District 2 (PIAA First Round Tracker – UPDATED)


updated on 3/4






“hosts” means a game within District 2

“visits” means within opponents district

number before team – indicates district seeding going into tourney



Boys AAAAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 1, #7 Team

  1-Hazleton Area (23-1)


 7-Norristown (18-10)   



Boys AAAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 3, #8 Team

 1-Abington Heights (22-3)    


13-Garden Spot (15-13)    


District 2 Runner-up hosts District 3, #4 Team

 2-Dallas (20-5) 


8-Lower Dauphin (19-7) 



Boys AAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 1/11, #3 Team

  1-Scranton Prep (20-5)


3-Tamaqua (18-7)


District 2 Runner-up visits District 4 Runner-up

  3-Valley View (16-9) 


4-Mifflinburg (16-9) 


District 2, #3 Team visits District 1/11 Champion

  2-Nanticoke Area (20-5)


1-Bethlehem Catholic (25-3) 



Boys AAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 12, #4 Team

 `1-Wyoming Seminary (21-4)


Mastery Charter South (14-8)


District 2 Runner-up visits District 4 Runner-up

 2-Holy Redeemer (18-7) 


2-Loyalsock Township (20-7) 



Boys AA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 4 Runner-up

1-Holy Cross (20-6)


4-Northeast Bradford (12-14)  


District 2 Runner-up visits District 4 Champion

3-Northwest Area (10-15) 


2-Muncy (17-7)   



Boys A PIAA First Round

District 2/11 Champion hosts District 3, #5 Team

1-Susquehanna Community (17-9) 


7-Conestoga Christian (16-9)


District 11 Runner-up hosts District 4, #3 Team  

3-Pottsville Nativity BVM (14-11) 


4-Sullivan County (19-6) 


District 11, #3 Team visits District 4 Runner-up  

5-Lincoln Leadership (8-17)  


1-Millville (21-3) 






Girls AAAAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 1, #8 Team

  2-Hazleton Area (15-9) 


10-Neshaminy (18-8) 



Girls AAAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 3, #6 Team

1-Abington Heights (18-7)


7-Solanco (17-10) 


District 2 Runner-up hosts District 3, #4 Team

 2-Crestwood (17-8) 


5-Susquehannock (22-6)  



Girls AAAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 3, #4 Team

 1-Scranton Prep (23-2)


3-Wyomissing (21-5)  



District 2 Runner-up hosts District 4, #3 Team

  2-Nanticoke Area (21-5)  


5-Danville (17-8)



District 2, #3 Team visits District 11 Champion

 4-Berwick (17-8) 


1-Bethlehem Catholic (24-3)



Girls AAA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 12, #4 Team

 1-Dunmore (25-1)


Philadelphia Academy Charter (12-7)



District 2 Runner-up HOSTS District 4 Runner-up

2-Holy Redeemer (22-4) 


5-Hughesville (16-9)



District 2, #3 Team visits District 11 Runner-up

 2-Mid Valley (17-8)


1-North Schuylkill (24-3) 



Girls AA PIAA First Round

District 2 Champion hosts District 4 Runner-up

 2-Old Forge (12-12) 


5-South Williamsport (11-14)



District 2 Runner-up visits District 4 Champion

1-Northwest Area (14-10)   


2-Southern Columbia (17-8)



Girls A PIAA First Round

District 2/11 Champion hosts District 1, #3 Team

2-Weatherly (16-8)  


4-Christian Aca. vs. 6-Phil Mont Chr. (winner, 3/5 @ 6:30 pm)



District 2/11 Runner-up hosts District 4, #3 Team

5-Pottsville Nativity BVM (8-17)  


1-Sullivan County (21-4)







2018 District 2 Tournament (Final Results)


2018 District 2 Tournament








(1) Hazleton Area 84, (4) Delaware Valley 33 (ends at 12-11)  

(2) Scranton 80, (3) Williamsport 79 (ends at 13-10)  



(1) Hazleton Area 61, (2) Scranton 51 (ends at 16-8)   






(1) Abington Heights 64, (8) North Pocono 32 (ends at 5-18)

(4) Wallenpaupack 41, (5) West Scranton 40 (ends at 8-15) 

(2) Dallas 75, (7) Wyoming Valley West 39 (ends at 5-18)

(3) Crestwood 48, vs. (6) Pittston Area 45 (ends at 6-17) 



(1) Abington Heights 58, (4) Wallenpaupack 19 (ends at 12-12)

(2) Dallas 52, (3) Crestwood 50 (ends at 16-8) 



(1) Abington Heights 61, (2) Dallas 36  






(1) Scranton Prep 69, (8) Wilkes-Barre GAR 43 (ends at 10-13)

(4) Wyoming Area 44, (5) Hanover Area 43 (ends at 14-9)

(2) Nanticoke Area 50, (7) Wilkes-Barre Meyers 48 (ends at 11-12)

(3) Valley View 47, (6) Tunkhannock 38 (ends at 13-10) 



(1) Scranton Prep 74, (4)  Wyoming Area 53 

(3) Valley View 48, (2) Nanticoke Area 41  



(2) Nanticoke Area  52, (4)  Wyoming Area 48 (ends at 15-10)  



(1) Scranton Prep 54, (3) Valley View 46  






(1) Wyoming Seminary 51, (8) Lakeland 22 (ends at 6-17)

(4) Dunmore 62, (5) Carbondale 49 (ends at 12-11) 

(2) Holy Redeemer 64, (7) Montrose 49 (ends at 13-11)

(6) Riverside 46, (3) Mid Valley 29 (ends at 15-9)  



(1) Wyoming Seminary 58, (4) Dunmore 43 (ends at 14-10) 

(2) Holy Redeemer 51, (6) Riverside 45 (ends at 10-14) 



(1) Wyoming Seminary 56, (2) Holy Redeemer 39  






(1) Holy Cross 63, (8) Blue Ridge 34 (ends at 2-21)

(4) Old Forge 56, vs. (5) Mountain View 47 (ends at 7-16) 

(2) Elk Lake 54, (7) Forest City 47 (ends at 4-19)

(3) Northwest Area 52, (6) Lackawanna Trail 43 (ends at 4-19)



(1) Holy Cross 45, (4) Old Forge 25 (ends at 8-16) 

(3) Northwest Area 46, (2) Elk Lake 45 (ends at 13-11)  



(1) Holy Cross 55, (3) Northwest Area 39 






(1) Susquehanna Community (15-8) bye

(2) Tri-Valley 56, (7) Salem Christian 34 (ends at 12-11)

(3) Nativity BVM 58, (6) Weatherly 37 (ends at 10-13)



(5) Lincoln Leadership 58, (4) ND East Stroudsburg 50 (ends at 11-12)




(1) Susquehanna Community 53, (5) Lincoln Leadership 44

(3) Nativity BVM 51, (2) Tri-Valley 34


thursday, march 1 (3rd PLACE GAME)

(5) Lincoln Leadership 49, (2) Tri-Valley 47  


THURSDAY, MARCH 1 @7 pm (D2/11 FINAL @Scranton) 

(1) Susquehanna Community 65, (3) Nativity BVM 59


sunday, MARCH 4 @1 PM (D2 FINAL @MOHEGAN SUN)  

MMI Prep 38, (1) Susquehanna 22  









(1) Scranton 45, vs. (4) Delaware Valley 23 (ends at 3-20)

(2) Hazleton Area 65, (3) Williamsport 44 (ends at 6-17)  



(2) Hazleton Area 52, (1) Scranton 37 (ends at 16-8)    







(1) Abington Heights 56, (8) Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 31 (ends at 1-22)

(4) Pittston Area 31, (5) West Scranton 25 (ends at 12-11) 

(2) Crestwood 40, (7) North Pocono 34 (ends at 12-11)

(6) Wyoming Valley West 63, (3) Wallenpaupack 57 (ends at 15-8)   



(1) Abington Heights 45, (4) Pittston Area 27 (ends at 14-10)  

(2) Crestwood 60, (6) Wyoming Valley West 28 (ends at 12-12)  



(1) Abington Heights 51, (2) Crestwood 45  






(1) Scranton Prep 47, (8) Tunkhannock 24 (ends at 8-15)

(4) Berwick 61, (5) Lake-Lehman 48 (ends at 13-10) 

(2) Nanticoke Area 57, (7) Valley View 34 (ends at 10-13)

(3) Wyoming Area 54, (6) Dallas 41 (ends at 12-11) 



(1) Scranton Prep 49, (4) Berwick 41 

(2) Nanticoke Area 50, (3) Wyoming Area 43  



(4) Berwick 50, (3) Wyoming Area 35 (ends at 16-9)   



(1) Scranton Prep 45, (2) Nanticoke Area 29   






(1) Dunmore 56, (8) Wilkes-Barre Meyers 24 (ends at 9-14)

(4) Mid Valley 37, (5) Riverside 31 (ends at 13-10)

(2) Holy Redeemer 57, Montrose 36 (ends at 12-11)

(3) Holy Cross 54, (6) Hanover Area 37 (ends at 10-13)



(1) Dunmore 60, (4) Mid Valley 27

(2) Holy Redeemer 51, (3) Holy Cross 41 



(4) Mid Valley 58, (3) Holy Cross 49 (ends at 19-7) 



(1) Dunmore 48, (2) Holy Redeemer 44  






(4) Mountain View 53, (5) Lackawanna Trail 42 (ends at 5-18)

(3) Wyoming Seminary 47, (6) Elk Lake 23 (end sat 7-16)




(1) Northwest Area 44, (4) Mountain View 36 (ends at 11-13) 

(2) Old Forge 58, (3) Wyoming Seminary 48 (ends at 14-10) 



