The Team- Warren Goodling from ‘The Bench’

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Coach Warren Goodling gives us his thoughts from “The Bench”

The Team

Former Michigan football coach, Bo Schembechler once made the famous statement, “ The team, the team, the team”, in an intense locker room pre-game speech.   For many programs, developing the “team culture” is the most important thing in developing a successful program.   Some years the team totally models the expectations of that culture and some years the team is just trying to understand exactly what all of this is about.     As we move into January, some teams will be positioning themselves for the postseason playoffs. Others will be trying to gather as much positive momentum needed to propel the team into the future. Let’s take a look at some important characteristics that successful teams have.

Here are some attitudes that can seen in successful teams:
Players achieve academically to their potential.
Players are role models as good school and community citizens.
Players display self-control.
Players perform because of self-motivation.
Players are motivated to improve their individual weaknesses.
Players respect teammates and opposing players.
Players trust each other.
Players root for and pick each other up.
Players settle into a role that helps the team succeed.
Players don’t care who scores as long as the team scores.
Players embrace the challenges of the game.
Players strive to perform to their potential under all sorts of adverse circumstances.
Players are respected because of their work ethic and character not just their ability.
Leadership emerges, it is not appointed.

Developing a successful team requires complete cooperation and dedication of many.   The Head Coach ultimately is responsible for this but it takes so many staff members and the student-athletes to contribute winning habits to the program.   Many assistant coaches are vital to the success of the team by contributing in so many behind the scenes tasks.   It might be preparing a scouting report or just having a confidence building one to one meeting with a student-athlete.   The loyal assistant is so valuable to a successful team.

Coaches should not have a fear of losing or should they be pre-occupied with winning.   A coach is a teacher and their role is to guide and help their student-athlete meet their fullest potential in many areas of life.   Enjoy the second half of the basketball regular season.   Most of the upcoming games are important Section games that will provide many exciting memories of the 2019-2020 season.   Have fun at the games.  

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