Dell’s Column: March 1

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Dell’s column- March 1st

LL playoffs
How about the final games for the LL? Hempfield defeated Lancaster Catholic in OT in the girls game. The boys game was a one point affair, with the Lebanon Cedars pulling out a 41-40 final. LLhoops had the games live streamed, photo gallery by Mark22, and an excellent write up by Andy Herr. We will update the LL History soon.


Andy’s Write up -boys Hempfield/Lebanon
Photo gallery by Mark22 – boys
Photo Gallery by Mark22 – Girls

LL tournament games
Cocalico @ Lebanon BOYS – REPLAY
Warwick vs Lebanon @ Crest BOYS- REPLAY
Lancaster Catholic @ Hempfield BOYS- Andy
Columbia @ Lancaster Catholic BOYS- Andy

Video/wrap by Bruce Badgley
Lancaster Catholic/Cocalico

LLhoops live streaming…
Thanks to all that viewed our live stream games this week. We had several problems early in the week. We use the school’s wifi/ethernet set-ups. Sometimes there are issues with filters and settings at the school. There were several calls made by the schools to get us out on the air. We also record the games, so if they don’t turn out live we can upload to our Youtube account – we did this for the first half of the Warwick/Lebanon game. The LL finals at TWP were probably our best overall production.

LLhoops live stream is not a professional video company. We are learning on the fly, with each production a different set of issues. This season LLhoops purchased a new system. We think we finally have the audio set correctly. Crazy stuff happens pre-game- getting out, cameras not working, audio messed up etc… Sometimes there are glitches in the live stream (live chat has helped us with issues users are seeing- such as camera, scoreboard, graphics etc). For example, at the finals on Feb 27th we had a quick turnaround for the games, and we had Hempfield spelled incorrectly on our scoreboard graphic- took care of it at halftime. Guess my point here is that the programing is not a paid subscription, and we love it when everything works well as do our followers. With a small crew due to capacity limitations in the gyms, we can only do so much. Special thanks to LLhoops sponsors to help with our costs of producing games and all the LL schools that allow us to come into their gyms …And the followers!

Player of the Game feature is always a hit!


The Crew..
Announcers for most of the boys games: Warren Goodling and Eric Thomas. This team has worked together on LLhoops broadcast and other platforms for a few years. They have a nice give and take during the games. The X and O’s provided by Warren, and the stats, history and story lines given to us by Eric. The girls finals were called by Bruce Badgley and Rick Dissinger- awesome calls of the OT finals.

Production for most of the games this season: Camera – Dell and Curt Snelbaker, Producer Deron Gue / Dell.
Here is the link to the scores/schedule of the LL boys teams this week. There are limits on the spectators for each school – depends on the capacity of the hosts schools. Tickets will be split by the home school. Most, if not all, schools have some sort of live stream. LLhoops will be at Lebanon Wed. For the re-match of Hempfield/Lebanon for a live stream game. Andy and Dell will be out as well giving updates via twitter and wraps on the web site. There will not be games at Hershey this year for districts. All games will be played at the higher seeded team. Only one team, the District Champ, will represent D3 in the PIAA. As of now, there are plans to have the finals at Hershey, with very limited fans allowed in the games.

Press Break….We took a short break this week…We will be back next weekend- hoping to get an LL coach or 2 to join us. Check out our past Press Breaks

LLhoops this and that
We are averaging over 10,000 views per month. LLhoops has been advertising their live stream games on Facebook. For the LL finals, we produced a digital program which is free to download off the finals pages (another first) :). Berks Beat by Bruce Badgley got cranked up late in the season- coverage of the Berks finals esp. the Wilson/Reading 3 was fun to follow live-then recap videos on We will be posting up LL all stars AFTER the districts/PIAA tournaments are completed. Our twitter followers are up over 3,500 🙂 We welcome Max Molina for the picts of the LL finals- not up yet but will be soon.

Enjoy another week of playoff basketball!

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LL Boys Senior All Star game
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