(2) Old Forge 41, (1) Northwest Area 33 






(1) Susquehanna Community (19-3) bye

(5) Nativity BVM 67, (4) Lincoln Leadership 33 (ends at 12-9) 

(2) Weatherly (14-8) bye

(6) Forest City 41, (3) Salem Christian 25 (ends at 18-5) 



(5) Nativity BVM 55, (1) Susquehanna Community 40

(2) Weatherly 58, (6) Forest City 29



(1) Susquehanna Community 39, (6) Forest City 36

  • neither team advances  


saturday, MARCH 3 (D2/11 SUB-REGIONAL FINAL)

(2) Weatherly 40, (5) Pottsville Nativity BVM  37






District 2 Tournament Previews


BOYS CLASS AAAAAA 2/4 Subregional

(1) Hazleton Area (21-1) vs. (4) Delaware Valley (12-10) 

(2) Scranton (15-7) vs. (3) Williamsport (13-9)  


FAVORITE:  Hazleton Area           

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Scranton          

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Williamsport 

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Scranton vs. Williamsport      

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  The Class 6A tourney always delivers some high drama and this year should be no different.  And even though Williamsport, often the measuring stick for gauging the level of area competition, sits at 13-9, they cannot be underestimated.  Especially this time of year.  Starting off with Hazleton Area, the 21-1 top-seed suffered their only blemish via a 65-56 loss to defending 6A state champion Reading (on the road) (on the Red Knights’ home floor).  Some valuable lessons were learned during that 19-4 second quarter disaster at the Geigle Center.  This is a squad that withstood some outstanding efforts during the regular season from top district teams such as Dallas, Nanticoke and Scranton Prep.  Not many teams are led in long-range shooting by their 6-8 senior center, but Josh Samec (15.4 ppg, 41 triples) is that type of threat.  He also snares 8 boards per game.  Another dynamic playmaker on both ends of the floor is Joey Grula.  The 6-5 senior guard/forward nets 12.3 ppg and has 17 treys.  Speaking of playmakers, look no further than 6-5 junior Da’Mir Faison.  He hits 12.7 ppg (21 triples) and is a top rebounder for Mike Joseph.  Around the arc, guards Andrew Vayda (a sophomore) and Ryan Wolk (a junior) have been steady.  Add in 6-5 senior guard Jeff Planutis (15 ppg (19 triples) and you can see why this team has been ranked by CoBL throughout the entire season.  Off the bench, Scott Shamany (6-1 senior forward) and Adrian Otero (6-2 senior forward) hit a combined 7.6 ppg.  They provide depth and both gained experience during the season when Grula was injured.  Scranton, the #2 seed, dropped seven games this season, but five of them came against powerhouse Lackawanna Division 1 teams Abington Heights and Scranton Prep.  The Knights bring a little bit of everything onto the court – good outside shooting, athleticism, and they can vary their tempo.  While they don’t have a lot of height, they play tall.  Senior guard Ky’Ron Harbin scores 16.9 ppg.  He is joined in the backcourt by seniors Robbie McAndrew (10.9 ppg) and Cameron Jordan (6.9 ppg).  They teamed up to hit 62 triples on the season.  Added depth comes from Isaiah Montgomery (senior, 3.8 ppg) and Tyjay Ash (sophomore, 3.9 ppg).  Inside, 6-4 junior forward Marcus Bauman, nets 9.3 ppg.  The wildcard team in the tourney is Williamsport.  Their 13-9 mark is bolstered by several second-half comebacks and a few victories in the closing seconds.  So, the Millionaires have definitely faced adversity and they don’t panic.  Their sole returning starter is junior guard Marcus SimmonsDarryl Wilson (senior guard) has been developing into one of their top go-to scorers.  Inside, they feature 6-5 senior center Ethen Stryker and 6-3 senior forward Al-Tamar Jason, and 6-4 senior forward D’Angelo Strachon.  And senior guard Tyler McCann provides hustle all over the court.  The Cherry and White will go 10 deep including guards Keith Jason (senior guard), Ethan Williams (junior guard), Eric Smith (6-3 senior forward), and Nassir Jones (6-1 freshman forward).  Delaware Valley, winner of the Lackawanna Division 2 race, is the #4 seed.  The Warriors get 14.8 ppg from junior guard Blake Gearhart.  He is joined around the perimeter by senior Hassan Keyes (5.2 ppg), junior Dylan Kelly (4.8 ppg), and sophomore Grant Berrios (3.5 ppg).  In the frontcourt, Del-Val has seniors Matt Campbell (6-4 forward, 2.9 ppg), and Zach Klapack (6-1 forward, 6.6 ppg) along with sophomore Jackson Shafer (6-3, 7.7 ppg).  Shafer and Klapack combined for 38 triples.                                                              




(1) Abington Heights (19-3) vs. (8) North Pocono (5-17)

(4) Wallenpaupack (11-11) vs. (5) West Scranton (8-14) 

(2) Dallas (18-4) vs. (7) Wyoming Valley West (5-17)

(3) Crestwood (15-7) vs. (6) Pittston Area (6-16) 


FAVORITES:  Abington Heights, Dallas           

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Crestwood          

DON’T COUNT OUT:  West Scranton, Wallenpaupack, Pittston           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Wallenpaupack vs. West Scranton            

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Dallas vs. Crestwood

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Last year, Abington Heights and Dallas met up in a district semifinal matchup which the Comets won by 19 points.  While AH remains an extremely strong, yet decidedly different style team from a year ago, the Mountaineers have certainly closed the gap.  Just how much we might find out at Mohegan Sun Arena in less than two weeks.  Top-seed Abington Heights, the Lackawanna Division 1 champion, has an incredible 1-2 punch in 1,000 point scorer Jackson Danzig (senior guard, 17.4 ppg) and all-everything junior forward George Tinsley (17.8 ppg).  With standout junior guard Trey Koehler possibly out for the season, the Comets have received about 11.5 ppg (along with 46 triples) from Jack Nealon and Corey Perkins.  That duo, along with 6-4 sophomore Mike Malone, has given Ken Bianchi (766 career wins) plenty of talent returning next year.  The Comets three losses have all come on the road this year – Scranton Prep, Downingtown East, and Methacton.  Dallas, the #2 seed, twice gave WVC Division 1 winner Hazleton Area a battle before falling to the Cougars.  Their other losses came against WVC Division 2 champion Nanticoke Area and Woodson (Va.) in a Bethlehem Christmas tourney.  Dallas comes into the tourney expecting to win it all.  The Mounts are well-coached by Mark Belenski, have senior leadership, and play very smart on the floor.  They find your weakness and go after it.  They get balanced scoring from Joey Parsons (13.9 ppg), Alex Charlton (11.8 ppg), Jay Bittner (20.7 ppg), Matt Mathers (7.7 ppg), and Nick Kocher (6.4 ppg).  Parsons, Charlton, and Kocher have combined for 83 treys.  Crestwood comes in as the #3 seed.  The Comets seem to reload every year and use their methodical pace to often frustrate teams come playoff time.  Juniors Camden Boris and Mike Palmiero (about 11.8 ppg each) have been playing very well.  Mark Atherton also gets 7.6 ppg from junior Sean Murphy, and 5.8 ppg from senior Evan Knapp.  Freshman guard Ryan Petrosky has been contributing 6.3 ppg.  Wallenpaupack, the #4 seed, will take on #5 seed West Scranton who the Buckhorns already defeated 58-53 in crossover division play.  Paupack features a young lineup that might put them into the championship conversation next year too.  Junior guards Derrick Vosburg (6.9 ppg, 25 triples) and Alex Pillar (6.3 ppg, 30 triples) are joined by sophomore Elijah Rosenthal (13.5 ppg, 46 treys).  Inside, they have 6-6 soph forward Gabe Springer (10 ppg).  Looking at West Scranton, the Invaders 8-14 season mark might be a bit deceiving as they were very competitive in most of their five season-ending losses.  In the backcourt, West has senior Shayne Merrifield (14.5 ppg, 42 triples), senior Ryan Mangan (5 ppg), and freshman Cayden Merrifield (6.3 ppg, 31 triples).  Inside, Jack Lyons has a pair of senior forwards, 6-2 Josh Hart (13.4 ppg) and 6-4 Jalen Gregory (6.6 ppg).  Pittston Area relies on a trio of seniors, guard Naseem Guillauame (9.6 ppg) along with forwards Matt McGlynn (9.4 ppg, a great outside shooter) and 6-5 Brian Miller (7.2 ppg).  The Patriots also have a pair of sophs averaging about 5 ppg in Andrew Krawczyk and Brennan Higgins.  Wyoming Valley West, the #7 seed, has senior sharp-shooter Draig Ruff who scores 26.5 ppg and has connected on 48 triples.  The Spartans also have three talented underclassmen in Sammy Solomon (6-3 soph, 4.6 ppg), Justus Simpson (soph guard, 5.7 ppg), and Mason Mendygral (freshman guard, 9.2 ppg with 47 triples).  North Pocono, the #8 seed, gets balanced scoring from the perimeter with Alec Ciaglia (senior, 5.9 ppg), Chris McLafferty (senior, 5.7 ppg), and Anthony Kosiba (junior, 6.6 ppg).  Inside, the Trojans have 6-4 senior Joe Thiel (9.4 ppg) and 6-3 junior Ryan Deom (5.7 ppg).                                                                                



(1) Scranton Prep (17-5) vs. (8) Wilkes-Barre GAR (10-12)

(4) Wyoming Area (14-8) vs. (5) Hanover Area (14-8)

(2) Nanticoke Area (18-4) vs. (7) Wilkes-Barre Meyers (11-11)

(3) Valley View (14-8) vs. (6) Tunkhannock (13-9) 


