftime, they will have to determine how they want to approach the second half.  And certainly, after a win or a loss, answering that question will help keep the focus for the next task at hand.   Or if a player is not getting the playing time that he would like.   What approach might lead him to more playing time? 

An additional trait that is critical to any team trending in the right direction will be an unselfish attitude toward the team’s success.   ” We don’t care who scores as long as our team scores!”    Developing unselfish traits will go a long way in a successful season as does outstanding senior leadership.    A program might have various issues with sophomores who are balancing the demands of the JV/Varsity schedule.  The program should not have problems with juniors and the seniors should be in a position to help solve problems.    This growth in maturity will go a long way in how the season unfolds. 

So good luck to all of the teams out there.  No matter what situation your team is in, there are always challenges to face.  Before you know it, the season will be moving toward the post season so have fun and take advantage of this great opportunity that is presented to you.    These next few weeks can create many exciting moments that can help shape the season.  

~ Warren Goodling

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