FAVORITES:  Scranton Prep, Nanticoke Area         

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Valley View, Wyoming Area             

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Hanover Area, Wilkes-Barre Meyers, Tunkhannock           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Valley View vs. Tunkhannock           

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Nanticoke Area vs. Valley View         

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Every few years a bracket comes along that absolutely delivers one of those hoops “YES” moments.  And this one qualifies.  Not because of any juggernaut-type program in the field, but rather the great mix of solid teams and standout players from top to bottom.  It’s a good thing that three teams will advance to the state playoffs.  Top-seed Scranton Prep dropped three close early season games to Hazleton Area, Emmaus, and Williamsport before cruising through Lackawanna League Division 1 action.  That was until back-to-back losses to Abington Heights and Valley View flipped things up a bit.  The Cavs are at their best when they have a lead and control the tempo.  Their 6-8 junior forward Leo O’Boyle has been spectacular at times averaging 19.9 ppg (with 41 triples).  Inside, he is joined by 6-5 senior center Wes Simons (11.5 ppg).  On the perimeter, Andrew Kettel relies on juniors Brian Boland (6.5 ppg) and Greyson Schermerhorn (5.1 ppg) along with seniors Sam Bednarz (3.8 ppg) and Alec D’Elia (4 ppg).  Nanticoke Area, the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 2 champion, is the #2 seed.  Their four losses came against rival Hanover Area, Holy Redeemer, Hazleton Area, and Tunkhannock.  The Trojans are led by junior guard Nate Kreitzer (18.9 ppg, 68 treys) and 6-5 junior forward Trahjan Krupinski (14.2 ppg).  GNA also gets superb efforts from a pair of younger players, sophomore guard Colby Butczynski (9.1 ppg,) and freshman Jake Krupinsky (8 ppg) who have combined for 45 triples.  Valley View, the #3 seed, is a program loaded with developing talent, and virtually their entire lineup returns next season.  While the Cougars finished at 6-7 during league play, their signature win was a 54-53 shocker over Scranton Prep.  They have a deep guard-oriented squad led by junior Marc Kudrich (15.6 ppg, 27 triples).  He is joined by fellow junior Bobby Craig (8.7 ppg, 27 treys) and sophomores Dylan Howanitz (7.6 ppg) and Dixon Black (6.2 ppg).  Chase Combs and Jaden Duplessis (two more junior guards) score a combined 9.6 ppg.  #4 seed Wyoming Area, on the other hand, is an experienced senior-led team anchored by 6-3 center Sam Greenfield (20.4 ppg with 30 triples), a terrific player with lots of versatility.  He is joined by Aaron Zezza (10.9 ppg and 31 treys), Matt Wright (7.3 ppg), and Kyre Zielinski (8.2 ppg).  The Warriors take on #5 seed Hanover Area.  The Hawks concluded a fine regular season with an eye-catching win over WVC Division 3 winner Wyoming Seminary.  They have three players hitting double figures, senior guard Mike Piscotty (13.9 ppg), senior guard Desmond Cannon (10.4 ppg), and senior playmaker Tyler Thomas (10.4 ppg).  Piscotty and Cannon teamed up for 101 triples.  Sophomore guard Asad Whitehead nets 8.4 ppg while junior forward Evan Materna adds 5.3 ppg.  Another team that cannot be underestimated is Tunkhannock.  The Tigers have nice balance to their lineup, led in the backcourt by junior Tyler Faux (17.6 ppg, 80 treys) and senior Sean Harder (12.4 ppg, 14 triples).  Senior Matt Goodwin adds 6.4 ppg and is another outside threat with 35 triples.  Inside, Tunk features 6-4 senior forward Evan Turner (7.4 ppg) and 6-8 junior Avery Billings (4 ppg).  If the Tigers can get their inside game to be a bit more productive, don’t be surprised to see them playing at the arena.  The Wilkes-Barre schools bring in the final two spots.  Meyers, the #7 seed, is paced by standout senior guard Jawane Buckner (18.7 ppg, 51 triples).  The Mohawks are otherwise a very youthful squad with junior guards Kendell Brewster (9.7 ppg, 29 treys) and Keegan Brewster (4.7 ppg) along with a pair of freshmen in Cole Walker (guard, 7 ppg, 22 triples) and Blake Masker (6-3 forward, 3.3 ppg).  GAR features all-star junior guard Will Johnson (20 ppg, 37 treys) along with several other guards in seniors Anthony Hawk (8.7 ppg), Simon Peter (5 ppg, 32 triples), and Khalil White (4.2 ppg) along with junior Tyler Young (5.5 ppg). 




(1) Wyoming Seminary (18-4) vs. (8) Lakeland (6-16)

(4) Dunmore (13-9) vs. (5) Carbondale (12-10) 

(2) Holy Redeemer (16-6) vs. (7) Montrose (13-10)

(3) Mid Valley (15-8) vs. (6) Riverside (9-13) 


FAVORITES:  Wyoming Seminary, Holy Redeemer          

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Mid Valley          

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Dunmore, Carbondale, Riverside           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Dunmore vs. Carbondale            

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Holy Redeemer vs. Mid Valley      

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Top-seed Wyoming Seminary captured the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 3 championship via a pair of big wins over #2 seed Holy Redeemer (46-41 and 58-51).  While fans of these two teams might be planning for a third matchup in an upcoming arena party, there are enough obstacles through the brackets to keep this one interesting.  The Blue Knights have lots of current talent, and the majority of it will be back again next year.  On the perimeter, Sem features sophomore Jeremy Callahan (9.9 ppg) and Jake Koretz (7.5 ppg) who have combined for 63 triples.  Inside, they are solid with 6-2 junior Dimitri Gnall (16.9 ppg), 6-4 junior Nicholas Ganter (8.8 ppg), and 6-3 sophomore Todd Phillips (7.4 ppg).  The Blue Knights dropped narrow crossover games to Nanticoke Area and Meyers.  Holy Redeemer comes in as the #2 seed.  The Royals have played a challenging slate and get balanced scoring from their lineup.  They are led by juniors Collin Cook (13.3 ppg, 42 triples) and Nick Prociak (6.6 ppg) along with seniors JD Turosky (9.8 ppg) and Joey Judge (8.5 ppg).  They also get contributions from Sean Wills, Bryan Yencha, and Derek Answini.  #3 seed Mid Valley cruised through league play, minus three losses to division nemesis Holy Cross.  The Spartans have the type of guard-oriented lineup that could have what it takes to advance to a championship round.  They feature a terrific bunch of long-range shooters in JJ Glinsky (senior, 14 ppg), Collin Scherer (senior, 7.9 ppg), Shane Rosencrans (junior, 7.7 ppg), and Collin Hazelton (junior, 9.2 ppg).  They connected on 107 triples on the season.  Inside, MV has 6-5 sophomore Mike Miller (4.7 ppg).  Dunmore, the #4 seed, relies on Richie Grippi (senior, 9.9 ppg) along with sophs Steve Borgia (4.6 ppg) and Daniel Walsh (11.4 ppg) in the backcourt.  The Bucks also have senior forward Nate Fangio (9.4 ppg, 24 treys).  Dunmore will battle #5 seed Carbondale who they split in a pair of division matchups.  The Chargers are a mature squad with plenty of talented guards on the floor.  Senior Bobby Salitsky leads the way with 13.1 ppg while seniors Andrew Manarchuck and Bailey Rumford combine for 14.1 ppg.   Juniors Mike Zazzera and Pat Durkin team up for 15 ppg.  #6 seed Riverside is looking to rebound from a 9-13 campaign.  They feature a pair of seniors in Evan Carrubba (guard, 9.5 ppg) and Marcos Echeverrio (forward, 9.5 ppg).  The Vikes also have a duo of exciting younger players in Razen Reyes (sophomore guard, 7.1 ppg) and Michael Rickert (freshman, 10.8 ppg) who netted a combined 49 triples.  Riverside dropped both previous tilts with Mid Valley, but each game was very competitive.  Montrose, the #7 seed, finished just game behind Lackawanna Division 2 winner Susquehanna.  The Meteors are led by junior forward Brennan Gilhool (11.9 ppg) and senior guard Jacob Peck (11.2 ppg, 34 triples).  Senior forward Bryden Jerauld contributes 4.7 ppg.  Montrose also has depth in their backcourt with a trio of juniors – Evan Snyder (6.7 ppg), Andrew Rapisardi (7.6 ppg), and Tyler Rebello (6.1 ppg).  Rapisardi and Rebello combined for 38 triples.  Lakeland, the #8 seed, is a young team building toward the future.  Junior guards Silas Stearns and James Lewis hit a combined 16.2 ppg while 6-3 senior forward Rodney LaBorde adds 5 ppg (26 treys).  The Chiefs have 6-2 soph forward Noah Chup and 6-5 freshman center CJ Dippre who have teamed up for 13.3 ppg.                                                                                 




(1) Holy Cross (17-6) vs. (8) Blue Ridge (2-20)

(4) Old Forge (7-15) vs. (5) Mountain View (7-15) 

(2) Elk Lake (12-10) vs. (7) Forest City (4-18)

(3) Northwest Area (8-14) vs. (6) Lackawanna Trail (4-18)


FAVORITE:  Holy Cross      

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Elk Lake           

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Northwest Area         

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Old Forge vs. Mountain View           

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Elk Lake vs. Northwest Area   

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  OK, so this appears to be Holy Cross’ tournament to lose, but there will still be plenty of drama on who secures the runner-up and state-qualifying position.  Only two teams enter the Class AA field with winning records as the overall winning percentage of the entire group is just under 35%.  And, earlier in the season, Holy Cross appeared to be matching that mark, struggling mightily amidst a 3-6 record.  So, who stepped up to create their big turnaround?  Well, nobody – and everybody – actually.  Unlike other Crusader editions which featured a clutch go-to player, everyone on this young squad has found their role.  Senior guard Patrick Galvin leads the way with 12.9 ppg (15 triples).  He is joined by a trio of juniors and a pair of talented sophomores.  Tyler Mozeleski (junior forward) nets 10.3 ppg and has 31 triples.  Tom Montefour and Declan Tokash hit a combined 13.3 ppg with 25 combined treys.  Soph guards Kieran Burrier (11.2 ppg) and Caleb Callejas (5.3 ppg) combined for 32 triples).  #2 seed Elk Lake, 7-5 in Lackawanna Division 4 play, relies on senior guard Rierdan Reyan (19 ppg, 42 treys).  He is joined by junior guard Nate Preston (6.4 ppg).  In the middle, the Warriors have senior forwards Kobe Jayne (6.7 ppg) and Drew Arnold (6 ppg).  Northwest Area, the #3 seed, has a dynamic junior guard duo in Jaxson Yaple (12.5 ppf, 48 triples) and Sam Saxe (14.9 ppg, 46 triples).  The Rangers have junior forward Tyler Stevens (7.9 ppg) and 6-4 junior center Bryce Koser (7.3 ppg) in the paint.  Old Forge, the #3 seed, has a quartet of seniors in guards Joey Verespey (11.4 ppg), Brandon Nee (10.5 ppg) and Kevin Welsh (7.2 ppg) plus forward Pat Banks (8.2 ppg).  Their backcourt of Verespey, Nee, and Welsh has connected on 92 triples.  The Blue Devils also have newcomer freshman guard Michhael DiGregorio (7.3 ppg).  Mountain View, the #5 seed, has a guard oriented squad highlighted by seniors Kyle Streich (14 ppg, 55 triples) and Alex Showalter (10.1 ppg) plus junior Mike Schermerhorn (9.9 ppg, 31 treys).  A pair of soph guards, Preston Petts and Mike Fanelli, combine for 6.7 ppg.  Lackawanna Trail enters as the #6 seed.  The Lions get plenty of players into the scoring column.  Junior guard Zach Stec nets 7.5 ppg while 6-2 senior forward Shawn Jones hits 10.4 ppg.  Jones is joined inside by junior Zac Cost (4.6 ppg).  Soph guard Josh Rzucidlo contributes 6.5 ppg.  LT also gets about 12 ppg combined from Griffin Holmes, Nico Berrios, and Richard Helbing.  Forest City has several key seniors leading the Foresters.  They are led by center Dakota Knehr-Cook (11 ppg, 19 triples) and guard Jordan Non (10.5 ppg, 30 treys).  They also get about 17 ppg combined from seniors Noah Yates and Jerrad Non plus junior Eric Paulin.  Blue Ridge, the #8 seed, gets about 17 ppg combined from junior guards Sam Cosmello and Kaleb Folk (they have 29 triples).  Inside, the Raiders feature senior forwards Charlie Randall (6-5, 5.3 ppg) and Gavin Bradley (6-3, 4.9 ppg).                                                       



BOYS CLASS A 2/11 Subregional

(1) Susquehanna Community (15-8) bye

(4) Notre Dame East Stroudsburg (11-11) vs. (5) Lincoln Leadership (6-16)

(2) Tri-Valley (11-11) vs. (7) Salem Christian (12-10)

(3) Nativity BVM (12-10) vs. (6) Weatherly (10-12)


FAVORITE:  Susquehanna Community             

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Nativity BVM, Tri-Valley, NDES                

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Salem Christian           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Tri-Valley vs. Salem Christian             

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Susquehanna Community vs. Notre Dame East Stroudsburg     

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  The Boys 1A sub-regional tournament is going to be very balanced and competitive.  Top-seed Susquehanna Community logged an 11-1 mark, winning the Lackawanna League Division 4.  The Sabers are led by junior guard Mason Deakin (15.4 ppg with 21 triples).  He is joined by junior guard Adam Rockwell (7 ppg, 34 treys).  Inside they have junior forwards Bryce Baldwin (6-5, 12.9 ppg) and CJ Stone (6-2, 5.6 ppg) plus senior Eric Lee (5.8 ppg).  The #2 through #4 seeds are very evenly matched.  Tri-Valley, 5-9 in Schuylkill League play, gets even scoring all over the floor.  The Bulldogs have a solid backcourt with senior Ashton Buchanan (10 ppg), juniors Nick Ziegmont and Daulton Leedy (scoring a combined 19 ppg) plus sophomore Chase Deeter (8.7 ppg).  In the middle, they have 6-1 junior center Brayden Smith and 6-1 senior forward Logan Yoder who team up to score 13.3 ppg.  #3 seed Pottsville Nativity BVM is a very athletic squad that finished 8-10 in league play, including a pair of victories over Tri-Valley.  The Hilltoppers rely on junior guards Raphael Muldrow and Sincere Walker plus senior Christian Matlock.  Senior 6-2 forward Casian Flowers and 6-3 junior center Quandre Latimer handle things in the paint.  Notre Dame East Stroudsburg is always a perennial contender.  The #4 seed Spartans are well-coached and led by junior guards Daniel Lynch and Dylan Parris plus senior guard Royce Frazier.  They also get contributions from junior guards Benjamin Jean and Paulo Villanova.  NDES also has a pair of freshmen guards in Shawn Seay and Aaron Bailey.  Defending district champion Lincoln Leadership Academy is paced by 6-3 senior forward Maurice Moore and senior guard Austin Alvarez.  The Lions also feature Jabhil Cruz, Joesiah Vasquez, Josh Gonzolez, and Adrian Pagan.  #6 seed Weatherly, one year removed from their 2-20 campaign, had their sights on a possible championship, but their late season controversy of possibly using a pair of non-resident players has got to impact their focus.  The Wreckers roster includes senior guards Johnny Arthur, Zach Moon, Joel Hinkle, and Gabriel Miller.  They also have 6-3 senior center Steph Yurchak.  #7 seed Salem Christian, who lost in the semi-finals to Nativity BVM last year, is led by sophomore guard Levi Gehman.  The Eagles also have juniors Justin Rosak and Matt Shiffer.                                    






(1) Scranton (15-7) vs. (5) Delaware Valley (3-19)

(2) Hazleton Area (13-9) vs. (3) Williamsport (6-16)  


FAVORITE:  Scranton           

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Hazleton Area

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Williamsport                   

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Top seed Scranton gets the nod in the big school classification.  The Lady Knights have a frontcourt trio that will present a big challenge for any of the teams.  Senior 6-0 forward Shelby Funchess hits 13.9 ppg, Colette Mulderig (6-2 sophomore center) 13.2 gg, and 6-1 junior forward Kristen Hart adds 3.7 ppg.  Scranton does not have the spectacular playmaker running their offense as in previous seasons, but Sophia Glogowski (sophomore, 7.5 ppg 36 triples) and Erin Barrett (senior, 5.1 ppg) have been solid.  They combined for 64 triples for the Lady Knights who finished at 10-3 in league play, 3 games behind Lackawanna Division 1 champion Scranton Prep.  Hazleton Area, the #2 seed, has been riding a bit of a rollercoaster season.  The Lady Cougars picked up some momentum through the middle part of the season and seemed to be headed for a Wyoming Valley Conference Division 1 crown after big wins over Berwick, Lake-Lehman, and Wyoming Area.  But, some untimely injuries and sickness sent them off the rails and limping into the postseason on a 4-game losing streak.  Senior guard Maddie Mrochko is their leader averaging 15.7 ppg and 56 triples.  She is joined by junior guard Virginia Yurchak (7.5 ppg).  Inside, Hazleton has an excellent duo of forwards, 5-11 Faith Grula (9.4 ppg) and 6-0 Marissa Trivelpiece (6.6 ppg) who went down with a knee injury late in the season.  The Lady Cougars are a tenacious group, have depth (with senior guard Diamond Truluck), and plenty of talented youth (with sophomore Kyra Antolick and freshman Brooke Boretski).  Their opponent in the semi-finals will be Williamsport, a team that they rolled over 67-42.  But that was way back in early December and the gap between these two teams seems to have narrowed a bit.  The #3 Lady Millionaires have a deceiving overall mark of 6-16.  They play an independent schedule that included powerhouses such as Crestwood and North Schuylkill.  In fact, it was a closer-than-expected early February matchup against NS that began to turn their attitude around a bit.  A few days later they seemed to put everything together in a route over Central Mountain.  Port has the top guard in the entire 6A tourney in junior Jada Whaley (10.1 ppg).  She makes things happen.  She is joined by junior Fondea McClain and sophomore Katelyn Wilson who is really starting to get into the offensive flow.  Inside, they have a tough rebounder in Gabby Thomas (5-8 senior forward), Samiyah Little (5-10 sophomore center, 6.7 ppg), and Shelly Floyd (5-10 senior forward).  The Cherry and White brings some depth and noteworthy post play into this semi-final.  Delaware Valley, the #4 seed, gets about 4.0 ppg from each of their top players.  The Lady Warriors have a senior guard tandem of Shelby Brittain and Faith Fucetola.  In the middle, DV features 5-11 junior Elizabeth Bobo, 5-8 senior forward Ciera Cavallaro, and 5-11 freshman forward Brooke Acoveno.




(1) Abington Heights (15-7) vs. (8) Wilkes-Barre Coughlin (1-21)

(4) Pittston Area (13-9) vs. (5) West Scranton (12-10) 

(2) Crestwood (15-7) vs. (7) North Pocono (12-10)

(3) Wallenpaupack (15-7) vs. (6) Wyoming Valley West (11-11)  


FAVORITES:  Abington Heights, Crestwood           

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Wallenpaupack, Pittston Area             

DON’T COUNT OUT:  West Scranton, Wyoming Valley West           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Wallenpaupack vs. Wyoming Valley West            

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Abington Heights vs. Pittston Area

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Abington Heights leads a group of very talented and competitive Class 5A teams that should deliver another exciting tourney.  The top-seeded Lady Comets really seemed to start clicking in the second half of the season behind the leadership of a trio of seniors.  Senior guards Hannah Kowalski (13.1 ppg, 30 triples) and Sharon Houlihan (7.1 ppg, 27 treys) anchor the backcourt while 6-0 forward Cassandra Ksiazek (11.1 ppg, 14 triples) is very tough on the boards.  AH also gets about 7.5 ppg combined from sophomore forward Erin Albright and freshman guard Clair Marion.  Crestwood, the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 1 champion, is the #2 seed.  Senior guards Julia Makowski (17.9 ppg) and Sara Hopkins (12.1 ppg) have teamed up for 66 triples.  The Lady Comets also get 11 ppg combined from freshman forward Helena Jardine and sophomore guard Sarah Richards.  Plenty of contributions also from Andrea Shipton (5-8 senior forward), Riley Magin (junior guard), Bella Termini (5-10 junior center), and Kristen Andrews (junior guard).  Lackawanna Division 2 champion Wallenpaupack comes in at the #3 seed.  The Lady Buckhorns get 13.9 ppg from junior guard Megan Guerrieri (who also has 42 triples).  She is joined on the perimeter by juniors Hannah Smith (10.5 ppg) and Rachel Tirjan (6 ppg) plus senior Olivia Gregory (3.5 ppg).  Paupack also has 5-11 senior center Erin Worzel (8.1 ppg) in the middle.  The #4 seed is Pittston Area, a team that seems to have been flying a bit under the radar this year.  Teams better not sleep on the Lady Patriots as they possess one of the top inside-outside tandems in the entire district.  Senior guard Alexa Noone nets 19.5 ppg and has connected on an incredible 80 triples.  Inside, Leah Hodick, 5-11 sophomore center, scores 15.0 ppg.  The key to their post-season fortunes might be in getting a few more points from their other top players, senior guard Mary Silinskie, 5-9 senior forward Portia Weidlich, and junior forward Emily O’Brien (combined 5.8 ppg on the season).  The Lady Pats take on #5 seed West Scranton in the quarterfinals.  The Lady Invaders feature a pair of sophomore guards in Nya Johnson (11.3 ppg) and Tatum Repshis (11.7 ppg, 33 triples).  They are joined by junior guard Neveah Ross (5.3 ppg, 28 treys).  Inside, West has seniors Nadya Brown (5-8 forward, 5.3 ppg) and Raven Rozina (5-10 center, 5.2 ppg).  Wyoming Valley West, the #6 seed, faces a tough challenge, but the Lady Spartans do have the developing lineup to already contend a year ahead of schedule.  They have a solid backcourt in sophomore Toni Amato (12.2 ppg, 45 triples) plus juniors Nicole Boutanous (10.8 ppg) and Lindsey Gruver (5.9 ppg with 24 triples).  In the paint, WVW has 5-11 junior Andi Blaski (7.2 ppg) and 6-2 senior Gracie Giza (7.8 ppg).  #7 seed North Pocono would get rolling come playoff time.  The Lady Trojans are another youthful squad that might be looking to gain valuable experience for next year.  They get 8.8 ppg from 5-9 senior forward Sarah Kaneski.  After her, they have a pair of juniors, sophs, and a freshman.  Juniors Izzy Pehanick (forward) and Brianna Ruby (guard) combine for 11.2 ppg.  Sophomore guards Lila Gaughan and Jenna Montana net a combined 11.5 ppg (Montana has 36 triples).  And freshman guard Carena Colo contributes 4.8 ppg.  Wilkes-Barre Coughlin, the #8 seed, relies on junior guard Ajalaya Butts (4.3 ppg).  The Lady Crusaders also have junior guard LeJune Berry (3.5 ppg), sophomore guard Ariana Brittingham (3.1 ppg), and 5-11 sophomore center Abby Cicon (2.6 ppg).




(1) Scranton Prep (20-2) vs. (8) Tunkhannock (8-14)

(4) Berwick (15-7) vs. (5) Lake-Lehman (13-9) 

(2) Nanticoke Area (19-4) vs. (7) Valley View (10-12)

(3) Wyoming Area (15-7) vs. (6) Dallas (12-10) 


FAVORITES:  Scranton Prep, Nanticoke Area           

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Berwick, Wyoming Area             

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Lake-Lehman, Dallas           

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Berwick vs. Lake-Lehman           

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Nanticoke Area vs. Wyoming Area

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  While Class AAAA certainly has its frontrunners, you could reasonably argue that this field is going to be very competitive in several quarterfinal and semifinal rounds matchups.  Fortunately, the consolation winner will also advance to that state playoffs.  Top seed Scranton Prep, the Lackawanna Division 1 champion, dropped a pair of games this year, to Holy Redeemer and Abington Heights back in December, but has been perfect since.  The Classics are led in scoring by freshman guard Rachel Rose (15.6 ppg, 35 triples).  She is joined on the perimeter by Kathleen Rose (junior, 7.7 ppg) and Claire Szymanski (senior, 5.6 ppg).  Inside, Prep is anchored by 5-9 senior Holly Daveski (6.8 ppg) and 5-10 junior Elisa Penetar (5.3 ppg).  Freshman guard Cecilia Collins hits 3.8 ppg.  Defending district champion, Nanticoke Area, the #2 seed, will have some extra motivation after losing the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 2 title to Holy Redeemer.  The Trojanettes are a skilled ball-handling team that has terrific on court chemistry.  They have a pair of senior guards in sharpshooter Lisa Radziak (14 ppg, 72 triples) and Katie Butczynski (7.4 ppg).  GNA also has a quartet of juniors in Alyssa Lewis (guard, 10.4 ppg), Amiah Lukowski (guard, 6.9 ppg, 29 treys), Jilann Baron (forward, 5.1 ppg), and Bella Czeck (forward, 4.5 ppg).  Wyoming Area, the #3 seed, was beginning to slip off the radar a bit after a late season slide.  That was until their upset win over Nanticoke in their finale.  The Lady Warriors have the pieces to put together a run to the championship, but the question is which team is going to show up.  They are paced by 4-year starter Sarah Holweg (16 ppg, 46 treys).  She is joined in the backcourt by seniors Addison Orzel (6 ppg) and Aleah Kranson (5.8 ppg).  WA also has a pair of sophomores in Cassidy Orzel (9.8 ppg) and Nicole Silinskie (5.6 ppg, 25 triples).  The next two teams, #4 seed Berwick and #5 seed Lake-Lehman, both finished 12-5 in the highly-charged WVC Division 2.  The Lady Dawgs get 19.2 ppg (including 51 triples) from senior guard Reese Mensinger.  She is joined by freshman guard Renny Murphy (5 ppg, 15 triples).  In the middle, Berwick has 6-1 senior center Roni Isenberg (7.8 ppg) and 6-0 junior forward Megan Dalo (7.3 ppg).  Lake-Lehman, who dropped a game to Berwick last week, is going to be one of the teams to beat next season.  The Lady Knights feature three juniors in Madison Borum (12.2 ppg), Savannah Purdy (13.5 ppg, 24 triples), and Corinna Scoblick (9 ppg).  Sophomore Sarah Salus nets 9.5 ppg (with 24 treys) for the Black Knights.  Even through #6 seed Dallas has cooled off a bit from their red-hot start, the Lady Mountaineers are capable of pulling off an upset.  They are another team with ample underclassmen talent.  They are led by a pair of senior guards in Hanna Johnson and Olivia Johnson who score a combined 11.3 ppg.  Junior guard Gianna Centrella nets 8.7 ppg (with 27 triples).  Inside, 5-10 junior Samantha Kern provides 5.6 ppg while sophomore Morgan MacNeely adds 4.8 ppg.  Valley View, the #7 seed, competes in the rugged Lackawanna Division 1.  The Lady Cougars are yet another squad in the Class 4A field with lots of talent coming back next season.  Senior guard Jenn Nguyen hits 5.5 ppg.  She is joined by juniors Tori Duffy (5.1 ppg) and Arianna Nardelli (5.6 ppg) along with sophomore Mia Rudalavage (7.1 ppg).  Those three players have connected on 45 treys.  Valley View gets 9.5 ppg from 5-10 senior forward Abby Pidgeon.  #8 seed Tunkhannock gets 11.8 ppg from seniors Jessica Ell (30 triples) and Samantha Generotti.  The Lady Tigers also get about 20 ppg from juniors Rebecca Avery and Abby Ritz.                                                                    




(1) Dunmore (22-1) vs. (8) Wilkes-Barre Meyers (9-13)

(4) Mid Valley (15-7) vs. (5) Riverside (13-9)

(2) Holy Redeemer (20-3) vs. (7) Montrose (12-10)

(3) Holy Cross (18-5) vs. (6) Hanover Area (10-12)


FAVORITES: Dunmore, Holy Redeemer          

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Holy Cross            

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Mid Valley, Riverside            

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Mid Valley vs. Riverside            

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Holy Redeemer vs. Holy Cross

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  The Class AAA field includes several top-rated teams that have been in the statewide Top 10 discussion all season.  That speaks volumes to the reputation and caliber of these programs.  Starting at the top, Dunmore captured the Lackawanna Division 3 championship, their only loss coming to cross-borough rival Holy Cross during their first-half meeting.  The Lack Bucks are led in the backcourt by senior Kelly Quinn (11 ppg, 36 triples) and junior Lisa Tallo (10.3 ppg, 32 treys).  Inside, they are steady behind the play of 6-1 junior center Victoria Toomey (16.3 ppg) and 5-10 junior forward Gianna Delfino (7.3 ppg).  Dunmore, with a seemingly never-ending supply of impressive younger players has a promising pair of freshman guards in Anna Talutto and Alexis Chapman.  Holy Redeemer, the #2 seed, came away with a playoff win last weekend to secure the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 2 Championship.  The Lady Royals look poised to grab another district championship as they are now healthy and playing very well.  Sam Rajza is their senior playmaker, hitting 7.8 ppg (with 26 triples).  Junior guard Julia Andrejko nets 12.3 ppg with 21 treys.  She is joined by senior Lauren Wasiakowski (7.2 ppg), junior Sara Kuderka (5.9 ppg), and sophomore Cameron Marcinkowski (7.3 ppg).  HR is a team that gets the basket often behind the efforts from 5-10 sophomore forward Samantha Yencha (13.1 ppg).  Holy Cross, the #3 seed, is led by senior guard Lexi Walsh (15.6 ppg, 25 triples).  The Lady Crusaders like the 3-ball and it’s an integral part of their success.  Junior forward Haley Bestrycki nets 10.2 ppg (with 26 treys).  Junior guard Abby Sempa scores 9.5 ppg (with 26 triples).  And freshman guard Abby Lentkowski contributes 7.3 ppg (17 triples).  The also get about 9 ppg combined from guards Mollie Burda (senior) and Caroline Kranick (junior).  Mid Valley, the #3 seed, is paced by junior guard Emily Morano (14.8 ppg, 32 triples).  The Spartanettes also feature senior guard Lauren Owens (9.6 ppg) and junior guard Morgan Haefele (3.6 ppg).  Inside, MV has 6-0 senior forward Kiana Williams (9.8 ppg).  Mid Valley will take on #5 seed Riverside, a team that twice defeated them during league play.  The Lady Vikings have a lineup with a pair of juniors and a trio of freshmen.  Junior guards Julia Antoniacci (12 ppg, 34 triples) and Haley Tilberry (5.3 ppg) are joined by freshmen Kayla Rose (5-9 forward, 12 ppg), Emily Taylor (guard, 8.3 ppg), and Alese Karpinski (guard, 6.4 pph).  Hanover Area, the #6 seed, has a pair of solid senior forwards in 5-8 Genesis Rodriguez (13.5 ppg) and 5-11 Victoria Benning (12.2 ppg).  On the perimeter, the Lady Hawks have junior Sara Whitesell (4.8 ppg, 17 triples) and sophomore Sarah Tuzinski (5.4 ppg, 13 treys).  Montrose, the #7 seed who finished 3 games out of the lead in Lackawanna Division 4 action, gets 8.2 ppg from junior guard Harper Andre (30 triples), 6.7 ppg from 5-11 senior forward Radvile Vaiciulyte, 5 ppg from 6-0 senior center McKenzie Newhart, and 5.7 ppg from sophomore guard Annalise Ely.  Wilkes-Barre Meyers comes into the tourney as the #8 seeed.  The Lady Mohawks get 5.7 ppg from senior guard Erin Morris.  Senior Amanda Gray nets 7 ppg (with 32 triples).  Inside, they have sophomore forward Allycia Harris (10.9 ppg), 5-10 senior center Sarah Bottger (3.3 ppg), and 6-0 junior forward D’Nayia Ballard (4.3 ppg).        




(1) Northwest Area (13-9) bye

(4) Mountain View (10-12) vs. (5) Lackawanna Trail (5-17)

(2) Old Forge (10-12) bye

(3) Wyoming Seminary (13-9) vs. (6) Elk Lake (7-15)


FAVORITE:  Northwest Area          

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Old Forge, Wyoming Seminary             

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Mountain View          

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Wyoming Seminary vs. Elk Lake           

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Old Forge vs. Wyoming Seminary      

THE NITTY-GRITTY:   Top seed Northwest Area finished a game ahead of Wyoming Seminary for the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 3 championship even though the teams split their regular season matchups.  This race is a bit wide open.  The Lady Rangers are led by junior Brenna Babcock (16 ppg) and sophomore Reagan Harrison (11.4 ppg) who have teamed up for 33 triples.  Northwest also gets 5.2 ppg from senior Jordan Harrison and 4.6 ppg from junior guard Trista Babcock.  Old Forge, the #3 seed, finished 5-7 in the high octane Lackawanna Division 3.  The Lady Devils definitely have the firepower to once again advance to the arena.  Lindsey Welsh (sophomore forward) leads the way with 12.7 ppg along with senior guard Alexandra Nocera (11.5 ppg).  Freshman guard Olivia Ciullo hits 9.1 ppg while senior Anna Osieski adds 3 ppg.  Inside, Jen Regan (5-10 senior center) contributes 3.2 ppg.  Wyoming Seminary, the #3 seed, is led by a duo of sophomore guards, Ally Vezendy (8.8 ppg) and Alex Wesneski (11.9 ppg) who have teamed up for 53 triples.  In the backcourt, junior guard Annemaakie Reitsma nets 4.5 ppg.  Inside, the Blue Knights have Julia Gabriel (senior) and Mia Raineri (junior) who combine for 9.6 ppg.  Mountain View, the #4 seed, is paced by senior guard Erika Freely (16.1 ppg).  She is joined by senior guard Lucy Adams (5.2 ppg).  In the paint the Lady Eagles feature 5-10 junior Sydney Newhart (7 ppg), junior Makenzie Bell (4.3 ppg), and junior Samantha Jones (4 ppg).  Lackawanna Trail has a trio of seniors in guards Allison Decker (7.4 ppg) and Lexie Kwaitkowski (8.4 ppg, 22 triples) plus 5-8 forward Laurelann Penn (7.2 ppg).  The Lady Lions also have junior guards Cali Fauquier and Rachel Beemer who score a combined 10.2 ppg.  #6 seed Elk Lake, who lost in last year’s district championship game, relies on senior forwards Abigail Johns (7.5 ppg) and Rose Warner (6.1 ppg).  On the perimeter, the Lady Warriors get 7.1 ppg from senior Eliza Bosscher and 7 ppg from freshman Tamara Voda.



GIRLS CLASS A 2/11 Subregional

(1) Susquehanna Community (19-3) bye

(4) Lincoln Leadership (12-8) vs. (5) Nativity BVM (6-16)

(2) Weatherly (14-8) bye

(3) Salem Christian (18-4) vs. (6) Forest City (8-14)


FAVORITE:  Susquehanna Community               

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Weatherly              

DON’T COUNT OUT:  Salem Christian, Forest City   

BEST QUARTER-FINAL:  Salem Christian vs. Forest City               

BEST SEMI-FINAL:  Weatherly vs. Salem Christian         

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Susquehanna Community comes into the tourney as the clear favorite to win it all.  Expectations are high with the top-seeded Lady Sabers seeking to navigate through the state tournament as well.  Their playmaker is sophomore guard Taylor Huyck (15 ppg, 40 triples).  She is joined by junior Bethany Maby (9.5 ppg, 25 treys), senior Emily Lawrenson (4.4 ppg) and sophomore Mackenzie Heath (5.5 ppg).  Inside, 6-2 sophomore center Mackenzie Steele is solid averaging 10.1 ppg with Skyla Wilson (5-8 senior forward) and McKenzie Rhone (junior forward) combining for 7.1 ppg.  Weatherly comes in as the #2 seed.  The Lady Wreckers finished 7-8 in Schuylkill League play and are led by junior guard Emily Zoscin (18.3 ppg).  They also feature sophomore guard Tabitha Hinkle, junior guard Lindsey Hoffman, and junior guard Abbey Hernandez.  In the middle, they have 5-7 junior forward Megan Peifer and 5-8 senior Kate Ache.  Salem Christian, the #3 seed, comes in with a lofty record, and the Eagles should be able to back it up.  They have height inside with seniors Ally Barnes and Rachel Aston.  On the perimeter, they have junior Anna Krage along with a pair of sophomores in Sarah Nagy and Amanda Wirth.  They dropped a 44-34 loss to Weatherly back on February 11.  Lincoln Leadership Academy, the #4 seed, relies on their backcourt duo of senior Zeleny Ramos and junior Ramsey Rodriguez.  They take on #5 seed Pottsville Nativity BVM.  The Golden Girls feature freshman guard Samantha Heenan (8.3 ppg) and 5-8 senior forward Madison Clark (6.8 ppg).  And Forest City, the #6 seed, cannot be overlooked as the Lady Foresters have a very competitive squad anchored by senior MacKenzie Hartman, a 1,000 point scorer who hits 13.1 ppg.  She is joined on the perimeter by junior Maggie Kowalewski.  In the middle, 5-10 senior forward Skylar Fortuner nets 6 ppg.                           





District 2 Upcoming Games (by Site)








Pleasant Valley HS

Boys 1A (7 pm):  (4) ND Dame East Stroudsburg (11-11) vs. (5) Lincoln Leadership (6-16)


Berwick HS

Girls 2A (6 pm):  (1) Northwest Area (13-9) vs. (4) Mountain View (11-12) 

Girls 6A (7:30 pm):  (2) Hazleton Area (13-9) vs. (3) Williamsport (6-16)  



Boys 3A (6 pm):  (2) Holy Redeemer (17-6) vs. (6) Riverside (10-13) 

Boys 3A (7:30 pm):  (1) Wyoming Seminary (19-4) vs. (4) Dunmore (14-9) 



Girls 4A (6 pm):  (1) Scranton Prep (21-2) vs. (4) Berwick (16-7) 

Boys 5A (7:30 pm):  (1) Abington Heights (20-3) vs. (4) Wallenpaupack (12-11)  


Kings College

Girls 4A (6 pm):  (2) Nanticoke Area (20-4) vs. (3) Wyoming Area (16-7)  

Boys 5A (7:45 pm):  (2) Dallas (19-4) vs. (3) Crestwood (16-7) 


Valley View HS

Girls 2A (6 pm):  (2) Old Forge (10-12) vs. (3) Wyoming Seminary (14-9) 

Girls 6A (7:30 pm):  (1) Scranton (15-7) vs. (4) Delaware Valley (3-19)


Catasauqua HS

Girls 1A (6 pm):  (4) Lincoln Leadership (12-8) vs. (5) Nativity BVM (6-16) 

Girls 1A (7:30 pm):  (3) Salem Christian (18-4) vs. (6) Forest City (8-14)






Girls 3A (1 pm):  (2) Holy Redeemer (21-3) vs. (3) Holy Cross (19-5) 

Girls 5A (2:30 pm):  (2) Crestwood (16-7) vs. (6) Wyoming Valley West (12-11)      



Boys 2A (1 pm):  (2) Elk Lake (13-10) vs. (3) Northwest Area (9-14) 

Boys 2A (2:30 pm):  (1) Holy Cross (18-6) vs. (4) Old Forge (8-15) 


Lackawanna College

Boys 4A (4 pm):  (1) Scranton Prep (18-5) vs. (4) Wyoming Area (15-8)

Girls 3A (5:30 pm):  (1) Dunmore (23-1) vs. (4) Mid Valley (16-7)   

Girls 5A (7 pm):  (1) Abington Heights (16-7) vs. (4) Pittston Area (14-9)  


Kings College

Boys 4A (1 pm):  (2) Nanticoke Area (19-4) vs. (3) Valley View (15-8)  

Boys 6A (2:30 pm):  (1) Hazleton Area (21-1) vs. (4) Delaware Valley (12-10)  


Tunkhannock HS

Boys 6A (2 pm):  (2) Scranton (15-7) vs. (3) Williamsport (13-9)  








(games through February 17) 


  1. Hazleton Area (21-1) 6A
  2. Abington Heights (19-3) 5A
  3. Scranton Prep (17-5) 4A
  4. Nanticoke Area (18-4) 4A
  5. Dallas (18-4) 5A
  6. Wyoming Seminary (18-4) 3A
  7. Scranton (15-7) 6A
  8. Holy Redeemer (16-6) 3A
  9. Holy Cross (17-6) 2A
  10. Crestwood (15-7) 5A



Carbondale (12-10), Delaware Valley (12-10), Dunmore (13-9), Elk Lake (12-10), Hanover Area (14-8), Mid Valley (15-8), Montrose (13-10), Susquehanna (15-8), Tunkhannock (13-9), Valley View (14-8), Wallenpaupack (11-11), Wilkes-Barre  Meyers (11-11), Williamsport (13-9), Wyoming Area (14-8).    




(games through February 17)


  1. Dunmore (22-1) 3A
  2. Scranton Prep (20-2) 4A
  3. Holy Redeemer (20-3) 3A
  4. Nanticoke Area (19-4) 4A
  5. Abington Heights (15-7) 5A
  6. Holy Cross (18-5) 3A
  7. Scranton (15-7) 6A
  8. Crestwood (15-7) 5A
  9. Berwick (15-7) 4A
  10. Wyoming Area (15-7) 4A



Dallas (12-10), Hazleton Area (13-9), Lake-Lehman (13-9), Mid Valley (15-7), Montrose (12-10), North Pocono (12-10), Northwest Area (13-9), Pittston Area (13-9), Riverside (13-9), Susquehanna Community (19-3), Wallenpaupack (15-7), West Scranton (12-10), Wyoming Seminary (13-9), Wyoming Valley West (11-11).




District 2 Scores (2/12 – 2/17)







Crestwood 68 at Wyoming Valley West 46 (WVC-1)

Pittston Area 61 at Hazleton Area 91 (WVC-1)

Dallas 68 at Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 26 (WVC-1)

Tunkhannock 56 at Nanticoke Area 51 (WVC-2)

Berwick 47 at Wilkes-Barre Meyers 50 (WVC-2)

Wyoming Area 56 at Wilkes-Barre GAR 65 (WVC-2)

Northwest Area 47 at Holy Redeemer 66 (WVC-3)

MMI Prep 40 at Hanover Area 70 (WVC-3)

Wyoming Seminary 50 at Lake-Lehman 26 (WVC-3)

Scranton 45 at Abington Heights 65 (LL-1)

Valley View 51 at West Scranton 49 (LL-1)

Honesdale 49 at Scranton Prep 67 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Wallenpaupack 38 at Western Wayne 41 (LL-2)

Delaware Valley 41 at North Pocono 64 (LL-2)

Dunmore 28 at Mid Valley 41 (LL-3)

Riverside 48 at Carbondale 50 (LL-3)

Old Forge 44 at Lakeland 65 (LL-3)

Blue Ridge 39 at Holy Cross 66 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Mountain View 52 at Susquehanna 57 (LL-4)

Elk Lake 44 at Forest City 43 (LL-4)

Montrose 63 at Lackawanna Trail 29 (LL-4)

Central Mountain 70 at Williamsport 74  



Dallas 62 at Hazleton Area 66 (WVC-1)

Wyoming Valley West 35 at Pittston Area 65 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 29 at Crestwood 54 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre GAR 52 vs. Wilkes-Barre Meyers 61 OT (WVC-2)

Wyoming Area 37 at Nanticoke Area 51 (WVC-2)

Berwick 55 at Tunkhannock 68 (WVC-2)

Holy Redeemer 73 at Lake-Lehman 45 (WVC-3)

Wyoming Seminary 49 at Hanover Area 54 (WVC-3)

Northwest Area 40 at MMI Prep 37 (WVC-3)

Carbondale 45 at Holy Cross 61 (LL-3)

Mid Valley 51 at Old Forge 44 (LL-3)

Lakeland 42 at Dunmore 56 (LL-3)

Riverside 67 at Montrose 37 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Susquehanna 64 at Forest City 60 (LL-4)

Lackawanna Trail 44 at Elk Lake 77 (LL-4)

Blue Ridge 46 at Mountain View 55 (LL-4)

Williamsport 61 vs. West Scranton 58    


FRIDAY, 2/16

Altoona 63 at Williamsport 68










MONDAY, 2/12

Hazleton Area 45 at Pittston Area 58 (WVC-1)

Wyoming Valley West 28 at Crestwood 51 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 26 at Dallas 64 (WVC-1)

Holy Redeemer 61 at Wyoming Area 35 (WVC-2)

Lake-Lehman 35 at Berwick 48 (WVC-2)

Nanticoke Area 67 at Tunkhannock 47 (WVC-2)

Northwest Area 41 at Wilkes-Barre Meyers 39 (WVC-3)

Wilkes-Barre GAR 33 at Wyoming Seminary 51 (WVC-3)

Hanover Area 61 at MMI Prep 23 (WVC-3)

Abington Heights 43 at Scranton 38 (LL-1)

Valley View 37 at West Scranton 41 (LL-1)

Scranton Prep 70 at Honesdale 39 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Western Wayne 30 at Wallenpaupack 49  (LL-2)

North Pocono 42 at Delaware Valley 28 (LL-2)

Mid Valley 25 at Dunmore 62 (LL-3)

Carbondale 26 at Riverside 63 (LL-3)

Old Forge 67 at Lakeland 49 (LL-3)

Holy Cross 67 at Blue Ridge 32 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Forest City 45 at Elk Lake 41 (LL-4)

Mountain View 34 at Susquehanna 39 (LL-4)

Lackawanna Trail 29 at Montrose 49 (LL-4)   



Williamsport 41 at Altoona 58



Hazleton Area 40 at Dallas 57 (WVC-1)

Pittston Area 47 at Wyoming Valley West 42 (WVC-1)

Crestwood 54 at Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 30 (WVC-1)

Nanticoke 53 at Wyoming Area 59 (WVC-2)

Lake-Lehman 50 at Holy Redeemer 56 (WVC-2)

Hanover Area 35 at Wyoming Seminary 45 (WVC-3)

Wilkes-Barre GAR 24 at Wilkes-Barre Meyers 66 (WVC-3)

MMI Prep 11 at Northwest Area 54 (WVC-3)

Old Forge 41 at Mid Valley 45 (LL-3)

Montrose 45 at Riverside 55 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Forest City 26 at Susquehanna 62 (LL-4)



Tunkhannock 36 at Berwick 53 (WVC-2)

Dunmore 68 at Lakeland 27 (LL-3)

Holy Cross 56 at Carbondale 27 (LL-3)

Elk Lake 39 at Lackawanna Trail 64 (LL-4)

Mountain View 54 at Blue Ridge 22 (LL-4)

Troy 26 at Williamsport 59


FRIDAY, 2/16

Lake-Lehman 52 at Tunkhannock 27 (WVC-2)

Lakeland 46 at Susquehanna 56 (LL-3/4 crossover)



Nanticoke Area 41 vs. Holy Redeemer 52 (WVC Division 2 Championship)

Holy Cross 37 vs. Dunmore 41 (Lackawanna League Division 3 Championship) 









District 2 Tournament Calendar





2/12 (Monday)

Deadline to opt out of D2 Tournament via email


2/19 (Monday)

District 2 Tournament meeting


2/20 (Tuesday)

Quarter-finals (Boys 3A and 5A)

Quarter-finals (Girls 2A and 4A)



2/21 (Wednesday)

Quarter-finals (Boys 2A and 4A) 

Quarter-finals (Girls 3A and 5A) 



2/22 (Thursday)

Quarter-finals (Boys 1A)



2/23 (Friday)

Quarter-finals (Girls 1A)

Semi-finals (Boys 3A and 5A)

Semi-finals (Girls 2A, 4A, and 6A)



2/24 (Saturday)

Semi-finals (Boys 2A, 4A, and 6A)

Semi-finals (Girls 3A and 5A)



2/26 (Monday)

Semi-finals (Boys 1A)



2/27 (Tuesday)

Semi-finals (Girls 1A) 

3rd Place Games (Boys 4A)

3rd Place Games (Girls 3A and 4A)



3/1 (Thursday)

Final  (Girls 1A,  4 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Girls 4A,  6 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Boys 3A,  8 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)



3/2 (Friday)

Final  (Boys 1A,  2 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Girls 2A,  4 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Girls 6A,  6 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Boys 5A,  8 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)



3/3 (Saturday)

Final  (Girls 3A,  12 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Boys 2A,  2 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Boys 4A,  4 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Girls 5A,  6 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)

Final  (Boys 6A,  8 pm, Mohegan Sun Arena)



3/9 (Friday)

PIAA First Round (Boys 1A, 3A, and 5A)

PIAA First Round (Girls 2A, 4A, and 6A)



3/10 (Saturday)

PIAA First Round (Boys 2A, 4A, and 6A)

PIAA First Round (Girls 1A, 3A, and 5A)







(games through February 11) 


  1. Hazleton Area (19-1) 6A
  2. Abington Heights (18-3) 5A
  3. Nanticoke Area (17-3) 4A
  4. Scranton Prep (16-5) 4A
  5. Dallas (17-3) 5A
  6. Wyoming Seminary (17-3) 3A
  7. Scranton (15-6) 6A
  8. Holy Redeemer (14-6) 3A
  9. Holy Cross (15-6) 2A
  10. Crestwood (13-7) 5A



Carbondale (11-9), Delaware Valley (12-9), Dunmore (12-8), Elk Lake (10-10), Hanover Area (12-8), Honesdale (11-10), Mid Valley (13-8), Montrose (12-9), Susquehanna (13-8), Tunkhannock (11-9), Valley View (13-8), Wallenpaupack (11-10), Williamsport (10-9), Wyoming Area (14-6).    





(games through February 11)


  1. Dunmore (19-1) 3A
  2. Scranton Prep (19-2) 4A
  3. Nanticoke Area (18-2) 4A
  4. Holy Redeemer (17-3) 3A
  5. Scranton (15-6) 6A
  6. Holy Cross (16-4) 3A
  7. Crestwood (13-7) 5A
  8. Abington Heights (14-7) 5A
  9. Berwick (13-7) 4A
  10. Mid Valley (14-6) 3A



Dallas (10-10), Hazleton Area (13-7), Lake-Lehman (12-7), Montrose (11-9), North Pocono (11-10), Northwest Area (10-9), Pittston Area (11-9), Riverside (11-9), Susquehanna Community (16-3), Wallenpaupack (14-7), West Scranton (11-10), Wyoming Area (14-6), Wyoming Seminary (11-9), Wyoming Valley West (11-9).




DISTRICT 2 SCORES (2/5 – 2/11)





Crestwood 25 at Dallas 61 (WVC-1)

Wyoming Valley West 46 at Hazleton Area 74 (WVC-1)

Pittston Area 47 at Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 41 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Meyers 50 at Wyoming Area 52 (WVC-2)

Nanticoke Area 56 at Berwick 42 (WVC-2)

Tunkhannock 60 at Wilkes-Barre GAR 55 (WVC-2)

Holy Redeemer 51 at Wyoming Seminary 58 (WVC-3)

Northwest Area 43 at Hanover Area 51 (WVC-3)

MMI Prep 31 at Lake-Lehman 47 (WVC-3)

Scranton Prep 63 at Scranton 56 (LL-1)

West Scranton 53 at Wallenpaupack 58 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Abington Heights 58 at Western Wayne 26 (LL-1/2 crossover)

North Pocono 48 at Valley View 54 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Delaware Valley 47 at Honesdale 34 (LL-2)

Holy Cross 62 at Dunmore 47 (LL-3)

Old Forge 48 at Riverside 43 OT (LL-3)

Lakeland 43 at Carbondale 50 (LL-3)

Mid Valley 59 at Mountain View 31 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Susquehanna 56 at Elk Lake 38 (LL-4)

Forest City 45 at Montrose 61 (LL-4)

Blue Ridge 49 at Lackawanna Trail 59 (LL-4)   



Wyoming Valley West 54 vs. Wilkes-Barre Meyers 66 (WVC-1/2 crossover)



Hazleton Area 54 at Crestwood 43 (WVC-1)

Pittston Area 49 at Dallas 70 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 71 at Wyoming Valley West 95 (WVC-1)

Nanticoke Area 58 at Wilkes-Barre GAR 39 (WVC-2)

Wilkes-Barre Meyers 39 at Tunkhannock 49 (WVC-2)

Berwick 57 at Wyoming Area 65 OT (WVC-2)

Hanover Area 51 at Holy Redeemer 62 (WVC-3)

MMI Prep 20 at Wyoming Seminary 58 (WVC-3)

Lake-Lehman 38 at Northwest Area 52 (WVC-3)

West Scranton 30 at Abington Heights 52 (LL-1)

Western Wayne 39 at Scranton 65 (LL-1/2 crossover)  

Scranton Prep 74 at Delaware Valley 38 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Valley View 46 at Honesdale 48 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Wallenpaupack 59 at North Pocono 50 (LL-2)

Dunmore 57 at Riverside 43 (LL-3)

Holy Cross 51 at Old Forge 20 (LL-3)

Lakeland 31 at Mid Valley 49 (LL-3)

Elk Lake 49 at Carbondale 66 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Montrose 41 at Mountain View 36 (LL-4)

Lackawanna Trail 45 at Susquehanna 58 (LL-4)

Forest City 51 at Blue Ridge 47 (LL-4)

State College 61 at Williamsport 41



Dallas 65 at Tunkhannock 49 (WVC-1/2 crossover)

Trinity 44 at Holy Redeemer 41

Central Dauphin East 47 at Hazleton Area 81

Dunmore 43 at Western Wayne 35

Mountain View 40 at Notre Dame East Stroudsburg 58

Northwest Area 44 at Weatherly 32

Danville 53 at Williamsport 50









Dallas 33 at Crestwood 49 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 29 at Pittston Area 71 (WVC-1)

Holy Redeemer 49 at Tunkhannock 39 (WVC-2)

Wyoming Seminary 34 at Wilkes-Barre Meyers 38 (WVC-3)

Wilkes-Barre GAR 63 at MMI Prep 43 (WVC-3)

Scranton 51 at Scranton Prep 56 (LL-1)

Riverside 52 at Old Forge 60 (LL-3)

Elk Lake 21 at Susquehanna 64 (LL-4)

Danville 39 at Williamsport 35     



Hazleton Area 47 at Wyoming Valley West 56 (WVC-1)

Wyoming Area 46 at Lake-Lehman 66 (WVC-2)

Hanover Area 31 at Northwest Area 33 (WVC-3)

Wallenpaupack 39 at West Scranton 43 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Western Wayne 12 at Abington Heights 53 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Valley View 44 at North Pocono 25 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Honesdale 54 at Delaware Valley 23 (LL-2)

Dunmore 44 at Holy Cross 22 (LL-3)

Carbondale 60 at Elk Lake 44 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Mountain View 37 at Mid Valley 48 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Montrose 37 at Forest City 23 (LL-4)

Blue Ridge 23 at Lincoln Leadership 50   



Wyoming Valley West 58 at Wilkes-Barre Coughlin 24 (WVC-1)

Wilkes-Barre Meyers 40 at Hanover Area 50 (WVC-3)

Wyoming Seminary 44 at MMI Prep 5 (WVC-3)

West Scranton 50 at Abington Heights 51 (LL-1)

Honesdale 26 at Valley View 41 (LL-1/2 crossover)

North Pocono 25 at Wallenpaupack 41 (LL-2)

Mountain View 31 at Montrose 37 (LL-4)

Susquehanna 65 at Lackawanna Trail 24 (LL-4)

Blue Ridge 23 at Forest City 31 (LL-4)

Central Mountain 21 at Williamsport 66



Crestwood 56 at Hazleton Area 47 (WVC-1)

Dallas 35 at Pittston Area 43 (WVC-1)

Holy Redeemer 62 at Nanticoke Area 49 (WVC-2)

Wyoming Area 20 at Berwick 68 (WVC-2)

Scranton 52 at Western Wayne 37 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Delaware Valley 17 at Scranton Prep 55 (LL-1/2 crossover)

Old Forge 55 at Holy Cross 69 (LL-3)

Mid Valley 54 at Lakeland 33 (LL-3)

Elk Lake 38 at Carbondale 61 (LL-3/4 crossover)

Wilkes-Barre Meyers 49, Forest City 32



Berwick 38 at Nanticoke Area 45 (WVC-2)

Wyoming Seminary 43 at Northwest Area 33 (WVC-3)

Lakeland 34 at Carbondale 57 (LL-3)

Lackawanna Trail 37 at Blue Ridge 21 (LL-4)  

Loyalsock 42 at Crestwood 41 OT

Notre Dame East Stroudsburg 19 at Wallenpaupack 47


SUNDAY, 2/11

Northwest Area 64 at Wilkes-Barre GAR 34 (WVC-3)

Riverside 37 at Dunmore 53 (LL-3)